B2B Leadership Podcast

B2B Leadership Podcast

The B2B Leadership Podcast is hosted by best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje. Each week Nils sits down with leaders in the B2B space to discuss their leadership journey and what they've learned along the way.


April 10, 2024 36 mins

In this episode, host Nils Vinje welcomes back guest Jackie Ferguson to explore the evolution and significance of inclusive leadership in achieving organizational success.

During their discussion, Nils and Jackie delve into the transformative impact of inclusive leadership. They emphasize its role in fostering innovation, boosting productivity, and creating a sense of belonging among employees.

They also explored key aspe...

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In this episode, host Nils Vinje welcomes back Maranda Dziekonski for a wide-ranging discussion on leadership practices and challenges currently facing the tech industry.

They tackle the impact of the current economic uncertainty on hiring, discuss how layoffs are affecting organizations, and give insights into key program cuts in the industry.

Nils and Maranda also delve into the long-term implications of leadership deci...

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In this episode, host Nils Vinje interviews guest David Karp, the Chief Customer Officer at DISQO.

They discuss the journey and transition from a VP role to the C-suite, the professional mindset and approach needed at the executive level, and the importance of fostering a constant learning attitude and authentic connections across all departments.

David emphasizes the significance of being customer-oriented, nurturing one...

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Ever wondered if your career could be more than just a path directed by others?

In this episode, Nils Vinje discusses leadership development with guest Derek Squires.

They delve into Derek's background, his career progression, and lessons learned from investing in himself as a leader.

Derek shares how embracing the idea of being the CEO of his career has enhanced his clarity, confidence, and ability to tackle any...

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In this episode, Nils Vinje welcomes returning guest Catherine Blackmore to discuss diverse topics around leadership development, especially focusing on women leaders.

They delve into the concept of personal leadership, the prevalence of the 'inner critic' that tends to impede individuals' progress, explaining that this is seen more in women.

In addition, they reflect on biases in the workplace which often cre...

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Ever wondered if your nightly drink is more costly than it seems? 

In this episode, James Swanwick, founder of Alcohol-Free Lifestyle, returns to discuss with Nils how a healthier relationship with alcohol can lead to income growth, career advancement, and a boosted mindset.

Plus, they delve into the hidden costs, both financial and personal, that often go unnoticed.

Get insights from the man behind the revolutionary...

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In this episode, Nils talks to Chris Tazewell, about the concept of 'Leadership without a Title', discarding the notion that recognition solely comes from high positions.

They discuss how investments in oneself and relationships with others are two key elements in successful leadership.

Chris also shares his experience organizing a leadership summit, highlighting the value of identifying opportunities, recommendin...

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In this special milestone episode, Nils takes a reflective dive into the journey that has shaped both his podcast and business.

Gain insights into the importance of adopting a long-term view in life and discover how Nils diversified his consulting business after the pandemic.

Explore the strategies and principles from his latest book, "The 30-Day Leadership Playbook," and delve into the four pillars of leadershi...

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Ever wondered about the core elements of effective leadership?

In this episode, Nils Vinje hosts Eddie Christian, founder, and CEO of Athfluency Consulting Group.

Eddie shares his leadership style, emphasizing trust, transparency, and a clear vision that binds a successful team.

Explore the dynamics of internal and external customer relationships and the crucial role of alignment for enhanced customer experiences.

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In this episode, Nils welcomes guest Ian Campbell, author of "The Value Sale," to discuss selling value and quantifying ROI in sales.

They explore the concept of value and benefits using the example of selling alligators and delve into different levels of benefits.

Ian emphasizes the importance of grounding benefits in numbers, focusing on the top two benefits, and reframing the conversation to make it more rela...

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In this episode, Nils and Kristin O'Neill dive into the intricacies of leading remote and hybrid teams in our evolving work landscape.

They explore the challenges posed by the pandemic and strategies for effective leadership in these environments.

Kristin shares her expertise in managing remote teams, emphasizing productivity and employee engagement.

The discussion delves into vital aspects of remote leadership, ...

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In this episode, Nils Vinje and Cameron Marijosius continue their discussion on emotional intelligence.

They delve deeper into the pillars of emotional intelligence, focusing on motivation, empathy, and social skills.

They share personal stories and insights related to motivation in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of having a positive attitude and being connected to one's work.

They explore the concept ...

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In this episode, Nils and Cameron explore the profound impact of emotional intelligence on leadership.

They share their personal experiences with emotional intelligence and how it has influenced their leadership roles.

They emphasize the importance of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills in building emotional intelligence.

They also debunk common misconceptions about emotional intel...

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In this episode, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje interviews Nadia Carta, Head of Data Transformation at Google.

Nadia is a powerhouse of inspiration, known for her ability to spark zeal in others.

In our conversation, Nadia shared three key lessons from her 14-year tenure at Google: curiosity, authenticity, and aiming for big things. She believes that curiosity opens doors to new environments and genui...

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In this episode, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje interviews Spencer Polk, a member of the B2B Leaders Academy.

They discuss Spencer's experience in the academy and his previous management training. 

Spencer shares his dissatisfaction with a two-day seminar he attended and highlights how the academy's self-directed and collaborative approach changed the game.

They also discuss the importanc...

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Have you ever felt lost in your career or personal life?

In this episode, Nils shares his experience of taking a detour in life and how it changed his perspective.

After a failed career as a sales rep, he decided to explore his interest in woodworking and became an apprentice for a craftsman.

He learned the lesson of taking detours and how it can lead to unexpected opportunities and personal growth.

If you'r...

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Do you want to foster a culture of collaboration in your workplace?

In this episode, Nils Vinje and Christine Lavery discuss six tips for creating a collaborative environment.

They emphasize the importance of creating a psychologically safe environment, having clear roles and responsibilities, being able to compromise, aligning goals, setting clear expectations, and focusing on relationships.

By following these tips,...

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Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong job?

In this episode, leadership coach, Nils Vinje shares a valuable lesson he learned from his experience as a Xerox sales rep.

He emphasizes the importance of checking for alignment in one's work and being honest with oneself about whether the work is truly fulfilling and aligned with one's values and strengths.

Nils learned that no matter how bad your brain wan...

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Are you a leader struggling to adapt your leadership style to your employees?

In this episode, leadership coach, Nils interviews Dustin Tysick, host of the B2B Revenue Leaders Podcast and VP of Revenue at Testimonial Hero, about the importance of coaching and adapting to different personalities and processing styles.

Dustin suggests using tools like the Myers-Briggs test to understand employees' personality types and ...

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Do you struggle with self-belief as a leader?

In this episode, Nils Vinje shares a personal story about his early days as a leadership coach and the importance of believing in oneself.

He recalls working with a photography business owner who was going through a rough patch in her personal life and business.

Despite Nils' initial lack of confidence, he developed a 12-week program for her based on their discussions...

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