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March 22, 2023 35 mins

Chris Connolly speaks to us about the importance of hard work and perseverance to get ahead in marketing, and in life. His insights on  understanding that progress and hitting your goals may take time, but making the most out of where you are now is the key to a happy life is invaluable. He speaks to many important lessons that are specific to marketing jobs, but I believe these can easily be related to anyone trying to better themselves. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts. 


Chris Connolly is the Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for the San Diego Padres. In his role with the Padres, Connolly oversees all aspects of the Padres marketing, content, broadcast, entertainment and fan engagement.

Prior to joining the Padres, Connolly spent 12 years working for Disney in a variety of roles throughout his tenure. Most recently, he led Consumer Marketing for the Disneyland Resort where he was instrumental in leading the successful launches of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in 2019 and the Pixar Fest celebration in 2018. Other notable accomplishments include driving merchandise and food revenue to record levels through dedicated social media campaigns, developing marketing strategies for the Annual Passholder program, and cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships with local hotels, organizations, and corporate partners.

A native of Southern California, Connolly has also held the titles of President of the Big Idea Marketing Group. and Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Hasbro during his career. The University of California, Los Angeles alum also serves as a guest lecturer at both UCLA and USC for their MBA programs on Leadership, Marketing and Innovation, and is a Member of the Board of Directors for Hands Together, a Haitian relief organization. Connolly and his wife Denise, a San Diego native, have two daughters: Olivia and Caroline.


Key Takeaways from this Episode

  • Success Takes Time - So make the most of what you have now
  • Building Relationships are Key to Success
    • Reaching out to fellow alumni is an easy first step
  • A Strong Work Ethic is Important to Growth Being Seen 

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