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September 15, 2022 40 mins


Rezarta Mataj had already achieved a great deal in her career at a  young age — a federal judge by the age of 24, a lovely family soon after, and the accolades to be an adjunct professor at public and private law schools all across Albania. There was one caveat, however; she couldn’t rid herself of the thought that she’d be able to build a better life for herself and her family in the U.S. Rezarta took a leap of faith, and the future she envisioned has started to take shape. Arizona State University gave her a chance, and she’s well on her way to reclaiming everything she once had and more. 

Episode Summary 

  • 02:56 - Rezarta speaks on the beauty of Albania, what it means to be Albanian and her recent trip back to her home country. 
  • 05:25 - Rezarta explains her decision to move to the U.S. for a better life and mentions a little-known program called the “DV Lottery.”   
  • 10:41 - How did Rezarta handle going from a successful law career to once again being a student in the U.S.? 
  • 15:09 - Fundamentally, how does law differ between the U.S. and Albania?
  • 17:25 - What drew Rezarta to the intellectual property sector of law?  
  • 20:16 - Rezarta speaks on a memorable case pertaining to the French dictionary. 
  • 22:52 - With court cases demanding keen attention to detail, Rezarta explains the importance of making every word count — and the challenge of doing so in a new language. 
  • 24:48 - What are the tips Rezarta would give friends, family, or students looking to come to the U.S.? 
  •  28:26 - Rezarta reflects on her past where you had to bribe your way to where you wanted to be. 
  • 29:21 - What’s Rezarta’s secret dream? (Hint: she’s already done it.)  
  • 30:22 - What has Arizona State University meant to Rezarta, and how did they help her on her journey? 
  • 34:04 - What are Rezarta’s favorite slang words in American and in Albanian? 
  • 36:52 - Rezarta shares her husband's dream to be a soccer referee and how you can support their future endeavors. 



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