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January 10, 2024 104 mins
Happy Holidays! We Catch Up Once Again With What's Been Happening in the World & With Us and With Our Guest Host Tristan! A Visit to Vermont, Leads Charlie and Sean to the Legend of Emily’s Bridge. Deejay Shares a Very Convincing Scary Video he Saw on Tiktok of a Janitor Cleaning a Haunted School. Listener Frank Shares of His Childhood in Michoacan, Mexico and His Families Terrifying Encounter with Mischievous Deundes, and Tristan Tells a Story of His High School Friends Visit to the “Throne” at the Alpine City, Utah Cemetery. Stories Start @ 50:06:04 TIMESTAMPS: 00:00:00 - Intro 01:16:27 Lethal Company 06:24:09- Movie Reviews Part 1 08:11:23 - Sean Jumped Off a Cliff 11:06:05 - Movie & Show Reviews Part 2 12:51:22 - Deejay’s Visit to LA 13:45:28 - Charles Rubbing Shoulders with Celebs 15:16:02 - The Evolution of Music & Media 19:35:19 - Tristan Updates 22:12:10 - Upcoming Story Teasers 28:29:03 - What Show Do You Not Want to Be On 35:35:16 - Boy Meals 37:41:09 - If You Were God… 45:39:23 - Pimp My Ride 49:37:02 - Pre Roll 49:49:07 - Dice Roll STORIES 50:06:04 - CHARLES : Emily’s Bridge 01:11:28:13 - DEEJAY : Haunted High School 01:17:41:01 - SEAN : Mischievous Duendes 01:28:48:29 - Tristan : The “Throne” of Alpine, Utah 01:41:03:02 - Closing 01:41:39:06 - End Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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