High Heels Happy Hour

High Heels Happy Hour

As boss ladies, we all have to wear countless hats, not to mention, numerous types of shoes! From combat boots, to ski boots, your hosts have professionally worn them all, in this podcast they discuss and share the nuggets they've picked up along the way, while learning some new ones from fabulous guests. Entrepreneur-life is a juggle: marketing, sales, client services, finances - the list goes on. So the motto of this podcast is: Life's too short not to wear high heels, and every hour can be a happy one!


July 14, 2024 50 mins

Episode #79 How are YOU really doing?

Ok ladies and Gents. The time has come to really be honest with yourself.

At the beginning of the year, we made our goal, resolutions and plans right?! Well, how are you really doing with those? Are you on track? Have you kept yourself accountable. Have you done the then some.

Kristina will be going us some tips and tricks on how we can reset or realize if what we are doing is working to reva...

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Episode 78: Re-set #1 - Health & Wellness Mid-Life & Beyond, with coach Shea Whitney-Grannell

“Help, I don’t recognize my own body anymore! What the he*$ is going on??!”! 

If you are a woman reaching “mid-life”, and the dreaded peri- & menopause stages, you might be asking yourself those exact questions. That’s why we brought in an expert! 

Shea Whitney-Grannell is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Certified Meno...

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So good we decided to Re- Run!

Episode #77 Unwind and Unplug- Vacation proof your business.

Does your laptop stay with you at all times during your vacation? Feel the need to be available trumps the need to relax and recharge? Feel like your business might fall apart if you disconnect for a week?

If so, what you need are tips on how to vacation-proof your business, and that’s just what we deliver in this episode. We give you ...

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Episode 76: Health Proof your Vacation

Welcome to the third episode in our Vacay Special, and this time we’re talking health and wellness while traveling. How to stay healthy while enjoying our trips and avoid post-vacation regrets.

We give you simple, actionable tips on from how to implement “Fitness Snacks” (no, not edible), to the importance of being a “Wipe-Down Woman”. 

Dive in, check it out, and healthy traveling!



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Episode 75 Vacationing on a budget.

How to get the best deals.

www.Expedia.com - www.Booking.com- www.hopper.com- www.cheapair.com - www.Cheaptickets.com

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May 24, 2024 39 mins

Episode 74: Vacay Special #1 - Pack like a Pro!

Is packing for vacation stressing you out? Always end up with a bag full of unused items. Or maybe shopping at your destination for “unforeseen” items is a regular event?

Getting ready for vacation can definitely be stressful in so many ways, but we has you covered packing wise! No more paying for overweight suitcases. No more being caught off guard. In this episode you will get the f...

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Episode 73:

If you look in most women’s bathroom cabinets, you’ll find a “junk yard” full of lotions, potions, and makeup. We hold on to them just in case…. Maybe I will need that shade of shocking red one day. And next week, I’m going to start using the facial serum again…. 

Truth is, most of us have a serious bacterial hazard going on in our bathroom, with old products that shouldn’t be applied anywhere near our skin!

So today, w...

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May 9, 2024 61 mins

Fast Guide to Fasting

To fast, or not to fast - that is the question! The subject of fasting, or time restricted eating, is a hot topic these days. But what does it all mean? 16:8, OMAD, 5:2, ADF…. so many abbreviations, so little explanation!

Judging from the debate in the media, the subject of fasting is slightly controversial, and could fill several podcast episodes. That’s why we wanted to give you a FAST guide to fasting - wha...

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Episode 71 -Our friend Adrian is back, and this time he is teaching us all about Ayahuasca. Never heard of it? No worries, neither had Kristina!  Ayahuasca is a plant-based psychedelic traditionally used by Indigenous cultures, and in this episode, Adrian will guide us through the who, what, when, why, and how of its usage. Curious? Well, let’s dive in and learn! Adrian’s links: Bella Vida Chapel Sacrament Ceremonies in Melbourne F...
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Episode 70 - Money Matters! Smart Financial Management with Kay Campione

Money, mula, dinero, pengar - whatever you want to call it, we can’t deny the importance it has in our lives. So why do so many of us women give up financial control to our husbands? 

Our guest, financial advisor Kay Campione is here to shed light and demystify the extremely important subject of money, and show us why we all need to care. In this episode we di...

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Episode 69 - Exploring Hypnotherapy

When you hear the word Hypnotherapy, do you think of someone making you do things outside of your control? In all honesty, that’s what we thought, or at least one of us…..

But as you will learn from our distinguished guest (and only second male guest ever!) Thomas Metzinger, hypnotherapy does not have to include barking like a dog, or doing other things on command.

In this episode Thomas, Clinica...

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April 11, 2024 32 mins

Episode 68 - Are your Standards high enough?

We all set goals, and shoot for the stars, but often forget to reflect on our standards!  Standards are the baseline, our minimum acceptable level of quality or performance, the secret sauce that keeps us accountable to ourselves, and when they start dropping we settle for less than we know we’re capable of. 

In this episode we dissect standards vs goals as the first episode in our new “...

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April 4, 2024 41 mins
Episode 67: From Fab to Frumpy - is dressing “Age-Appropriately” a thing?! How we dress plays a big role in expressing our identity. Do we have to get more conservative, safe, and frumpy as we age? Are we “invisible” over 50?? In this episode we discuss the pro’s & con’s about style as we age, and our in-house Image Consultant Kristina gives her best recommendations, so we can all rock it - regardless of age!!! Kristina’s free dow...
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March 21, 2024 42 mins
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March 14, 2024 35 mins

Episode 62: Pj’s to Possibilities - How to master Working from Home

Remote work can be all the rage, but it can also be a personal struggle. The lines between work and home life can get blurry; every table in your home turns into a “desk”, your “co-workers” (i.e. the rest of the family) don’t respect your office hours, and you never seem to get out of the sweat pants! 

Been there, done that - and we have you covered! In this episod...

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Listen in and join Ingrid and Kristina share the top 5 sabotaging things we do in our top 3 categories. Sabotaging behavior can significantly impact work, family, and relationship dynamics, leading to conflict, mistrust, and emotional distress. By identifying the root causes and implementing strategies for open communication, setting boundaries, and seeking professional support, individuals and groups can navigate and ov...

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February 22, 2024 38 mins
Episode #60 The Power of Walking! Don’t think walking will make a difference for your health?! Think again! More and more research shows the benefits of simply putting one foot in front of the other. In this episode we do a deep dive into the physical and mental health benefits of walking, and why everyone who can should!!! So no more excuses - keep it simple, and simply walk! High Heels Happy Hour Links: Facebook Group: ⁠⁠https:...
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February 15, 2024 32 mins

Episode #61.

You know we love a good life hack, so we turned this whole episode into a “best of” our favorite hacks, or life habits. We share the top 10 habits that have worked for us, and why. No special expertise, no science backed data, just tried and true experience. Tune in and see what helps us get through the day!

High Heels Happy Hour Links:

Facebook Group: ⁠⁠https://www.facebook.com/groups/highheelshappyhourpodcast⁠⁠


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February 8, 2024 44 mins

Episode 60: The IN on Skin

We are continuing our beauty theme, and in this episode we’ll take you through all your best options for the ultimate at-home skin care regiment. 

Our aesthetician extraordinaire - Ingrid herself - will teach us all about what products to use for tightening, brightening, smoothing and hydration, not to mention the best tools for your face!

We give you the IN on skin, so you can love the skin you’re in!


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