Beyond The Prep Podcast

Beyond The Prep Podcast

Building a strong body takes time, determination, and a real thirst for progress. It's not just about achieving a great physique, but also about building inner strength and resilience. This is the core mission of Beyond The Prep Podcast, hosted by Sherrie Kapach, a passionate bodybuilder who is always excited to help both new and experienced competitors get the most out of the sport. Her passion for bodybuilding sparked after a surgery put her in a delicate state. But, a fighter that she is, Sherrie bounced back stronger than ever. Now she competes and pushes herself further every day. Sherrie is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Master Life Coach who's dedicated to helping people unlock the power of their mind and realize their potential. So make sure to tune in every week as we delve into everything fitness— from nutrition and training to mindset and motivation. With expert guests and tried-and-tested tips, this podcast is perfect for anyone looking to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. Along the way, you'll also discover the power of discipline, perseverance, and hard work— qualities that will serve you well on and off the gym floor. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, there's something for everyone on Beyond The Prep. Don't miss out and hit play now! As always, your feedback means a lot. Whether you comment, share, or like, every bit of support helps to bring you more valuable information about the sport we all love. Together, we can take the bodybuilding world by storm!


June 10, 2024 11 mins

“It's not just the physical part of it, but you have to be mentally focused on your journey. Keep going and never give up. It may take time, it will suck. But at the end, it’s all worth it.” —Sourav Chowdhary 

It is the marriage of a strong mind with a strong body that sees competitors across the finish line in their best possible shape. Getting one's body into peak condition requires extreme discipline, sacrifice, an...

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“Do it for yourself, not for somebody else… especially if you want to stay committed to it.” —Julie

Making a comeback after injury is a challenging but rewarding journey. Through grit and determination, the injured athlete can work step-by-step to recover strengths and skills, starting small with simple movements and building up endurance, flexibility, and power over time. And as the body is reconditioned, we can overcome even ...

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“Part of me is to set an example and tell them that there are people out there with PKU on stage.” —Aiden Young

Every athlete faces challenges on their journey, but few overcome obstacles as formidable as their own genetics. 

Aiden Young was born with phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare disorder preventing his body from breaking down protein— an essential macronutrient for building muscle mass. Yet through creativity, perseveranc...

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“Becoming a mom is hard, especially when your little ones want you and only you. Don't be hard on yourself. Take your time.” —Margarita Vailas

For many busy mothers, the challenge of balancing career, family responsibilities, and personal health goals can seem insurmountable. Between shuttling kids to activities, long workdays, and endless household tasks, finding even an hour for exercise often falls by the wayside. However, w...

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“Enjoy every second of it whether it's the offseason where you're building to get to your first prep to start your cut. Don't feel like it's a chore because it’s a huge commitment. It's time, it's body, it's everything. It's all of you.” —Renee Gareau

Undergoing bodybuilding prep requires pushing our physical and mental limits. While the desire to improve and compete is motivating, truly liste...

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“The community of people that do this are all like-minded. And we all actually genuinely want the best for everyone.” —Hali Lawrence

Pushing through plateaus is tough, but it's what truly separates the contenders from the pretenders. It's easy to keep training hard when you're seeing results, but when things slow down it takes real guts to stick with it. Only the bodybuilders willing to push just a little more each se...

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 “I want to thank you all. Without you, this would not be a success. It's been a great experience. I'm loving it, and I'm hoping to continue it for many seasons to come.” —Sherrie Kapach 

Season one of Beyond the Prep was a major success! We want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our beloved guests and listeners from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this wild podcast ride. Your support, feedback, and...

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 “Make your goal a reality. It's amazing what's out there for you when you step outside your comfort zone.” —Sherrie Kapach 

Beyond the glitz and glamour lies the grit of competitive bodybuilding. From meticulous meal prep to grueling workouts, contenders must push their bodies to the limit to achieve peak physiques. Hear firsthand what it truly takes to succeed from those who have stood on stage and conquered the competit...

