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Full Stack Leader

Full Stack Leader is a series of interviews with today's leading technology leaders. The show will cover how they work across some of the main concepts in organizational leadership and resourcing, with a slant toward the digital space. In each episode we sit down with a different leader to hear key stories about their leadership journey as well as run through their Top 5 Tips for inspiring a great team of creators, builders, and innovative thinkers. Full Stack Leader lets you into the minds of some of today's most innovative thinkers. Think of it like attending a session at one of your favorite tech conference. The interviews are fun, professional, and deal with some of today's most interesting IOT innovations. We know that the employees of this person will also probably be listening, so it's important that they have the ability to present themselves well.


June 4, 2024 42 mins

In this episode we're talking to Matt Casella from Richtech Robotics. Matt shares his incredible perspective on the evolving role of robots in our world and his leadership approach in navigating this change. As a leader at RichTech Robotics, Matt is focused on bridging the gap between hospitality and technology, aiming to enhance human interactions through innovations like Adam, the robotic barista. He emphasizes the importanc...

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In this episode of the Full Stack Leader Podcast, host Ryan engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Michel Valstar, the founder and co-CEO of BlueSkeye AI. Michel discusses the innovative work BlueSkeye is doing in medically relevant face and voice analysis, particularly their clinical trial for detecting depression. He also shares insights into the ethical considerations and technological advancements that drive their wor...

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In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, CEO and founder of 4G Capital.

Wayne discusses the FinTech landscape in Africa and elaborates on the problem of access to working capital for small businesses and the role of mobile money. He focuses on leveraging mobile technology to address fundamental financial challenges.

In the conversation, Wayne talks about the importance o...

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In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Austin Daniels, Senior Lead Product Manager at Method.

Austin brings up the challenges of data privacy and innovation in healthcare, highlighting the need for a balance between secure data handling and enabling research and development. He also discusses the importance of personalized medicine and leveraging emerging technologies like AI for more effective care.<...

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In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Luisa Herrmann, Head of Product at Arch Systems.

Luisa delves into the challenges faced by women in the tech industry, addressing unconscious bias and the need for diversity and inclusion. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and counteracting unconscious bias, especially for women and younger professionals in the field. Luisa also discusses the impact ...

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November 16, 2023 42 mins

In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Carl Moberg, co-founder and CTO at Avassa.

In the interview, Carl discusses the challenges of creating innovative technology in a new category. He emphasizes the importance of proper measurements and feedback to guide development decisions. In his experience, working on category making solutions requires bringing various parties together to ensure that they are b...

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In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Lauren Creedon, Head of Product at Goldcast, about planning and execution.

Lauren talks about the significance of understanding the business’s operational plan, market dynamics, and user behavior seasonality. This knowledge is crucial for effective product launches. Lauren also advocates coaching teams to achieve significant outcomes within a quarter, emphasizing the need ...

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On this week’s episode of the Full Stack Leader, we are talking to Valentine Wats at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023.

Valentine is the CTO and a co-founder of Excelitte, a service that instantly converts your data in a spreadsheet to a web-based software database application, automatically encrypting your data, providing access to it only after 3-Factor authentication. Excelitte instantly encrypts your computer or cloud-based file...

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October 19, 2023 31 mins

In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Orion Ohev, a Team Dynamics Coach.

Orion emphasizes the importance of understanding intricate dynamics within teams, often rooted in unconscious and nervous system-level reactions. He believes in delving beneath surface-level issues to uncover the actual dynamics between team members. Orion also stresses the importance of recognizing the significance of diversity, equity, ...

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On this week’s episode of the Full Stack Leader, we are talking to David Erickson at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023.
David is founder of CarrierX, a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) and API provider with its own network that provides powerful tools to build enterprise-ready applications and services with Cloud-Based Voice, Video, and Messaging.
During our conversation, David discusses his journey in the tele...

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On this week’s episode of the Full Stack Leader, we are talking to Sharene Lee at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023.

Sharene co-founded Takadao, a community-owned life insurance platform built on blockchain technology. The platform operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), meaning profits from insurance operations are distributed within the community.

During our conversation, Sharene emphasizes the platform's focus on ali...

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October 2, 2023 28 mins

In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we interviewed Ravi Kurani, co-founder and CEO at Sutro.

Ravi focuses on his experiences in Southern California and his transition from a mechanical engineering background to impact investing. He shares his journeys from working at NASA to managing a fund in India, emphasizing the importance of adaptability in one's career path. Ravi's story shows the value of diver...

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September 27, 2023 30 mins

In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Sergey Sundukovskiy, co-founder, CTO and CPO at Salesmsg.

A seasoned tech leader, Sergey emphasizes the significance of recognizing one's unique leadership style, whether it leans towards a “Follow me” or a “Charge ahead” approach. He also stresses that prioritizing outcomes over specific methodologies is crucial for success, and reminds about the negative i...

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September 18, 2023 23 mins

In the latest edition of the Full Stack Leader, we talked to Vasumithra Therli, CEO at Picktime.

Vasumithra’s extensive software development and consulting background helped him build a product-driven business with robust capabilities. His core values are staying open to feedback, embracing continuous learning, and fostering a culture of innovation to navigate the dynamic tech landscape.

In the podcast, Vasumithra...

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September 13, 2023 31 mins

In the latest edition of Full Stack Leader, we interviewed Felix Zhao, CEO at Cassia Networks.

An experienced inventor and innovator, Felix discusses Bluetooth-powered IoT solutions, emphasizing their pivotal role in education, digital health, and personnel management.

In the podcast, he explains the advantages of Bluetooth in IoT due to its low power consumption and cost-effectiveness, stresses the crucial role of cybersec...

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In the latest edition of Full Stack Leader, we had an exciting conversation with Lawrence Yuan, Director of Engineering at Meta.
Lawrence has over 20+ years of industry software development and engineering management experience in companies of all sizes, from startups to tech giants. His extensive experience made him understand the significance of alignment through clear objectives and an iterative approach to addressing ...

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July 20, 2023 28 mins

Alex is a technology Innovator, Engineer, Team Leader, and Entrepreneur with 12 years of experience developing high-volume IoT devices and Consumer Electronics 
He's designed, Managed, and Launched over 40 Electronics projects with $50M+ in sales. Alex shares his expertise in Product Development for IoT gadgets, Consumer Electronics, and Industrial systems.

Alex's additional accolades...

- Mentor and...

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FinTech and Banking. These two areas are representative of where Allan has built his career and where he will focus the remainder of his career.

Allan is an accomplished banker and leader with a twenty year track record as a commercial banker and market executive in the commercial banking and specialty finance space. Allan is also former CEO and Co-Founder of PaidUp, a financial technology company designed to support yout...

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On this week's episode of the Full Stack Leader, we're talking with Marek Mrazik, the Founder, and CEO of Allfred.io

Marek loves to improve things. This talent combined with an analytical mind and tech skills makes him an incredible entrepreneur who represents and owns several tech companies under the collective "Devin Band". Born, raised, and living in Devin he is the biggest local patriot in the band. He plays ...

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Yuval is a results-oriented CTO with a passion for transforming big, ambitious goals into reality through innovative technology. As the current CTO at SpaceNK, he is leading the charge in fueling technological innovation within the luxury beauty retail space.

At Holland & Barrett, Yuval oversaw the complete transformation of their ecommerce technology and business operations, building a team of top-tier engineers and d...

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