Aesthetically Speaking

Aesthetically Speaking

Welcome to Aesthetically Speaking: The podcast for all things branding, design, and aesthetics for women in business. On this show we’ll discuss the strategies that make brands of all sizes massively successful. I’m Rebecca, a brand strategist and designer and my sister, Abby is a lawyer with no design experience, here as my cohost! Have you ever wondered how to create a brand so cohesive people can recognize it a mile away, no matter where they see it? Do you ever struggle to capture the attention of your ideal client and KEEP it with a compelling brand and message? Are you ready to stand out as a unique and valuable service provider regardless of how “saturated” the market is? Aesthetically Speaking is for you! We believe that your brand is the most valuable asset in your business and should be your greatest investment. As moms and entrepreneurs, we know how to use branding to put your business in front of the RIGHT people, get them EXCITED about your offer, and help your brand BLOW UP online, so you can make more impact *and* more money. Every week, we’ll discuss a unique branding challenge and analyze different aspects of creating a unique and high-value brand for YOUR business.


November 28, 2023 34 mins

Please believe me when I say that you cannot overcome a lack of branding, or weak sauce branding, with strong belief in yourself. And if that is confusing or intriguing to you, stay tuned because today I'm gonna be diving deep into the what, the how, and the why of branding for coaches.

I delve into the world of coaching businesses and the crucial role ...

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Welcome back to another episode of Aesthetically Speaking! In today's episode, we dive deep into the world of gendered design and branding. From discussing personal experiences with gendered toys as children to analyzing the branding strategies of iconic companies, we explore the nuances of masculinity and femininity in design. Tune in for an insightful conversation about the impact of gende...

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There seems to be something that every single business owner wants more of, and that is clients. And you wanna know what Rebecca does not stress about in her business? Clients. 

In this episode of Aesthetically Speaking, Rebecca shares her experiences and insights on how to attract and maintain high-paying clients through effective branding habits....

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Have you ever found yourself saying, "I want to look legit"? This episode explores the underlying fears and desires that lead us to seek legitimacy through branding. I firmly believe that branding is more than just design or a logo; it's the intersection of how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. I challenge the assumptions about branding and emphasize the importance of discovery, c...

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October 17, 2023 50 mins

In this episode we delve into the fascinating world of logos. We discuss everything from the importance of a well-crafted logo for brand identity and recognition, to the principles and strategies behind an effective logo design. This episode provides valuable insights for aspiring designers and entrepreneurs. Tune in as we dissect famous logos, highlight design faux pas, and uncover the key ...

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Are you one to follow the up and coming trends? Whether that be in business, fashion, or social media, today's episode explores the ever-changing landscape of trends and how they impact businesses and brands. From discussing the evolution of design styles to questioning the consequences of being your own brand. Join us as we dissect Weight Watchers' logo, debate the need for skeuomorphism, a...

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Have you ever wondered what it looks like for an established business to go through the process of rebranding? Today, you're gonna find out. I have with me as a guest my close friend, business coach and marketing expert, Melissa Rogers. She has been in the online business space for a long time and has seen many evolutions and she's here to talk to us about the evolution in her own business o...

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In this episode of Aesthetically Speaking, Rebecca and Abby discuss bringing Abby's legal brand to life. They explore design concepts, color palettes, and creative ideas while emphasizing the importance of feedback and collaboration. Listen in as Abby gets to see her brand for the first time!! 

In this episode Rebecca & Abby share:

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Welcome back to another episode of Aesthetically Speaking, where we dive deep into the world of design, branding, and creativity. In today's episode, we have a special treat for you as Rebecca, a talented brand strategist and creative director, shares her captivating journey to becoming a leading industry expert. 

Listen as Rebecca shares her child...

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September 12, 2023 39 mins

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the concept of an ideal client or an ideal client avatar. But how do you actually use your ideal client to grow your business? In this episode of Aesthetically Speaking, we dive deep into the topic of ideal clients and how to elevate them to attract higher clientele and raise your prices.


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September 5, 2023 59 mins

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a branding session?

This is a never heard before episode with Rebecca having a live branding session with sister, lawyer, and co-host, Abby.

For each of Rebecca’s clients, before she can begin working on their ...

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 Welcome back to another episode of Aesthetically Speaking! In this episode, titled "H is for: How Branding Works, The Science, Psychology, and Artistry of Creating an Effective Brand," we dive into the fascinating world of branding and its multifaceted nature. 

 Branding is not just about visual elements like colors and fonts, but also a...

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This episode is taking you behind the scenes of Aesthetically Speaking to answer some questions that we get about the podcast, so we thought that we would talk about that in an episode. We want to show that we are listening to you, and want to provide you with the answers.

We always tell people that we want feedback, so this episode will answer some of ...

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In today's episode, we take on a unique branding challenge for our sister-in-law, Marianne's, sunless tanning business, Custom Sun. 

Marianne wants her brand to stand out and exude sophistication, drawing inspiration from sunset colors and a desire for a safe customer experience. 

I discuss my process of ...

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In this episode, we have our very first guest joining us. Suzie Clark, the founder of the Female Leadership Collective, provides her knowledge of the world of sales and branding. 

Suzie, who comes from a corporate background, shares her journey from quitting her job to embarking on a transformative adventure in Bali. Along the way, she discovered h...

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This week we are on the letter “G” in the alphabet which is for government branding. Before you skip this episode, let us justify why we think this is going to be relevant and interesting because we're thinking not just of the government, but public use, standardization, all of the things that go into something being for “everybody.” 

In this episo...

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Before we get into this week’s brand challenge, let’s talk about what is new in the world, the new app, Threads. We wanted to talk about how we feel about it, the branding, and the overall functionality of this newly talked about app versus how it compares to Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media app.

As for the branding challenge in this episo...

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In this episode, we explore the world of food branding and design. We discuss the power of aesthetics in buying, selling, and consuming food products, sharing personal anecdotes about recent dining experiences. From determining target audiences to the techniques of food photography, we cover it all.

Join us as we dive into the importance of brand recognition, potential branding mistakes, and the value o...

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After working with over 100 clients, Rebecca has realized that they are all worried about the same things when it comes to branding. In this solo episode, she discusses five fears most business owners have about building a brand. 

Rebecca shares her unique approach to branding and how she helps her clients create a brand that truly reflects their p...

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July 4, 2023 82 mins

Last week we introduced the enneagram which can teach you a lot about yourself. 

In this episode of Aesthetically Speaking, we continue with part two of the Enneagram series and give insights into Enneagram types five through nine.. 

We covered types 1-4 in episode 10, and in this episode, we walk through...

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