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MTM Visionaries

Welcome to The Marketers That Matter® Visionaries Podcast! In partnership with The Wall Street Journal, MTM Visionaries is hosted by author, entrepreneur, and advocate for innovation, Lisa Hufford. Every week two of the world’s leading CMOs join us to talk about the future of marketing, the future of teams, and the future of you. Enjoy the show, and don't forget to leave us a rating or review!


November 30, 2023 60 mins

At a recent MTM Forum held at Chime's Headquarters in San Francisco, four Visionaries throwing out the old advertising playbook came together to write a new one, and it's all about igniting your community to disrupt the status quo. 

In this special episode, Vineet Mehra, CMO, Chime, Jamie Gersch, CMO Rothy's, Michelle Taite, CMO, Intuit Mailchimp, and Kory Marchisotto, CMO, e.l.f. Beauty and President, Keys Soulcare, ...

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In this episode of the MTM Visionaries Podcast recorded on 10/25, Lisa McKnight, EVP and Chief Brand Officer at Mattel, Inc., and William White, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Walmart, came together to discuss how they marry innovation with tradition for their legacy brands.   

Throughout the conversation they shared valuable insights and brand strategies, including aligning your brand’s purpose to every action, balancing tradit...

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This year’s most-requested topic for the Visionaries Podcast has been “Leadership Skills for Navigating the New Business Environment.” For such an important topic, we wanted to hear from leaders who model this well: 

  • Antonio Lucio, founder and principal at 5S Diversity (former CMO of Facebook, HP, and Visa) 
  • Nick Drake, VP of Marketing at Google 
  • Lizette Williams, Global Head of Vertical Solutions Marketing at Meta. 
  • Chris Marino, ...
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There is no better duo to talk about coaching winning teams from the CMO seat than Kristyn Cook, Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer at State Farm, and Melissa Proctor, Chief Marketing Officer & EVP at Atlanta Hawks. In this episode on the MTM Visionaries podcast, they share about their dynamic partnership and winning formula:  

  1. Lead Like a Coach 
  2. Center Everyone around a Common Mission 
  3. Delight Fans by Showing up in C...
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In this episode of Visionaries, Patricia Corsi, Chief Marketing & Information Officer at Bayer Consumer Health, and Antonio Sciuto, SVP of Global Business Development Officer at Salesforce, share their secrets to successfully navigating the ever-evolving global and local marketplace dynamics. For them, it comes down to two central questions:  

  1. How do you evaluate across several markets what to approach globally and locally? 
  2. ...
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In this episode on Visionaries, Tressie Lieberman, CMO at Yahoo, and Jae Goodman, Founder of Superconnector Studios, and Board Chair of Effie,  joined to share how they think about the worlds of media and influence. While Tressie and Jae work from different industry seats, they share a passion for attracting consumers and driving brand and business results through ingenious strategies that work. In their conversation, they touch on...

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What happens when creative titans Joanna Coles and Jonathan Mildenhall come together for a special episode of Visionaries Unplugged with the precursor “ask us anything, literally anything”?  

Loads of fun! From sharing the story of how they played undercover creative consultations in Cannes and the community rallying them to write a book together to incredible guidance on how to master your creative spirit–this special episode will ...

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When it comes to purpose-led brands, Chipotle and The North Face are leading the charge.  Chipotle is dedicated to providing fresh, real, and responsibly sourced food, while The North Face is obsessed with equipping and inspiring people to live extraordinary lives. 

We invited Chris Brandt, Chief Brand Officer at Chipotle, and Sophie Bambuck, CMO at The North Face, to join us on Visionaries to discuss their personal, professional, a...

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One of the most complex challenges marketing leaders face today is proving that marketing drives business success.  In this episode on Visionaries, Akerho Oghoghomeh, SVP and Global Head of Marketing at Beyond Meat, and Ken Turner, CMO at Fanatics Collectables, tackle this topic on behalf of the marketing community, breaking it down into five parts–the why, how, who, when and what. Why is it important to know how to drive business ...

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Welcome to a special episode of the MTM Visionaries podcast! In this exclusive session recorded during our Los Angeles Forum at the Snap Inc. headquarters, we bring you a deep dive into the Next Evolution of Creators and Collabs.

