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April 27, 2024 78 mins
The debate topic is "DOES GOD EXIST?" The Atheist must give arguments against the existence of God The Christian must give arguments for the existence of God Christian vs atheist debate. Atheist vs Christian debate* Who will be able to prove more proof & Evidence? Information on The Christian Challenger †   I was invited to a radio show to debate an atheist and it turned into a very fun and heated exchange as we both clashed with exchanging views on the world.  I the Christian said there are things that are evil and good.  The atheist on the other hand said there is no such thing as evil or good. I got the atheist to admit his life has no purpose and his life was nothing but blind pitiless indifference and even I was shocked that he took the bait and admitted that.   Here is that live debate in it's entirety.  What I love about this debate is it really shows how wicked and bankrupt atheism is. We are now also on Iheart radio!  See below Iheart Radio Christian Church Online
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