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May 14, 2024 85 mins
“Be your own fool. You’ve got to be a little bit crazy to believe your writing matters, and it does!” Today, I chat with author Joe Di Prisco who shares the mosaic of his life, from a Brooklyn childhood shadowed by mob connections to his spirited pursuits in poetry and education. This episode delves into Joe's complex relationship with religion, his vibrant storytelling in both novels and poetry, and his undying passion for empowering young writers. You don’t want to miss it! Meet Joe Di Prisco Joseph Di Prisco is an acclaimed author of prize-winning poetry, bestselling memoirs, nonfiction books, and novels. He taught for many years and has served as chair of not-for-profits dedicated to the arts, theater, children’s mental health, and schools. He joined me on Uncorking a Story to discuss his life and latest collection of poetry entitled My Last Resume. Key Topics Origins of a Storyteller: Joe reflects on his upbringing in Brooklyn's Greenpoint, the influence of the Catholic church, and his early exposure to the arts which shaped his narrative skills. “Family” Influences: Joe opens up about his father's mob connections leading to a sudden move to California to escape law enforcement which the stage for a life filled with stories worth telling. Battles with Adversity: Joe candidly shares his struggles with substance abuse and personal challenges, highlighting a 20-year gap in his poetry writing. His journey through these hardships culminates in a resurgence in his literary pursuits and personal life. Literary Journey: From teaching to writing, Joe discusses his wide-ranging career, including his triumphant return to the literary world. Philosophy on Writing and Poetry: Joe criticizes the 'churchification' of writing and expresses his desire for poetry to remain impactful, raw, and genuine. Contributions to Education and Literature: Joe talks about his ongoing work with at-risk youth, using literature as a tool for empowerment and social change, highlighted by his involvement with the Joyce Carol Oates Prize and various literary projects. Buy My Last Resume Amazon: Connect with Joe Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Connect with Mike Website: Youtube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: If you like this episode, please share it with a friend. If you have not done so already, please rate and review Uncorking a Story on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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