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November 13, 2023 19 mins

“And because you've got no cash flow, you still can't leverage that… How many times have you heard people in their 60s, people in the 70s, say I'm asset rich, but cashflow poor? Yeah, happens all the time. And it's because they've injected all this money into the asset, which gives them a lot of equity, but they've started to run out of money.” 

Sanjay Parasher Top Five Tips To Make Your First Million From Real Estate

1. Invest in blocks of units or commercial property.

2. Understand how to calculate cash flow properties 

3. Understand how a valuation works.

4. Understand how to use equity and secure the deal.

5. Understand how to sit goals based on your investment strategy.



01:16 Background into how Sanjay got into Real Estate

05:18 Improving the property

12:13 Looking at the surrounding market

18:02 Trust in the long term


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Sanjay Parasher Bio

Sanjay Parasher is a versatile professional, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who constantly pushes boundaries to unlock unlimited potential. With a background as a former professional cricketer, he transitioned to a career in health sciences, earning degrees in Health Science and Podiatric Medicine. As the founder and director of three successful health businesses, Sanjay has become Australia's highest-earning podiatrist, achieving impressive financial success. Additionally, he has made his mark in real estate, owning numerous properties, and running successful Airbnb accommodations. Sanjay's business acumen extends to the tech sector, where he founded a software solution. 

Despite his busy professional life, he remains dedicated to his passions for fitness, gym training, health optimization, and meditation. Guided by core values of fulfilment, financial freedom, consistency, and discipline, Sanjay prioritizes personal and professional growth. He aims to bring positive change to the lives of those he interacts with through his businesses and personal endeavours, serving as an inspiring figure for success and fulfilment. 

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