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January 23, 2024 32 mins

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In this episode of 'Let's Move to Portugal,' Josh and Kalie take us along on the next leg of their Italian journey, delving into the delights of Parma. Known for its gastronomic excellence and charming ambiance, Parma offers a feast for the senses and a question for the future.

Culinary Wonders of Parma:

  • Dive into a discussion about Parma's world-renowned delicacies. Josh and Kalie share their experiences savoring the city's famed cheeses and meats, painting a picture of culinary indulgence that Parma is celebrated for.

Cultural Nuances and Unexpected Discoveries:

  • Beyond the cuisine, they explore the cultural and daily life nuances of Parma. From architectural marvels to the peculiarities of local amenities, they leave no stone unturned, including an amusing anecdote about 'potties' that adds a touch of humor and reality to life in a foreign land.

Expat Potential: "Would They Expat That?":

  • Amidst the culinary delights and cultural immersion, Josh and Kalie address the pivotal question: Could Parma be more than just a stop on their journey? Could it be a place to call home? They weigh in on the lifestyle, amenities, and overall vibe of the city from an expat perspective.

Stay tuned for an episode that not only celebrates the rich flavors of Parma but also contemplates the practicalities and joys of expat life in this Italian gem.

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