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January 25, 2024 47 mins

On the 1/24/24 edition of Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour:

Dr. Andy is joined by Josh Fernandez, who kicks off the episode by mentioning the countless duties in the ongoing project of anti-fascism and his encounters with American neo-nazis amidst the punk rock scene. The two also discuss their proximity to the straight edge movement. Fernandez discusses teaching in the prison system and community college, and the far more authentic cravings for creative writing and literature he observes in the former. After sharing his affinity for writing satirically, developing a tension and combat in his writing, and honoring his wackiness, the self-proclaimed troublemaker himself shares a passage of his book “The Hands That Crafted the Bomb.” 

Dr. Andy then reads a recent poem called “Water Crossing.” 

Dave Self is the next guest, who mentions his inspirations and then reads a new poem titled, “Relieving.” This poem, as well of many of Self’s writings and photography, is about interconnectedness of nature and culture. Self shares the enjoyment he finds in events like Poetry Night and the surprise and spontaneity of poetry. 

Josh Fernandez is an antiracist organizer, a father, a runner, a fighter, an English professor, and a writer whose stories have appeared in Spin, the Sacramento Bee, the Hard Times, and several alternative news weeklies. His book The Hands That Crafted the Bomb: The Making of a Lifelong Antifascist comes out on PM Press on February 13th, 2024. He lives in Sacramento, CA.

Dave Self is an Ecologist with 50 years of experience studying, protecting and restoring habitats. Recently retired, he now focuses on ways to renature culture and habitats on daily walks in north Davis. Finding surprising beauty, wonder and hope on these walks, he especially enjoys testing and sharing tasty recipes that start with habitat care and repair. You can enjoy his photography and occasional bits of poetry on Facebook and Instagram.

Dear Friends of Poetry,

The Poetry Night Reading Series is excited to feature poets Alan Williamson and Jeanne Foster at 7 PM on Thursday, February 1st, 2024, on the first floor of the John Natsoulas Gallery, 521 1st Street in Davis.

Find out more about Dr. Andy's Poetry Night Reading Series in Davis, California by visiting Invite your friends to sign up for the mailing list. To learn more about Dr. Andy’s tiny media fiefdom, visit his weekly newsletter at and follow him on Twitter at

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