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June 18, 2024 88 mins

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💼 Getting Corpy Orders - A campaign for corporate girly eras.

In this week's Baking it Down Podcast - Episode 167 - Getting Corpy Orders, Corrie wanted to switch from telling you to get into corporate orders and now tell you how to get corporate orders.

Corporate orders are great - they have higher dollar amounts, bigger order totals, repetitive simple designs (hopefully), and could become a consistent recurring order. Corporate clients' "cut-to-the-chase" approach to ordering saves a ton of back-and-forth and the limited scope means simplistic designs.

But, as always, there's no such thing as a free lunch and the same applies to corporate orders.

👉 1. Set up a GMB / GBP on Google Maps.

"Google Business Profile is my #1 corpy lead source." Okay - that's her answer folks, when I asked Corrie where she's getting corporate leads. And for good reason. Google Maps is a great way for a cold audience (cold = audience who has never heard of you before) to find your listing. But businesses aren't magically added to Maps (unlike websites like Yelp and Bakerias that use scrapers to populate listings). You have to actually list yourself, go through a verification process, fill out the profile, and continue to build out the profile by adding posts, updates, and pics along with getting good reviews.

The Onesday Wednesday shows a pic of Corrie's GMB profile. You'll see no address? That's because it's set up correctly - as a service area. There's a big suspension campaign rolling out for incorrectly listed profiles on Maps. Unless you have a brick and mortar, you are a service business (even if clients pick up at your door).

👉 2. In-Person / Referral Corpy Client Acquisition.

Probably the least liked but the most effective tip on getting corporate clients: in-person outreach and network referrals. In the wild world of internet marketing, "cold email" is the least effective method of outreach. Why? Because it's the easiest. The easier it is, the less effective it is. And that's why in-person outreach is so effective.

  • 🤝 Go to in-person networking events (BNI, Chamber, Toast Masters)
  • 🤝 Utilize LinkedIn and LinkedIn Company Page posts.
  • 🤝 Go to a home show / vendor show with printed cookies.
  • 🤝 Ask for businesses to be "test mules" for printed cookies.
  • 🤝 Use the Mainstreet Collab approach to recommend businesses to your audience (and tag said business).
  • 🤝 Market to the companies you're already paying (landscaper, the plumber, the nail salon, the dentist)

👉 3. Add a Corporate Page to your Website.

Dedicate an entire page on your website to corporate order clients. Tell them exactly what they need to know, what they need to tell you, and how this will play out. Corporate clients are b-u-s-y. They don't have time to go back and forth about their hopes and dreams. They want to know how much, how fast, and how many. Build out that page for efficiency. Bonus if you include a corporate-only intake form on that page only.

👉 4. Offer Delivery (when legal).

Most corporate orders are for events. Some are for holiday gifts, but let's focus on events for this tip. These corpy clients are busy managing a grand opening. The last thing they want to do is drive to your front porch. Offering delivery for these clients (even if you don't deliver) can seal the deal. Feel free to charge for it too - time is money, and they know that. "Your order is $600. You can pick it up in [City], or I can deliver it to your business for $X." Make that money, honey.

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