Healthy Harmony Simple Holistic Wellness for Women

Healthy Harmony Simple Holistic Wellness for Women

When it comes to your well-being, do you "know" what to do but have a hard time actually doing it? Have you sacrificed your own health for the sake of taking care of everyone else? Are you...Tired and Overwhelmed? But...are you looking for answers & ready to take a small step? Holistic wellness doesn't have to be time consuming or overly complicated. In this podcast, you will discover simple tips to help you take control of your overall wellness. Join Jennifer Pickett, Functional Medicine Health Coach and expert guests for all the hot topics for women's health.


April 26, 2023 19 mins

Inability to lose weight, low energy, brain fog, bathroom issues, low libidio, dry skin, pain, insomnia, hot flashes, depression, wanting to just isolate…these are just a few symptoms of hormone imbalance. Not even a comprehensive list! The subject of hormone imbalance is a big one and today I’m giving you the top 8 tips to help promote happy hormones. I know you are tired of being on the struggle bus. Let’s talk healthy happy hor...

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I'm sick and tired of the medical gas lighting with women. Somehow, we have either normalized complete suffering or have made women feel like the symptoms they are experiencing is all in their head. And this is certainly the case in hormone health and menopause. Is this really just a phase of life that you have to suffer through for 8-10 years? The answer is NO! If you are concerned with hormone balance and want answers, today...

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Potty Talk - That’s where we are going today.  And I’m talking about Poop.  Coaching women, I have noticed two main things.  We aren’t sleeping and we are not pooping! For the love, no wonder we feel like crap! We are full of it.  Last podcast we dove into sleep and yes, today we are diving into poop, (ewww not literally)

Did you know that you eliminate certain hormones like estrogen through your poop? So, if you struggle with cons...

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Help me Sleep! Please, my sleep is awful and I need help. I hear this statement so frequently from my coaching clients and I relate! I know I have struggled greatly with sleep over the years and have been addicted to sleep meds and then over the counter sleep aids so I get it. This topic is near and dear to my heart.

It should not be your norm to feel exhausted, have no energy, be foggy headed and drag yourself through the day as y...

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Weight loss.  Sustainable weight loss.  The kind of weight that you lose and it stays gone.  Is that possible and is that likely over the age of 40? Yes, it is my friend! On today’s show, we have body transformation expert Amber Shaw and we are tackling the hot topic of weight loss. Could it be that there is more to weight loss than just eat less and move more? Let’s stop with the bro code and realize that a woman’s ...

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You are not joining a cult! You are not picking a religion here. You are just trying to decide what to eat. But it seems like you are being forced to pick a team. To call your diet, your nutrition strategy something...Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Pescetarian, Sugar Free, Low Carb, Vegan, Whole 30. I’m going to tell you something, your nutrition strategy doesn’t have to have a name. It doesn’t. The confusing and conflicting...

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That word, aging. It makes me think of the line from the movie Steel Magnolias where Truvy played by Dolly Parton says, "Time marches on and sooner or later you realize it is marching right across your face!"

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some secrets to delay the inevitable time marching on? Some insight for you to look your best and feel your best even as these years go by? Well, my friend. That’s what we are talking about today. W...

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Well, it's the New Year.  2023.  Everywhere you turn, you are being hit with these messages...

Beat the Bulge!! New Year, New You! Lose Weight, Feel Great!

Don’t do it. Please don’t fall prey to all the weight loss/get healthy schemes that you are being bombarded with. It happens every single year. They get you feeling guilty and ashamed so you will fall for whatever quick fix, pill, supplement, diet that they are pushing...

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Did you know that you are subjected to over 700,000 toxic chemicals every single day? 700,000 in just your everyday life. I’m going to level with you from the get go. This podcast is likely to overwhelm and frustrate you. There is a chance that you will want to just put your hands over your ears and say "lalalalalala!!". Because today’s podcast is about toxins. And toxins are everywhere! So, this podcast is an eye opener to say the...

