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Belle, Book & Candle is here to encourage and educate the pagan community on topics of interest to an earth-centered spirituality. Step into the world of a southern witch through stories, southern lore, intriguing guests and education meant to enrich your spiritual practice. Y'all come on in! Support this podcast:


March 8, 2022 37 mins

Interested in sound healing? Bioenergetic medicine? Danielle chats with me about what it's like to be spiritually awakened as a nurse practitioner, and how she incorporates that into her work. She also talks about the device called the Healy and her heart for alcohol addiction recovery. Y'all come on in for a listen!

Danielle Jeune is a nurse practitioner that works with bioenergetic medicine and adds sound ...

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"Our minds want to be right more than they want to be happy." Wow! What an honor to have Author and Meditation Teacher Barrett Self on the podcast! I knew Barrett as a child; he and his family even sang at my wedding, so it was AMAZING to reconnect with him and talk about what he's passionate about. We chat about what led him to create Exhale and his personal spiritual journey, why meditation and mindfulness is so important, with p...

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Ifetayo's wisdom and experience is legendary in the healing arts community in my area (and probably beyond!). I was so blessed to have her join me for this episode as we talk in depth about rites of passage - why they are important, what they can look like, how they can change a child's life and our personal experiences with rites of passage. Y'all curl up, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy this discussion with St. Helena Island's own I...

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Madii Kasem is an animal and nature communicator; she communicates with both domesticated and wild animals, and all of nature including trees and plants. What an interesting conversation we had, I hope you join us as we chat about her experiences communicating with wild birds, pets, trees and other nature as well as the lessons she's learned and information that has been shared with her through these experiences. She also chats abo...

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Are past lives linear or concurrent?? Julia Wesley is here to tell us about her belief that "all time is now". We discuss:

  • Concurrent lives as opposed to past lives
  • What the akashic records are and how they are used
  • Akasha, Akash, Akashic?
  • Rainbow child & indigo child archetype
  • Pain lineages, a different take on "karma"
  • Soul Group Archetypes / soul group origins
  • Soul Blueprint Readings & Akashic Records Rea...
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What is the Modern Pagan Prayers Project? In this episode, I talk to Lucía and Gwyneth about how they came together during the pandemic for this project, why pagan prayer is important, the use of poetry in prayer, and how they go about writing prayers. The first book of the project A Wound in Time, is heavily influenced by the pandemic, and we'll chat about that as well, and you won't want to miss the exceptional readings of 5 pray...

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Grief and the transformation that comes from dealing with loss - we talk with Jennifer Alemany about her experience with the loss of the love of her life and her mother, and her book, Mark My Love. 

Jennifer M. Alemany was born in Brooklyn, New York; she is Latin American with a background from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba. Jennifer is a spiritualist and has been meditating for over 10 years. After losing the lo...

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What can you do with vinegar and sea salt?? Our guest, Sadhu Dah, is a magickal practitioner and teacher with a deep knowledge of Thai Buddhist Magick, among many other specialties. If you're interested in learning about spirit talismans, spirit houses, exorcisms and spirit attachments, this is a great episode for you!

In this episode:

  • Sadhu Dah's experience in the presence of Pure Love & his spiritual journey
  • S...
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Meet New York Psychic Corbie Mitleid in today's episode. She has a number of amazing books, but for this episode we are looking at the content of The Psychic Yellow Brick Road - How to Find the Real Wizards and Avoid the Flying Monkeys. This is one of the best guides I've ever seen on choosing a professional psychic, and I happen to think it should be required reading for the psychics too! Corbie is a dynamic guest and you'll enjoy...

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Novalee Wilder is an expert on Chaldean numerology and we chat about a lot of topics around numerology and the energies in our lives from the numbers around us. We discuss:

  • Why is numerology important?
  • How numbers related to other modalities
  • Using intuition in numerology
  • Pythagorean life path numbers vs. Chaldean numerology
  • Exploration of the 4 energy (Mela's birthdate energy)
  • The energy of 2021
  • How numerology is u...
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Twin flames y'all... intense love and intense pain in the same relationship. Benjy Sherer uses his own twin flame journey to walk us through an immense amount of information about twin flames in this episode, including:

• Benjy's personal twin flame story
• What is a twin flame?
• Does it have to be romantic or could it be friends?
• The twin flame energy frequency
• The Runner/Chaser dynamic
• Growing through t...

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Haunted tales from an experienced storyteller, ghost tour guide, and paranormal investigator - what more could you want this Samhain? DC talks about his one-sided ghostly romance, experiences at the Williamsburg public jail, the haunted nursing home where he picked up more than he bargained for, and perhaps the most famous ghost he's ever met in this episode. Plus, we chat about whether spirit activity really picks up during Samhai...

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Pagan leaders or those that serve pagans in any type of ministry - this episode is especially for you!! My friend Holli Emore, Executive Director of Cherry Hill Seminary, talks to us about her new book, Constellated Ministry - A Guide for Serving Today's Pagans in this episode. She has created the term "constellated ministry" to describe the unique ministry needed for serving the pagan world. In this episode we'll talk about the fo...

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Author María Felicia Kelley introduces us to her children's book series, Celebrate the HoliDates, which were deeply inspired by her son Constantine. Constantine has trisomy 21, and the books were initially created as a tool to entertain and inform him about the connection between the calendar dates and fun holidays. Now they are a growing series of educational books that currently include "February Fourteen: 2/14" and our focus for...

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Philip wanted to figure out "how to do life better", and he tells us how he went from a life of destructive behavior while running a party bus business to a fulfilled life where he now helps others with their own transformation. He talks of living in a numb state and what experience can teach us. We also tackle a topic I've been super interested in - sustainability. Why should we live a more sustainable life? Can living more sustai...

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Our favorite millennial guest, Himanish Goel, is back to chat about the influence (positive AND negative) of social media on today's generation. He also offers advice to not only young folk heading to college, but those who are graduating and looking to make their mark on the world. We discuss the need for adaptation, for getting outside in nature, and being mindful of our present moment. Y'all come on in, it's not often we have th...

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What does tarot & divination have to do with shadow work? Turns out, a lot! Corinne and I talk about shadow work - what it is, our experiences using shadow work for personal healing, the "gold" in the shadow, and all those nasty emotions like shame that we hide. Corinne talks about her own shadow work around money, and we talk about our experiences growing up as empathic children. It gets grittier when we talk about how the sha...

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Autoimmune expert and fellow empath Tracy Gowler is here to chat with us about life as an empath. If you've wondered whether you were an empath, or simply able to show empathy to others, we discuss the differences. By the end of the episode, you'll know whether you are an empath as well as the pitfalls of being an empath, our connection to animals, how to protect our energy, and what life is like for us. Is being an empath a curse ...

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The Skeptic Metaphysician's Will Rodriguez is here to talk about the intersection of science and the metaphysical world, as well as his own spiritual journey. Not only does he tell us about many of the incredible conversations he's had on his podcast, but we have some of our own interesting conversations around creating our reality, breaking soul contracts & soul groups, mystical experiences with death and whether evil truly ex...

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Keep your chalice full. Say no more often. Set boundaries. Self-care isn't JUST about facials and massages and chocolate. Mindy and I chat about all the many different types of self-care that allow us to recharge our batteries, and as Mindy says, we keep our cellphones charged, why don't we keep our own batteries charged? Good question! We've got tips for you! We talk about social media, cell phones, boundaries, giving too much and...

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