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April 23, 2024 95 mins

Welcome to the 3rd episode of the Abundant Mars Podcast.

In this episode I summarise the last two episodes, explain the Pyramid structure of current society then explain the first 3 Tao of ACeS (out of 10+2).

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The core tenets of an abundance Centered Society are:

  1. Abundance Mindset - Creating abundance through Cradle to Cradle, systems design, Access Abundance, and Automation.
  2. Responsibility Based - You should look after the systems that support you and your fellows.
  3. Reduction Target - Try to reduce needless violence, waste and stratification.
  4. Scientific Method - We want to pursue abundant knowledge, but apply it ethically/
  5. Dynamic Equilibrium - We should expect change, just as our Universe is always changing.
  6. Dataism - With enough data we can have previous examples to go on, and select the best course of action, even if it goes against our instincts and emotions. This is the next stage beyond Humanism.
  7. Integral - This is about understanding yourself and how to reason, in order to increase your personal sensemaking. This includes psychometric profiling systems like the OCEAN model and Spiral Dynamics Integral.
  8. Intelligence Quadrant - Try to be in the intelligence quadrant, where you do things that are good for you and for good others.
  9. Collective Sense making - This is about taking your perspectives and merging them with others to better understand an issue. It's also about trying to expand empathy towards all living beings.
  10. Collective Decision Making - This is about selecting the best decision making framework and synthesising the best decisions given the constraints.
  11. Your Own - 11 and 12 are bonus Tao's for you to work out, either individually or collectively in the future.


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