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November 2, 2020 22 mins

Oh yeah, it has started! Everywhere we look, we see candy and sugary treats. Halloween kicks off our holiday season. Did you know that most people gain 5-10 pounds during the holidays? Add that to the pandemic pounds that we are already struggling with and do we have a problem! All of the sweet treats surrounding us; do you find it impossible to resist? Feel like you are addicted to sugar? Want to break free from those sugar cravings?

If this is you, then this podcast is JUST FOR YOU! Listen in as I unpack WHY sugar cravings are so common. Blood sugar instability, mineral deficiency, poor gut health and the fact that sugar has very addicting properties provide some insight on why you are addicted to sugar. But I don't stop there. No! I outline 7 specific ways you can break free from those sugar cravings! I don't want you living in captivity any more, susceptible to the next sweet treat in front of you. I want you to live with freedom, good health and great energy. If you are ready for empowerment, it starts right here!

As you listen to today's topic on sugar addiction, I want to remind you that you can schedule a 10-minute Wellness Warrior Chat with me. I want to give you two specific strategies that will help with weight loss, energy and yes, even those pesky sugar cravings! Click the Calendly link to schedule now! I'll talk to you soon!


I'm Jennifer Pickett, your host, your health coach and your friend. If you are done with feeling tired and uninspired. Frustrated because your health and your life feels out of control. Defeated from the diet culture. Resentful from the unrealistic expectations. If you are limited on time, resources and overwhelmed with an already too full schedule; then you have come to the right place!

As a Dietitian turned Functional Medicine Health Coach, I provide women with a strategic framework to transform their health….body, mind and soul! Are you ready for something different? Armor up, warrior!! Your health and happiness is on the line. It’s time to live confidently in intentional harmony! Check out

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