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April 30, 2024 38 mins
"It's interesting to compare the process of creating an image with writing. In photography, I find myself editing the scene to highlight what draws my interest, focusing on the essence and minimizing distractions. This approach is similar to writing, where the goal is to strip away the superfluous to communicate the core message clearly. Both processes involve a pathway to clarity, whether it's through the lens or on the page." — G.B. Smith Tune into this episode of "Uncorking a Story" for a deep dive into the soul-stirring world of Gary Smith's photography, where every image is a pathway to a story waiting to be told. Meet G.B. Smith G.B. Smith is an international award winning fine art photographer. He joined me on Uncorking a Story to discuss his career and book Pathways, which was awarded First Prize at the prestigious International Photography Awards in the Book Category. The book features select photos from many of Smith’s current collections, including several of his recent multi-award winning images.  Key Topics: Early Beginnings: Gary's love for photography ignited in the industrial heartland of England, sparked by his first camera as a teenager and his fascination with the technical aspects of photography. The Art and Science of Photography: Exploring the magic of darkroom photography, Gary discusses the meticulous process of film development and how it instills a deep appreciation for each image captured. Transition from Career to Passion: Gary shares his journey from seeing photography as a potential career to embracing it as a passionate hobby, highlighting the challenges of commercial photography and the liberation found in creating art for oneself. The Making of "Pathways": The creation of his book "Pathways" emerged from a collaboration with talented individuals and became a tribute to his journey as a photographer, as well as a charitable endeavor supporting breast cancer research. A Vision in Black and White: Delving into his preference for black and white imagery, Gary reveals how color blindness influences his focus on form and texture, leading to a unique and captivating aesthetic. The Beauty in Decluttering: Gary emphasizes the importance of removing clutter from scenes to focus on the essence of the image, drawing parallels to the necessity of clarity and focus in life and art. Discoveries and Reflections: Reflecting on his experiences and the places photography has taken him, Gary shares insights into how photography has been a force of discovery, meditation, and connection with the world. Buy Pathways: A Journey Through the Innovative Images of Acclaimed Photographer G.B. Smith Amazon: Connect with G.B. Smith Website: Instagram: Connect with Mike Website: Youtube: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: If you like this episode, please share it with a friend. If you have not done so already, please rate and review Uncorking a Story on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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