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August 28, 2023 21 mins

In this podcast, our aim is to encourage you to kneel before the Lord without instilling guilt. Prayer, we believe, is not merely one solution among many, but indeed the ultimate solution. Let's ponder: What could be behind the waning interest in prayer? It's important to acknowledge that prayer doesn't necessarily come naturally to us. As society has advanced technologically, it has successfully addressed the challenges that earlier generations faced. In the current era, our reliance is heavily placed on professionals and their expertise. The rise of smartphones has significantly impacted us, consuming a considerable amount of our time and inadvertently affecting our intellect.

A recurring phenomenon has been viewing God predominantly as a solver of problems, rather than embracing Him as a loving Father seeking fellowship and closeness with us. Our perspective should encompass the fact that God earnestly desires to listen to us, leaning in attentively despite His all-knowing nature. It's worth considering that our inclination sometimes leans toward reshaping His will to align with ours, rather than truly seeking it. We sometimes engage in prayers driven by our worldly desires, but the essence lies in establishing a profound spiritual connection with God. The materialistic cravings of the flesh tend to overshadow the offerings that God presents. Disinterest might settle in when our desires are unmet, leading us to believe that God isn't listening due to His perceived reluctance to grant our wishes. There's room to explore the vast array of blessings that God extends, rather than fixating on what He hasn't explicitly promised. Curiously, a "no" from God can paradoxically illuminate the path to discovering His purpose. 

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