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February 6, 2023 47 mins

LFPWLI: Life Coach Juna Mustad - Unpacking the Myths About Anger and Its Role in Our Lives


In this episode, Mathew and Juna discuss the stigmas around anger and why it is not always destructive but can be constructive too. Juna explains why a life without anger is a life without boundaries or a sense of self and why we often feel anger towards anger itself. By helping people understand what the “amygdala hijack” is, Juna is helping people change the way they think about and express anger.


Juna Mustad is a life and relationship coach, an Intuitive, Somatic Practitioner, a lover of emotional intelligence, an author, and a proponent of mindfulness. She also used to be an anger-stuffer until one spotlight moment showed her what was really going on in her life, and she couldn't avoid her anger any longer. While she is still on her own journey, she uses what she has learned to empower others to reevaluate their relationship with anger and learn it truly is their ally.


In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • Physical effects of anger 
  • Difference between anger STUFFERS and ERUPTERS
  • What we need to have difficult conversations.

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