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March 21, 2023 14 min

I could start and end this episode with one sentence, “fast food is still fast food” but that also wouldn’t be fair to those who truly want to learn.

While I get the convenience, we are relying TOO much on fast food these days and often deem it a “healthy option” as a good substitute for a homecooked meal. I’m not saying we shouldn’t rely on fast food. However, it’s important to know what the trade-off is.

There are ways to make yo...

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Let’s continue our discussion of 10 reasons your diet isn’t working. This week we move on to number three… are you REALLY sticking to your diet like you say you are.

Now before you hit pause. Hang with me. This episode might be a bit of a gut punch, but I think it’s an important conversation to have.

When I chat with my one on one clients, oftentimes there is this conversation of “I wrote down everything, but it’s not making sense....

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No, I’m not going to tell you that you have to eat all organic all the time, but I do want to talk about the benefits of organic food this week. Depending on where you are on your health (and life) journey, there is a balance that needs to be had. We have a few more things to chat about first so let's dive in.

This week we are talking about: 

  • How food is measured. 
  • The breakdown of calories and macros. 
  • 100-...
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Last week we talked all about ten reasons your diet isn’t working. The topic hit a few buttons and brought up several questions. Instead of moving on, I decided we’re going to take it a step further and spend a few weeks breaking down each reason more in-depth.

As the song says, let’s start at the very beginning… I hear it’s a great place to start. The first reason you're diet isn't working is because you’re dehydrated [maybe].


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Maybe this sounds familiar: you’ve tried the diets, shakes, free meal plans, and maybe even some paid ones from influencers.

Nothing is working and you’re frustrated. At the end of the day, you just want to get your energy back or maybe lose that 10 lbs that have been hanging on as long as you can remember.

I get it, I’ve been in your shoes before.

Believe it or not, my friend there is an answer to your problems. I can’t tell you t...

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In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we’re going to talk about love… specifically loving YOUR body in the season that you’re in.

It’s okay to love your body in the season you’re in AND still want to see it change.

Looking in the mirror, it’s easy to say, “I wish I had a six-pack, I wish my hips were smaller, I wish my arms were stronger”

It’s easy to get knocked down by these feelings, especially when you’ve been putting in the work.


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Have you ever pulled into the gas station right as the “empty” light pops on your dashboard? It’s a feeling of panic and relief all at the same time. Am I right?

We would never let it happen to our cars, but we let it happen to our bodies all the time; why is that?

Before we talk about filling our tank, we need to get a better understanding of what it means to leave our bodies running on empty.

Let's talk about: 

  • How to ...
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“I don’t have time”

How often do you find yourself saying that when someone tells you that you need to work out, you need to meal prep or you need to cook for yourself?

Building a healthy lifestyle is often misconstrued as “needs to be a brand new lifestyle.” In reality, it should be looked at more as “how do we adjust our current habits to healthier habits” and “how does this work with my lifestyle?”

Today on the podcast we break ...

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Typically, when we talk about snacking, we think of the mindless snacking kind, not the kind that comes from hunger. 

Why do we snack? There are three reasons we typically find ourselves snacking when we are: 

  • Bored
  • Thirsty
  • Hungry

On the podcast today, we're going to tackle the following:

  • Why We Snack
  • 3 Questions To Consider When Snacking
    • Reducing Mindless Snacking
    • How To Avoid...
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As you shift your nutrition and eating habits, this will most likely mean a shift in the amount of food needed to be cooked at home. 

It's not bad, but knowing what goes into your food will be an essential part of eating healthier. 

When figuring out what to make, it's important to have a list of Go-To Meals. Meals that: 

  • No one argues about
  • Are easy to make
  • It can be made quickly
  • Meet your dietary needs
  • ...
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One of the first things people tend to avoid when eating healthier is going to a restaurant. It doesn't always end well and often leads to more anxiety than it's worth. 

Today on the podcast, we'll go over a few ways to enjoy your favorite food while focusing on a healthier diet. 

We talk about: 

  • How to plan for your meal. 
  • What to do if you want to eat it all. 
  • Finding balance. 
  • Getting bac...
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When I look back on 2022, it was a year of lessons. 

Good ones and hard ones. New Year's resolutions come with a feeling of excitement. It's a fresh start in the day-to-day world that we live in. However, as you see people preaching, "set your resolutions" or "what are your goals," it's important to reflect back on the year prior. What worked and what didn't? 

In today's podcast episode:

  • I am reflecting on the goals...
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Holidays can bring stress in general, but when you're on a journey to better health, they can be even more stressful.

Throw a holiday revolving around eating pie in the mix, and oh, that stress goes higher.

Let's chat about why it doesn't HAVE to be high this week and how to handle those conversations.

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Gut health is something that virtually everyone should be working on. However, many of us don't even realize how messed up our gut truly is.

As someone who has spent the better three years researching and learning about gut health, you would think I know the signs when something is off.


I chose to ignore some of them after having COVID earlier this year Fall. Today on the podcast, I'm sharing a little bit about what I've been ...

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1 in 10 Americans eats enough fruits in vegetables in their daily lives. It's an often overlooked yet easy piece of our health. Increasing your fruits and vegetables can increase the number of vitamins and minerals you eat daily. 

Where do you think you fall with your fruit and vegetable intake? 

Today on the podcast, we will: 

  • Bust some sugar myths about fruit and vegetables.
  • Talk about how to get more fruits...
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"I'll start in January" is one of the most common phrases I hear these days. 

It's so common that I created a FREE community to kick-start our health during the holiday season

This week I am sharing my story of eating 16-20 cookies on December 16th and weighing in for a fitness contest on December 17, 2013. While it might seem crazy, this moment changed everything for my long-term health journey. 

It started with l...

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Building a long-term healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. Take one look at Pinterest, and you can see 1000 different rules about how you should eat, move, etc. 

The truth is, most of those come back to 3 core habits: 

  • Movement
  • Hydration
  • Whole Foods

Ultimately, these three core habits will build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, no matter your goal. A goal, such as having more energy, could result in ...

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One of the most underrated ways to stick to healthy eating habits is meal planning and prepping. 

Sometimes meal prep can get a bad reputation of being a boring way to make lunch for yourself or a way to waste your Sunday afternoon. 

However, meal prepping can make life easier, help you stay on track with your goals, and take A LOT of thinking out of your week. 

There are so many levels of meal prep, and it doesn't h...

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Did you know you are 65% more likely to hit your goals if you have someone to be accountable to?

Today I shared my story of having an accountability partner and the difference it made in my health journey nine years ago.

I also shared three ways you can find your accountability partner that doesn’t involve begging 😜


Join Me Live Each Wednesday:



▶ ...

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Trendy diets are not a long-term solution to your health concerns.

Whether it's weight loss, cholesterol, or something else, Keto isn't going to solve that problem forever. Neither is paleo, weight watchers, colored containers, or a magic shake. 

If you don't understand how your body reacts to certain foods, you won't be able to heal your body long-term. 

When we feel bloated, miserable, struggling with brain fog, anxiety...

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