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March 4, 2024 84 mins

✍️ Copy This - Copy Formulas for Beginners.

🗒 If you see a big blank space asking "What would you like to say" and your brain follows suit and also turns into a big blank space - copy formulas are you're new bestie. 

🤔 First - what's copy

📑 Copy is any text you use to sell or persuade someone to take an action (like buying cookies). So copy could be the caption on Instagram, the social media text you write on Facebook, the newsletter you send monthly, or the bio writeup you have on your website. Copy = words

🤔  Second - what's a copy formula

🧮 Copy formulas are different frameworks to help assist you in how and what to write. I mean - we could just write, "Buy my cookies, please - I'm begging." But we can't write that every time without seeming weirdly desperate (but where's the lie though, I ask). 

Copy formulas can help us keep our ⚾ sales pitch interesting by addressing our varying audiences and their different paint points, needs, or wants. Copy formulas are plug-and-play approaches to captions - and I love them. 

There are likely hundreds of formulas - and you may find you like more than others - but in this week's podcast, 🖐️ we covered our top 5 faves. Let's jump in:

1️⃣ AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action.

Probably my favorite - Corrie's too. You'll find both of us using it a lot in our sales posts. AIDA covers all the peppy sales pitchy-ness I love to incorporate in my write-ups. Look at the above copy and how it falls perfectly into this framework:

  • ✍️ A - Attention - Did you know I teach folks just like you how to decorate cookies just like these? 
  • ✍️ I - Interest - Check out Sugar Cookie Classes where I teach you everything I know about sugar cookie decorating! 
  • ✍️ D - Desire - The classes are 1.5 hours, 6 cookies and tons of fun! Plus - you get my very own cookie dough and icing recipes emailed to ya after class! 
  • ✍️ A - Action - March class is filled but my Swiftie Class still has a spot for you! 

Beautiful - 💪 it's fun, interesting, and asks for the sale. 

2️⃣ PAS: Problem-Agitate-Solution.

🩹 This is the 'infomercial' framework - you know, where the screen is grayscale showing someone who trips down the stairs on the way to the laundry in a way so overly exaggerated that you can't help but watch? 🤕 Then the scene switches to rather normal tasks looking ridiculously harder than they ever would be right before we flash over to the solution to all of life's problems - whatever the product is the infomercial is trying to hawk our way. 

Now let's adapt it to cookies. 

  • ✍️ P - Problem - Struggle with royal icing consistencies?
  • ✍️ A - Agitate - Royal icing can be the most difficult part of learning how to decorate sugar cookies. 
  • ✍️ S - Solution - We cover icing consistencies in my upcoming cookie class! You'll get the recipe we use in my class to decorate, and I'll help you work through royal icing issues! 

It's more of a negative learning framework, but I like to drop it in from time to time to capitalize on the segment of the audience who is really frustrated. 😩 They may not be into a "pep rally post" about how awesome sugar cookies are, but will resonate with the "this is hard - I'm almost about to quit" approach. 

3️⃣ FAB: Features – Advantages – Benefits.

Definitely the happy framework, this formula leans hard into the perks. For something as fun as cookies, you can't go wrong bein' FAB-ulous! 

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