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April 13, 2022 31 mins

You can’t change what you aren’t aware of. This is a powerful statement from today’s guest, weight loss coach Jennifer Powter. We are diving into the hot topic of weight loss. Do you have a tendency to sabotage your weight loss efforts? Are you just depending on willpower to help you lose weight? Ready for something more effective?

Our expert today is Jennifer Powter. She is a weight loss and mindset expert, a best-selling author and keynote speaker. She calls herself a diet disruptor, which I love! And she helps women break free from the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting so they can lose weight for good.  Find out more at

This eye-opening episode will help you identify what you are doing that sabotages your weight loss efforts…is it mindset? Emotional eating? We are tackling this head on and helping you drop the guilt and shame, overcome burnout and develop emotional resilience. Get ready to be inspired my friend. It’s all today on the Healthy Harmony podcast.

I told you that I would feature your reviews for the Healthy Harmony podcast. This one is from Preschool Princess and is titled Both Informative and Encouraging

She writes...”Jennifer is awesome at sharing relevant information as well as practical tips. I end every episode feeling like I can do something rather than feeling guilty that I haven’t done something”

This review means a lot because a podcast does take a lot of work and the reason that I launched a podcast is because I wanted to help deliver simple health information that is easy to understand and I want you to feel like I can do this! I just absolutely LOVE it when you feel empowered instead of burdened by guilt and shame. Because I’m going to keep reminding you friend, you can do this!

So, two action items...

#1 Leave a rating and review. Let me hear from you. What do you like? How is this helping you? What do you want to hear more of? Leaving a rating and review and clicking that subscribe button increases the visibility of the podcast. And that enables me to bring awesome guests to you!

#2 If you are feeling overwhelmed and need some support on your health journey. I offer a one-hour virtual health coaching session so check that out at And a little secret, if you book a 15 min discovery call, I’ll give you a promo code for your one-hour visit.

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