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July 28, 2023 9 mins

A very basic question but a big question, "What is spirituality?". Brent tries to answer the question in this podcast episode. Read the article for Ep 02: What is spirituality? Read Brent's entire series of transcripts and Q & A to learn more about spirituality.

Here is the table of contents for the piece:

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

A. A Definition of Spirituality in modern times

1. Definitions of spirituality according to the main English dictionaries

2. Interpretations by modern spiritual leaders

B. The distinction between religious and spiritual

1. Differentiating spiritual beliefs from religious practices

II. The Essence of Spirituality

A. Spirituality as a universal human experience

B. The connection to a higher power

C. Spirituality and the search for the meaning of life

D. The role of personal experiences and life experiences in shaping one’s spiritual path

E. The human spirit and its quest for a sense of purpose

III. Spirituality in the Modern World

A. How spirituality is embodied in human beings and everyday life

B. Spiritual growth and spiritual awakening as ongoing processes

C. The impact of the physical and natural world on spiritual lives

D. The pursuit of inner peace through spiritual practices

IV. Listing Modern-Day Forms of Spiritualism

V. Teachers and Practices: Ancient and Modern

A. Narratives from 10 Leading Spiritual Teachers

B. Spiritual practices that foster a deeper connection to the spiritual realm

C. Spirituality in the contemporary world

The Dual Facets of Spirituality: Personal and Collective

A. The Personal Odyssey: Venturing Towards Inner Discovery and Serenity

B. The Collective Canvas: Crafting Unity, Interconnectedness, and Kindness

The Enriching Impact of Spirituality on Well-being

A. Spirituality: A Beacon for Mental Equilibrium

B. The Spiritual Path to Physical Vitality

VI. Gleaning Insights: The Essence of Spirituality

A. The Indelible Role of Spirituality in Human Existence

B. Crafting Your Spiritual Tapestry

Sources and further study:

Audiovisual introduction narrated by Brent W. Truitt

Article Introduction:

Definition of Spirituality in modern times

In modern times spirituality transcends the boundaries of religious practices and affiliations.

Arguably, up until the 1960s words such as “spirituality”, and terms such as “spiritual beliefs”, and “spiritual practices” were owned by organized religion.

I realize the word “owned” may seem extreme, but it gets across how strongly leaders of organized religions felt about how religious people were allowed to enter the spiritual dimension.

As of this writing, heading into the second quarter of the 21st century, it’s widely accepted that “being spiritual” isn’t just for Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist organizations. New generations all over the globe are now accessing their spiritual selves. Through books, videos, podcasts, and good old fashion conversations.

Of course, the major religions aren’t going anywhere soon. Although their numbers have decreased, they have billions of followers still very much entrenched in their traditions, practices, and beliefs.

Interpretations of spirituality are varied and personal, influenced by individual beliefs and life experiences. Different people have different beliefs and do completely different things in their everyday lives, yet they may take part in a common spiritual practice. For some, spirituality signifies a direct bond with a higher power or divine entity (expressed through spiritual practices like meditation or prayer). Others might see spirituality as a quest for inner peace and personal growth.

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