Join us as we sit down with four seasoned marketing veterans who share their expertise:

  • Ilona Aman, CMO at Fabletics.
  • Jabari Hearn, Managing Partner at AKQA.
  • Noora Raj Brown, EVP Brand at goop.
  • Michelle Cro...
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It’s hard to keep iconic brands fresh. However, in this episode on Visionaries, Kristin Patrick, EVP and CMO at Claire’s, and Mark Kirkham, SVP and CMO of International Beverages at PepsiCo, share their secrets to success. With a shared passion for marketing efficiencies that keep brands fun and relevant for today’s consumers, they will leave you feeling inspired throughout the entire conversation. From creating platforms geared to...

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You’ve probably heard it before–leave emotions out of the board room. But what if leaders with high emotional quotient (EQ) are exactly what our businesses need in order to grow and connect with colleagues and consumers? In this episode of Visionaries, we brought together Elizabeth Preis, CMO at Anthropologie and Charisse Hughes, SVP, Chief Growth Officer at Kellogg to discuss how they are using EQ to make business decisions, inclu...

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In this episode, two marketing and digital trailblazers from the same company, Marie Gulin-Merle, Global Vice President of Ads Marketing at Google, and Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle, Vice President of YouTube Ads Marketing at Google, discuss how AI can enhance a marketer’s competitive advantage. It's an exciting conversation around the possibilities of AI, how to evolve as a marketer, and navigating big life changes.

Anne M...

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In this episode of Visionaries, you will hear from two powerful leaders who share a deep connection that goes beyond the boardroom. Dara Treseder, CMO at Autodesk, and Carla Hassan, Global CMO at JP Morgan Chase, first met at a dinner in NYC at the start of Dara's career. Despite their different backgrounds, they bonded over their shared experiences as immigrant leaders. Carla recalls, "When you are one of the few, you si...

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During our San Francisco Forum at the Autodesk headquarters, we brought together four seasoned marketing veterans to bring insight on balancing innovation, motivation, and uncertainty.

In this special, energizing conversation, Dara Treseder, CMO at Autodesk, Lara Hood Balazs, EVP, CMO, and GM of Strategic Partner Group at Intuit, Nick Drake, VP of Marketing at Google, Taj Alavi, VP, Global Head of Marketing at Spotify, discuss how t...

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In this episode on Visionaries with Melissa Hobley, the Global CMO at Tinder, and Soyoung Kang, the CMO at eos Products, all 30 minutes are packed with great insights, genuine laughs, real advice, and overall goodness! From “hoo-has” to hook-ups, nothing was off limits! 

They share a fearless Challenger Mindset by shedding stigmas and embrace human truths revealed by their communities. Their secret?  Tapping into the fresh perspecti...

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Marketing can get overcomplicated, fast. But, in this episode on Visionaries, Greg Lyons, CMO of PepsiCo Beverages North America (PBNA), and Morgan Flatley, Global CMO and Head of New Business Ventures at McDonald’s, came together to share their perspectives on the true driver of success: a simplicity mindset.

The two global leaders share how this mindset can have a tremendous internal and external impact. They unpack the importance...

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Motivating Gen Z within your organization or externally as your consumers can be puzzling, but it’s not impossible. This is one of the most interesting, dynamic and inspirational generations, and marketers need to not only know how to connect with them as consumers, but also work with them. So we invited six incredible speakers to our Forum hosted at Pinterest HQ with a unique points of view: 

  • Andréa Mallard, Chief Marketing and...
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The democratization of attention is on the rise, and brands must pay attention to this major shift in media marketing.  Advertising is no longer linear, and there are countless ways to target consumers at scale—but what about showing up for the unreachable consumer? In order to stay competitive, it’s important for marketers to explore new media channels and the platforms and partnerships that do this well. 

This special episode was ...

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On the 10th anniversary of Marketers That Matter’s founding date, we were privileged to host Martin Luther King III, his wife Arndrea King, and their partner, Craig Kielburger, Founder of Legacy+ and, on the Visionaries Podcast. Nearing the 100th birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., Cara France, Founder of Marketers That Matter, moderated a conversation including exciting insights on their efforts to move Dr. Martin Luther K...

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