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June 3, 2024 11 mins

In the podcast episode, Dave Sobel discusses three key topics: consumer behavior and inflation trends, US and Eurozone inflation data, and corporate pricing pressures. He highlights the slight deceleration in US inflation in April but notes that core inflation remains above the Federal Reserve's target. In the Eurozone, inflation unexpectedly rose in May, posing a dilemma for the European Central Bank. The trend of companies struggling to raise prices without affecting demand is evident, with consumer sentiment showing a disconnect between personal financial well-being and perceptions of the national economy.

Moving on, Sobel covers Google's data loss incident and SEO algorithm leaks, emphasizing the importance of robust backup and disaster recovery strategies for businesses. He also discusses the potential impact of large-language models on the B2B SaaS industry and the challenges small businesses may face in SEO due to Google's evolving algorithms. Additionally, significant channel updates are highlighted, including Microsoft and VMware's partnership, Red Hat's revamped partner program, and Tech Data's acquisition of OrcaTech in Australia and New Zealand.

Sobel underscores the implications of the consumer behavior shift towards greater price sensitivity, as reflected in decreasing consumer spending and rising household delinquencies. He also points out the changes in Google Search algorithms and the challenges small businesses may encounter in SEO. The episode concludes with a focus on licensing changes in the VMware ecosystem, Red Hat's move towards personalized partner programs, and the expanding service capabilities of distributors in the tech industry.


Three things to know today

00:00 Consumer Behavior and Inflation Trends: U.S. and Eurozone Inflation Data, Corporate Pricing Pressures

04:46 Google's Data Loss and SEO Algorithm Leaks: What IT Providers and Small Businesses Need to Know

07:06 Significant Channel Moves: Microsoft and VMware Team Up, Red Hat Rebrands Partner Program, Tech Data Acquires Orca Tech



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