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December 26, 2023 25 mins

Your host, Alex Shevelenko, talks with the CEO and Founder of Next Level University, Alan Lazaros. Alan Lazaros, a peak performance business coach, shared his journey and reflected on his growth and learning over the years. He emphasized the importance of integrating personal and professional development, a topic often overlooked in business.

One of the most intriguing parts of the conversation was when Alan discussed people's top regrets on their deathbeds and how they can be translated into professional life. Alan shared examples of listeners focused on one aspect more than the other. He noted that those who prioritize professional development tend to be successful and wealthy, while those who prioritize personal development excel in relationships.

Alan added that leadership is a universal craft that can be applied in various roles, including parenting. He challenged the idea of work-life balance, stating that work and life are not separate, especially in the remote work era. He mentioned his girlfriend, who is also his business partner, and their podcast that blurs the line between work and life.

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