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October 24, 2023 56 mins

Your host, Alex Shevelenko, talks with the Co-Founder and GP of HyperGrowth Global Partners, Guillaume "G" Cabane. As the "godfather of growth," Guillaume's approach to growth and how he helps teams transition from relying on tried and true methods to embracing experimentation. Guillaume comes prepared with a bag of tricks based on his past successes but gradually encourages teams to take more risks and try new things.

The concept of growth as we know it today originated from B2C platforms like Facebook, which had the advantage of testing different website experiences due to their high usage volume. This approach gradually made its way into the B2B world in the mid-2000s, albeit with a focus on demand generation and growth hacking. Despite B2B companies not having the same volume as B2C platforms, they still employ engineers and analysts to drive growth. Guillaume also highlighted the emergence of product-led growth (PLG) in B2B SaaS companies, where growth teams concentrate on testing and optimizing the app. However, he noted that many businesses adopt a combination of PLG and sales-led approaches, depending on their specific needs.

Failure is a normal part of the job for growth teams, as they launch multiple experiments to find the ones that succeed. You're challenged as a growth leader to maintain the different mindsets required for growth teams as the company scales.

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