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Tired of feeling toxic? Want to know what to do about it? But then there is all this confusing and conflicting health information. It’s overwhelming. The onslaught of information as you try to be your own best advocate. You know your body is toxic, you know your hormones are imbalanced but what to do?  This is why I’m excited to present a 2-part series with Dr. Koz where we are going to give you the nitty gritty of how to bala...

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November 16, 2022 22 mins

If I started this podcast by saying we are going to talk about stress, half of you would roll your eyes and turn it off. But as soon as I say the words stress causes you to gain weight. You are thinking... "oh crap, I need to listen to this!"

We have started the stress season, oh excuse me, I mean the holiday season, the joyous holiday season! Which happens to be the season where most of us get sick, gain weight and are so stressed...

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Your eyes need to be opened.  You need to be exposed to crucial information you need for your health and your family’s health.  I want you to think outside of the box. To look at things from a holistic, whole-body approach.

I know you are struggling; you have some symptoms, and you have no idea what’s going on. And you are frustrated. You go see a doctor and they tell you that everything is okay. It’s not okay. There are ...

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Feel like you are just addicted to sugar? Every day the sugar cravings just overwhelm you. It’s as if it has you in shackles. Well, it’s time to snap out of those sugar shackles and you and I are going to do that together by looking at why we have cravings in the first place and what we can do about it. I'm going to show you that there is a lot more to sugar cravings than just lack of willpower. There are 7 key reasons WHY you are ...

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September 28, 2022 43 mins

Do you have difficulty losing weight, constantly feel fatigued, you struggle with depression, anxiety and have problems with sleep? It could be your thyroid. A small butterfly shaped gland that is responsible for making hormones that control so many vital functions including regulating your metabolism. Today’s guest is Carrie Vitt, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Let’s talk thyroid on the Healthy Harmony podcast.

Carrie is a Nutr...

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September 21, 2022 15 mins

It's not too late! We are still celebrating 100 episodes of the Healthy Harmony podcast and have a tremendous PRIZE Giveaway for you!!  The deadline to enter is September 23rd!!

I didn't want you to be listening as I announced the winners on September the 28th and think..."Shoot, I missed it!"

So here is a little reminder podcast of the prizes and how you can enter!

Check out these incredible prize packages...

Grand Prize - A ...

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We started this podcast in January of 2020.  Considering everything we have been through since that time; it feels like a HUGE feat that I'm now able to say 100 Episodes!!  100 ya'll!  So today is a big day!  I'm celebrating my birthday and my 100th podcast episode!

Complete honesty, being in this space it's easy to feel like an imposter! So, I was going to mention that we were celebrating 100 episodes but that'...

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Stop Ignoring your Stress & Stop Ignoring your Health

You've been operating in stress mode for so long, you don't even recognize it. That fight or flight mode? Well, that's your norm. It's absolutely destroying your health, causing you to lose sleep and yes, gain weight. Oh, and it's stealing your happiness! Stop ignoring your stress and stop ignoring your health! I'm going to give you some tips to beat stress and overwhelm. It...

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We have come to accept stress and anxiety as being synonymous with being successful. We are stuck with the thinking that we are supposed to be these super humans and ignore the stress carrying on with long hours, sleepless nights as we suffer silently with pain, headaches, low energy, stomach issues and brain fog. We would never want to be perceived as not being able to keep up. Enough is enough! It’s time to address the stress tha...

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May 25, 2022 31 mins

WARNING - I'm warning you!  What I'm laying out in the podcast may make you angry.  There may be parts that you don't agree with.  And there is a chance that it will get censored.  Yep, I'm unloading about the health care system, big pharma, big food and the diet and weight loss industry. I'm not holding back! However, it is important that I put this out there and help to open your eyes.

78% of Women are overmed...

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May 11, 2022 32 mins

Beat Headaches with Dr. Meg Mill

You've got a million things to do yet. You can't do anything because you have a headache or a migraine... again! It seems like this happens all the time. Nothing helps except popping a pill. Wouldn't you like to really know what's going on? Get to the root of the issue? Find out what's causing those headaches? Well, that's our topic today on Healthy Harmony as we are joined by Dr. Meg Mill.

Dr. Meg ...

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