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 “When you see your body change and your progress is made, you get excited to see it.” —Laila Lanteigne

“Ask yourself why you're doing it. And if you're not doing it for the right reasons, it's not for you.” —Jordan Long 

Whether you're a seasoned bodybuilder or a fresh-faced newbie, the principles, mindsets, and values that fuel success remain the same. Consistent effort, unwavering discipline, and the ...

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“Enjoy the process. Enjoy yourself improving.” —Caroline Johnson

Unlocking the secrets to bodybuilding success isn't just about what happens on the stage; it's about what goes on behind the scenes. The post-show routine is where gains turn into victories, where muscles meet their moment, and where the true bodybuilding champions emerge.  From replenishing nutrients to relishing well-earned indulgences, it's the j...

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“Take it day by day. Even little changes do add up.” —Savannah Silver

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your fitness journey, the dedication required to get competition-ready is no small feat. 

In this episode, Sherrie and bikini competitor, Savannah Silver, dig into some of the real nitty-gritty aspects of prep that competitors face, from navigating social situations to managing moods on a strict diet.

Savannah fell...

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“You can still have a social life, just be disciplined about it and stick to your goal.” —Cleo Wayway

Maintaining balance and discipline is a cornerstone of a successful bodybuilding journey, whether during competition season or the offseason. During competition season, discipline is vital for achieving the desired physique, while in the offseason, it's about managing recovery and controlling body composition. Consistency ...

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“It's good to let your body know that it can have those foods too. It's important. And it's good to treat yourself.” —Avril Stead

Bodybuilding is a rigorous sport that requires discipline, dedication, and strict adherence to a well-balanced diet. Many bodybuilders face challenges when it comes to satisfying cravings while staying on track with their nutrition plan. 

The diet struggle is real, but knowing how to satisfy...

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“To really take yourself to the next level, you need to think about somehow you're inspiring other people.” —John Mark Nicolet

While bodybuilding and powerlifting share some similarities such as building strength and muscle mass, they differ in their training methods and ultimate goals. By striking the right balance between these two disciplines and incorporating strategies that support both goals, individuals can unlock their ...

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“Make sure that you have a positive body image with yourself. Get that in order first before you start your journey.” —Rhonda Tennant

Competitive bodybuilding is not without its challenges. From grueling training routines to strict dietary restrictions, athletes constantly face physical and mental obstacles. In such situations, an unwavering self-belief can be a powerful anchor. 

Having a positive view of ourselves serves as a consta...

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“Think going in with a mindset of being an athlete, showing up like an athlete, and treating the sport seriously and just not double down.” —Melissa Corsiatto

One common hesitation among athletes is the fear of failure. This can hinder their ability to take risks and explore their full potential. By reframing beliefs and instilling a positive mindset, athletes become more willing to step out of their comfort zones and push their bou...

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“Just focus on yourself, that's all you can really do. You can't control anybody else… Don't overextend yourself because it's meant to be about personal growth and development.” —Dèvre Gibson

Hard work is non-negotiable in bodybuilding. Whether it’s grueling gym sessions, unyielding cardio routines, or the disciplined exertion of self-control, the hard work required is relentless and rigorous. Yet, remember,...

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It's a journey. You need to be willing to make sure that you have the ability to be dedicated. It's a huge sacrifice.” —Robert Craig 

Bodybuilding’s addictive nature could make you a permanent resident on the stage. But, each step you take towards the spotlight is a measure of your dedication. It might mean missing outings for training sessions, foregoing late-night activities for a full night’s rest, or even skipping...

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“Think of reverse diet as your prep.” —Sharly Graham

Reverse dieting is a post-diet process where one gradually increases his/her calorie intake to avoid sudden weight gain while also optimizing metabolic health. But how does this fit into the bodybuilding journey? 

Consistent control of calorie intake and expenditure facilitates muscle growth and efficient fat loss— two key objectives in bodybuilding. Reverse dieting plays...

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"Enjoy the journey. This is for yourself, not for others. So stick with your boundaries and what your goals are.” —Audrey LaFleur

Being an athlete is not just about lifting weights or adhering strictly to a diet. It involves juggling personal responsibilities, and this can sometimes take a toll. Therefore, understanding how to balance time between these essential roles is vital. 

A well-planned schedule is at the core ...

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