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February 20, 2018 27 mins
In this two-part episode, I talk with my personal graphic designer, Laura Patricelli about designing a webinar slide deck that keeps the audience engaged. In part one, we discuss how important good design is for webinar slides and what makes for an appealing slide deck. Listen, learn, and enjoy! In this episode, you’ll learn How important is good design for webinar slide decks? A good slide deck design keeps your audience engaged and interested in what you’re saying. They’re more likely to remember you and what you’re teaching. You’re also more likely to make an impact on your audience. Last but not least, you’ll be seen as a professional. Why should you make sure that you have just enough content on your slide deck? If you have too much content on your slide, people will hop off your webinar and download the slide deck because all the information is there. If you want to keep them on the call, save some of the valuable info for the talk. Why is it important for you to stay consistent with your branding when designing your slides? Your slide deck is another opportunity to convey your brand. Consistency makes your brand recognizable. When you have a recognizable brand, your audience is more apt to remember you. What should do-it-yourselfers keep in mind when designing their slide decks? They should remember the three C’s of promotional design. A design should be creative, compelling, and consistent. The design doesn’t need to be complicated. It only has to look clean and be easy to read. Why should you include images of people in the slides? It gives them an imagery that they can relate to and triggers this “I need that product” or “I need this information” reflex. What should you keep in mind when choosing fonts? A font should be clean, professional, and legible. Why should you have bullet points on your slides? The easier your slides are to skim through, the more compelling they’re going to be to your audience. Make sure there are only three to five bullet points on each slide. Why should you space out your text and photos properly? If your text and photos are butting up against the edges of your slides, they will look amateur to your audience. Keep your text in the middle and space out your photos from the rest of the content by at least 20 pixels. Check out these highlights: The importance of good design for female learners [03:20] Staying consistent with your brand [06:51] How to make your webinar slide deck stand out and look creative [13:16] Resources for color palettes and fonts [15:28] What to keep in mind when creating bullet points [19:10] Additional tips for designing slide decks [21:29] Here is a list of resources listed in this episode: (Color Schemes Generator)
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