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November 23, 2020 23 mins

There is nothing worse than having a To Do list with 50 million tasks on it and you have absolutely NO energy. I mean NONE! Are you tired of Dragging Mama?  This podcast gives you some practical and realistic tips to get your energy back!  We discuss working with your natural rhythms.  These circadian rhythms are your sleep, wake and eat cycles.  Honoring these rhythms by setting intentional routines gives you natural, sustained energy.  We also discuss supplementation, sleep, using your senses, taking breaks and of course, food!  It's all about working with your body instead of against your body!


I’m beyond excited because I’ve been working on a special gift just for you and it’s ready! It’s simple, it’s practical and it’s exactly what you need to help you shift from just barely surviving these crazy holidays to truly thriving! It seems like every year we say, this year will be different. We say…“I will make it special and not get stressed out. I will manage those cravings and avoid the 5-10 pound weight gain. I will be present and in the moment and make memories with my family. I will stay joyful this season!” It seems like every year, we set out and have every intention to truly thrive, yet we barely survive! Before we know it, it’s January 1st and we find ourselves a burned out, stressed out wreck with extra weight.

So, this special gift is a Holiday Survival Guide to help you Beat Stress, Combat Cravings and Stay Joyful this season. It’s a FREE gift just for you. Go to to download this right now.

What I think you will love even more is that in this Holiday Survival Guide you will have an opportunity to book a virtual coaching call with me at a special Holiday price! It’s $48 off. Yes, $48 off and I’ll be able to give you the personalized, customized help that you need during our 1 hour coaching session.   But, heads up!  There is a limited quantity of these discounted sessions available so you need to act fast my friend.

Here are the links that I reference in the podcast

Sleep: Exhausted Beyond Belief

Addicted to Sugar? Break Free Forever podcast


I'm Jennifer Pickett, your host, your health coach and your friend. If you are done with feeling tired and uninspired. Frustrated because your health and your life feels out of control. Defeated from the diet culture. Resentful from the unrealistic expectations. If you are limited on time, resources and overwhelmed with an already too full schedule; then you have come to the right place!

As a Dietitian turned Functional Medicine Health Coach, I provide women with a strategic framework to transform their health….body, mind and soul! Are you ready for something different? Armor up, warrior!! Your health and happiness is on the line. It’s time to live confidently in intentional harmony! Check out

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