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March 28, 2024 57 mins

This week, we’re proud to share a special episode of the CLIMB by VSC podcast with Jay Kapoor, featuring his interview with Sunil Nagaraj. CLIMB is a weekly podcast where Jay and VSC Ventures co-founder Vijay Chattha speak with leading investors, founders, and industry experts about lessons and perspectives on company-building in the world of climate tech and climate adaptation. 

From CLIMB by VSC:

We're honored to host Sunil Nagaraj, a visionary investor in the intersection of deep tech and climate innovation, and founding partner of Ubiquity Ventures. Nagaraj's unique perspective on "software beyond the screen" and his commitment to supporting early-stage, tech-driven startups are at the forefront of our discussion. We dive into the essence of nurturing technologies with disciplined financing and the strategic scaling of startups to mitigate climate change.

Our conversation spans a variety of topics, from the complexities of venture capital in the climate tech space to the pivotal role of startups in driving substantial change. Sunil shares insights on the importance of focusing on high-impact areas and the potential pitfalls in the startup ecosystem, particularly emphasizing the significance of avoiding the "moonshot culture" that often hinders the progress of deep tech ventures.

About VSC Ventures:

VSC Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund led by Jay Kapoor and Vijay Chattha where we invest in early-stage startups and support our founders with hands-on PR, storytelling, and go-to-market work with help from our award-winning PR agency VSC.

Links discussed in this episode:

Moonshot Culture is Strangling Deeptech article:

Ubiquity University:

Episode Highlights

00:00 Conor Gaughan introduces CLIMB by VSC

02:42 Trailer 

03:17 Introduction

04:01 What defines a startup as truly 'Nerdy and Early'?"

07:11 What’s the first question investors make?

11:30 How do investors navigate unfamiliar markets?

16:17 The pros and cons of a singular investment strategy

21:49 How do 'crazy' ideas become genius investments

26:45 The 'Don't Repeat Yourself' mantra in Venture Capital

29:35 The cost of keeping secrets in Venture Capital

31:57 How trust accelerates organizational velocity

39:30 Should investors be more involved in early stage startups?

42:47 How can startups become better companies

47:19 The dangers of Moonshot Culture in Deep Tech

52:39 What's the one thing your startup should focus on?

55:07 Can technology truly turn the tide against climate change?

We’ll be back next week with a brand new episode of Consensus in Conversation. In the meantime, make sure to follow the CLIMB by VSC podcast for more great perspectives on company-building. 

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