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June 2, 2022 12 mins

Calling all marketing fans!  Calling all adventure fans! Stand by! Marketing Detective Ace Stone is on the air in The Case of the Missing Content.

When we last left Ace and the team, that dastardly, death-defying deadbeat, Rex Hackshaw had snuck up on unsuspecting Olympia and had her under his spell. Meanwhile, Ace has taken a new case from an old frenemy, Sienna Wonderly, to help her find her lost content… What devilish scheme has Rex Hackshaw dreamed up now? Is Olympia really hypnotized? Will he succeed in getting the Missing Content? Or will the great marketing detective, Ace Stone, outwit him at his own game? Find out in this Ace Stone adventure!

Brought to you today by Crystal Clear Calls to Action — A liberal application of crystal clear calls to action in every piece of content you produce will ensure less confusion, more conversions, and happier customers! And by The Content Direction Agency, the good guys in the content marketing world.

Did you know that The Content Direction Agency are some of the good guys in the marketing world? That’s right! Ace Stone trusts them to help citizen business owners — like yourself! — create sterling custom marketing plans and done-for-you content writing that doesn’t swindle, cheat, or bamboozle your audience.

Head to on the Inter-Webs to find all of Ace Stone’s adventures and learn more about how the good people at The Content Direction Agency can help you create fun, a compelling marketing strategy for your business that brings home the bacon! And be sure to subscribe and tune in next time for another thrilling episode of Ace Stone, Marketing Detective!

Ace Stone, Marketing Detective and The Case of the Missing Content has been brought to you by The Content Direction Agency in cooperation with the NextWave Radio Network.

Written and Produced by Lacy Boggs

Directed by Joe Cucinotti

Edited by Moises Gonzales


Lacy Boggs as Ace Stone

Laura Jennings as Olympia Werke

Jason Cox as Rex Hackshaw

Andrea Cox as Sienna Wonderly

Todd Carruth as Christopher Duluth

Dylan Mobley as Brad the Bro

Veronica Day as Danielle the Assistant


Tes Akinpelu
Ryan Burke
Ryan Jenkins
Tara Parks Jenkins
Sara Rankin
and Jessica Mehring as Herself

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