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February 9, 2024 43 mins

Experience a revelation in music entrepreneurship as I sit down with the indomitable Latoya Cooper, a guiding light for women of color carving their paths in the music industry. Her personal metamorphosis from artist to CEO is a compelling narrative that reshapes the conversation around well-being and strategic thinking in a cutthroat business. Explore the delicate art of working smarter not harder, and the crucial ability to say no, which Latoya champions for longevity and success in the music world. Her experiences underscore the resilience needed to navigate and excel in this dynamic space, making this dialogue a treasure trove of wisdom for every artist committed to making their mark.

Latoya Cooper and I peel back the layers of the music industry, revealing the critical stages of an artist's development that often go unnoticed. Our conversation highlights the importance of strategic planning and mentorship, akin to lessons learned from my transformative encounter with a business strategist. This exchange is an honest reflection on the music business's complexity, spotlighting Music Meets the Boardroom's four-phase plan as a beacon for artists amid the fog of the industry. Artists poised at the brink of their careers will find our discussions on marketing, brand building, and preparedness to be tools empowering them to step confidently into the spotlight.

As we gaze into the industry's future, indie artists emerge as the new vanguard, reshaping the music marketing landscape, and lessening the grip of traditional label signings. This episode takes a deep dive into how music serves not only as an artistic expression but also as a 'business card' for larger entrepreneurial endeavors, with a nod to the authenticity that has fueled the careers of artists like Kanye West. Discover how embracing your unique artistry can become a powerful catalyst for success and learn from Latoya's empowering approach to navigating the music business with clarity and purpose. Join us for this eye-opening conversation that promises not just to inform but to transform.

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