Ministerios Kurios

Ministerios Kurios

La palabra griega Kurios significa señor, maestro, amo, dueño. Somos un recurso bilingüe que proclama el señorío de Cristo. The Greek word Kurios means lord, teacher, master, owner. We are a bilingual resource that proclaims the Lordship of Christ.


May 2, 2024 48 mins
Mark as Played

Welcome to today’s podcast where we explore the relevance of modesty in modern times. In a culture where feminism is celebrated and phrases like "My body, my choice" are common, there's a prevailing belief that dressing provocatively is admirable. However, the Bible teaches us differently. The guy you’re attracting by showing more skin is not the guy you want to marry. Many women know that revealing more skin gets th...

Mark as Played
April 11, 2024 60 mins

En este episodio de Kurios, profundizamos en el polémico comercial del Super Bowl de la campaña religiosa "Él nos entiende" (He gets us). Con más de 123 millones de espectadores, el Super Bowl es un escaparate clave para la publicidad, con comerciales que pueden costar hasta 7 millones por 30 segundos. Sin embargo, un anuncio en particular generó controversia al presentar una interpretación superficial de Jesús en temas s...

Mark as Played
March 21, 2024 30 mins

Welcome to Kurios Podcast, where we explore the depths of faith, spirituality, and the human experience through a biblical lens. In our new series, "Jesus, Lord over my Body," 
we tackle deep questions about human connections and desires in light of scripture. 

In our second episode, "Is it lust or love?" we navigate the harrowing tale of Tamar and Amnon from 2 Samuel 13 in the Bible. Tamar, a princ...

Mark as Played
March 14, 2024 66 mins

Título del episodio: "Una Agenda que Sexualiza a los Niños"

Descripción del episodio:
En el primer episodio de la serie "Jesús, Señor sobre mi cuerpo", exploramos la preocupante tendencia de una agenda que sexualiza a los niños. Desde la educación hasta los medios de comunicación, cada vez más se ven mensajes y prácticas que promueven una visión distorsionada de la sexualidad en una edad temprana. ¿...

Mark as Played
February 27, 2024 31 mins

Welcome to the inaugural episode of "Jesus Lord Over My Body." In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the profound topic of "What is the Truth About Sex?" Join us as we explore the intersection of faith, morality, and human relationships, seeking guidance from a spiritual perspective. Get ready for enlightening discussions that challenge our notions and encourage a deeper understanding of how faith sha...

Mark as Played
October 2, 2023 31 mins

Welcome to 'Justification by Faith Alone,' a podcast that takes you on a journey through the captivating narratives of the thief on the cross and Barabbas. In this episode, we delve into the profound theological concept of justification by faith alone. These historical stories serve as a compelling backdrop to explore the transformative power of faith, redemption, and the unmerited grace of God. Join us for enlightening d...

Mark as Played
September 4, 2023 33 mins

El concepto de un Dios Trino es muy difícil de entender, y es imposible de comprender, por la sencilla razón de que no tenemos nada en nuestro mundo que tenga una existencia comparable. Los humanos, las criaturas más complejas que conocemos, existen como personas individuales, no como un grupo de personas unidas. Dios es infinitamente más grande que nosotros; por lo tanto, no deberíamos esperar estar en capacidad de entenderlo por ...

Mark as Played
August 28, 2023 21 mins

In this podcast, our aim is to encourage you to kneel before the Lord without instilling guilt. Prayer, we believe, is not merely one solution among many, but indeed the ultimate solution. Let's ponder: What could be behind the waning interest in prayer? It's important to acknowledge that prayer doesn't necessarily come naturally to us. As society has advanced technologically, it has successfully addressed the challe...

Mark as Played
August 20, 2023 17 mins

El evangelio no es solamente un mensaje para recibir, sino también para proclamar. Una vida centrada en el evangelio rendirá  todo al evangelio, y entregará cada momento, oportunidad, y recurso a la misión de Dios.  El gran uso de la vida es de invertirla en algo que durará toda la eternidad. Los viajes misioneros del presente han ido perdiendo su propósito original, ahora para muchos es un tiempo de vacaciones, de conocer una nuev...

Mark as Played
August 14, 2023 16 mins

In today’s episode we are focusing on defining what is true worship. We are also exposing what false worship is. We elaborate on the importance of worship within the church liturgy (service). Can a christian artist handle fame and fortune while still maintaining their humility and integrity?  If you are not careful, your talents will take you to places your character can't keep you.  

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Mark as Played
August 6, 2023 16 mins

Un mal evangelismo produce falsos cristianos con falsas esperanzas. Nosotros no cambiamos el mensaje para que la gente lo acepte, predicamos el mensaje tal como es porque es el que cambia a la gente. La prioridad de este mensaje no puede ser negociada, porque entonces terminamos con personas en el reino que no están dentro del reino, personas en la iglesia que no son iglesia.  Con lo que los ganes para tu iglesia, con eso tendrás q...

Mark as Played
July 31, 2023 18 mins
Biblical hermeneutics is the study of the principles of interpretation concerning the books of the Bible. In today's podcast we will discuss the need for biblical expositors to have a basic knowledge of hermeneutics. We begin by defining what exegesis and eisegesis are. Later, we were talking about the methods to do an exegesis of a verse. We must look at the direct and indirect context of a passage. We have to take into ...

Mark as Played
July 24, 2023 11 mins

En este episodio estaremos exponiendo la mala interpretación del verso en 2da de Corintios 3:6 que dice  "la letra mata, mas el espíritu vivifica." Muchos sacando el texto fuera de su contexto, han interpretado que la "letra" significa el estudio bíblico, de esta forma afirmando que la teología no es relevante en la vida del cristiano. Pero haciendo una buena exégesis entendemos que la "letra" se refie...

Mark as Played
July 17, 2023 9 mins

In today’s podcast we will discuss if we should do apologetics on social media. We can enter in the marketplace of ideas, but we destroy arguments, not people. Good apologetics have the final goal of evangelism, taking people to Christ. Winning intellectual arguments does not equal evangelism. Entering into a contest of theology to show who has more knowledge is not what the Lord call us to do. A good apologist must have three thin...

Mark as Played
July 8, 2023 5 mins

Muchos quieren a Jesús como Salvador, pero no como el Señor de sus vidas. El llamado de Jesús a seguirlo requiere compromiso. En este podcast estaremos explicando la paradoja de que ser esclavos de Cristo es la mayor libertad. El plan que la cultura empuja es compartimentar nuestras vidas para que no tengamos un señor absoluto. Al final, tarde o temprano, toda rodilla se doblará y toda lengua confesará que Jesús es el Señor. 


Mark as Played

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