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November 30, 2022 32 mins

“A core part of what we do through strategic workforce planning is translating that purpose and strategy into what the organization needs from its workforce.”

This week on Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos, we speak with Alicia Roach, Founder, and CEO of eQ8 and a global thought leader in Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics. Alicia has spearheaded the development of a globally unique SWP solution, "eQ8," by combining her skills in complicated data analysis and sophisticated financial modeling with attractive visualizations and tales. EQ8 is an innovative, globally-unique, dynamic, and scalable SAAS platform for Strategic Workforce Planning. Also, Alicia's passion is assisting organizations in executing their purpose by knowing their existing and future workforce potential. In this episode, she discusses how organizations can take their Strategic Workforce Planning to the next level. 

[01:37] Background – Alicia describes her path, the company she co-founded, and how it earned its name," eQ8".

[09:23] SWP – What are the Strategic Workforce Plan, its outcomes, and its impact on the long-term health of the business

[23:32] SWP and CX - If you can improve the employee experience, it will benefit the consumer experience in numerous ways. Alicia mentions how she observes businesses utilizing SWP as a basis for getting a better customer experience. 

[27:36] The Future - Alicia's vision for the future of SWP.

[31:21] Previous Guests' question - Where would you choose to live and work remotely around the globe, and why? 

[32:21] Inspiration – Alicia discusses where she finds inspiration.


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