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October 18, 2023 18 mins

In an episode of the "Determined to Succeed" podcast hosted by Dawn Mullarney, the guest, Lisa Quam, shares her transformative journey of embracing change and pursuing her true passions. Lisa's life took a significant turn when she confronted a pivotal moment that demanded her self-trust. Her narrative encompasses a transition from a stable long-term job to an uncertain future and venturing into the world of stand-up comedy.

Lisa's story underscores the vital importance of authenticity and conquering fear to fully embrace life. Her deep affection for comedy and admiration for comedians like Carol Burnett have motivated her to step beyond her comfort zone, wholeheartedly embracing new opportunities, regardless of feeling unprepared. Lisa's experiences have instilled in her the significance of taking chances, seizing opportunities, and spreading joy through laughter.

Lisa possesses a natural sense of humor and has cultivated considerable self-confidence over the years. These qualities have led her on a path of making people laugh through her stand-up comedy. She takes pleasure in finding humor in life's imperfections and delights in connecting with audiences to share her unique brand of humor. Her story serves as an inspiring reminder to follow one's dreams and live authentically, even when it entails navigating change and embracing risks.

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