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May 16, 2024 68 mins
If you can recall your childhood, you probably remember your Dad being there but you may never have appreciated the life lessons you were taught until you got much older. And when you have kids, maybe that's the reason you start drinking bourbon. Both of these are reasons our guest today decided to call his brand Fathertime Bourbon. Jim Gaffigan needs no introduction because we've all laughed at his jokes throughout the years. Family life is a facet of his standup, and food obviously, but Jim loves to say the things we're all thinking and it's what has made him so successful in his comedic career. Jim Gaffigan joins the show to talk about how he made the switch from beer to bourbon and what drew him in to becoming a bourbon connoisseur or as he likes to call it, a professional alcoholic. From there we dive into his new brand of Fathertime Bourbon and what it meant to incorporate generations of his family and his comedic focus into the story and design. Show Notes: Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about proofing whiskey and adding water at home. Can you recall a good college story with Stu Pollard? What made you want to go down the path of being a professional alcoholic? Did you find any correlation between picking barrels and your comedic routines? Did you have the natural progression from mixing to neat? Did you try and buy the rarest stuff right away or look for everyday items? How is bourbon perceived in your circles? Were there anything obvious or strange about bourbon that you discovered? Are you finding yourself traveling to whiskey bars now? How involved were you with the bottle design? What tips do you have for signing bottles and not letting your hands get tired? How did you script the social media launch for the brand? What easter eggs did you hide in the label? Is there a statement or impact you want to make with this brand? Support this podcast on Patreon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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