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June 21, 2024 82 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up recap the Houston Astros defeating the Chicago White Sox 5-3 on Thursday to take the series 2-1. Spencer Arrighetti started on the mound and allowed three runs on five hits and four walks while striking out two in just over four innings. Yordan Alvarez returned to the lineup after missing the first two games of the series due to a personal matter. Alvarez smacked a homer to right-center in the first inning just a couple hours after arriving in Chicago. The Astros host the Baltimore Orioles for a three-game series starting Friday with Jake Bloss on the mound. Bloss, a right-handed pitcher and third-round pick in the 2023 MLB draft, was called up Thursday. The 22-year-old has split time between High-A Asheville and Double-A Corpus Christi and will make his Major League debut against the second best team in the AL East. Joey Loperfido will also join the Astros on Friday after being recalled from Triple-A Sugar Land. Stan and Chris discuss the University of Houston parting ways with athletic director Chris Pezman, react to the Los Angeles Lakers agreeing to a four-year contract with JJ Redick to become the organization's next head coach, reflect on Hall of Fame outfielder Reggie Jackson returning to Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama, reminisce about high school jobs and more.
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the next step, Take the nextstep, next up, stop,
next, next up? Next teamwants to be next. This is Next
Up with Tad Northfleet ten Chris Gordy, Let's see what's next next. SAX

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Astros take care of business. Whatis that guaranteed rate stadium in South Side

of Chicago? Rubber match at Stadiumand not enough people in there. But
nonetheless Astros take care of business.They get it done. One your daddy
leading to charge five to three.Take that series. Thank you. Wrap
up, left Chicago, got onthe plane yesterday afternoon, made our way
back down here to Houston, whereMini May Park will be the site of

something historic. A young lad whatis his name, Blake Gloss? What
is that name? Jake Gloss,Bloss. I don't know who this doing
me confused? It's Bloss and Jake, Jake Bloss, young man is out
of Georgetown. He is going togo straight from Ashville's high single a bomb

couple starts in Corpus and he's headedfor the show. Good for him,
good for his wallet. We'll talkmore about Astros. We definitely delve into
what this weekend, what we thinkwe can expect as the Baltimore Orioles come
to town. Many of you haveyour tickets ready to get over there to
the Mini Ma Park tonight. Baltimoreis a really good team, we'll talk
more about that. Have not lostthe series in a month. Yeah,

really good team. That's kind ofhow that works. Also looking to steal
one, that's what we're looking todo this week cat all, what all
the things University of Houston is inthe news. They made some transition and
leadership and I want to get intothat as well. Peel back some layers.
There some Rockets news, and Iwant to say rumors circulating what will

the Rockets do? As we areless than a week away from the twenty
twenty four NBA Draft. We knowthe Rockets have the third overall pick.
A few things from an NFL standpoint, we need to brag on Nick Cassario.
I mentioned this yesterday. It wasa whole point of contention with Gordon
and I won't bring that on butKay Adams of Yahoo, she has a

Morna show over there that she does. She bragged on Nick Cassario a couple
of other Texans related tidbits that I'dlike to get to as well. The
national media can't make up their mindwith the Texans. Are they all in
the striving to Miko can get thisteam to an ANC title game? Are
they not? Cause I'm running They'rerun out of ways to brag on the
Texans, but nobody wants to elevatethem to get to the penultimate game of

the NFL season. We'll talk moreabout that as well. Gentlemen, where
you say we start with last night? Where yesterday when we got off the
air, my stance was clear.If the Astros had lost Game three,
Gordon I was calling in a rapfor twenty twenty four they win, I'm

still in and for me they canbreathe a sigh of release. Yeah they
For me, it was because ofone guy. One dude made me feel
a lot better. And he didthat very early on in this matchup.
Your daddy appreciate you being back inthe lineup. Arriving back at Chicago earlier
today, Oh one, and Jordonpranks a pretty deep to right center field

back on it as fam and hewill just watch that one go fifteen rows
into the seats and right center forEurdon Alvarez his fifteenth home run of the
year. What nothing, Astros,My goodness, they tried to go in
on Alvarez and your idea got thatcut fastball in front of the play.
Just got into Chicago a couple ofhours ago. Way, welcome back Jordan

Alvarez, fifteen homer of the season, and just like that, Astros are
up one zero right off the rip. Jordon, I think, adds a
double. I'm going off top ofmy head. Here he adds another hit,
uh later in the ball game.So I'm going to start with Jordon.
We didn't know why if family mattersall. It was being reported to
severity thought he might play in gametwo. He ends up playing in Game

three, as you just heard SteveSparks say, pulled up a couple hours
before the game. Didn't we seethis last year too? Remember, Jordan
didn't what he didn't do spring trainingand we were like, wait a minute,
Jordon's not gonna participate now he's gotsore hands. Is he gonna be
ready to go? And then Jordon, when it had the year he did
last year, became an All Starfor the second time. We're not worried

about Jordon Alvarez when he missed thetime, he comes back, gets right
back in the groove, crushes abomb. There. Can I make this
statement as we come to you,Gordon, Jordon Alvarez most valuable astro in
twenty twenty four. Mmm, Idon't think so. I mean, look,

he's in the lineup, not pictureline up. Yeah, well,
because run out Blanco, it's kindof been he's been the picture. But
I mean I don't know where tobe without l Tuve. I mean,
you know, he's he's the strawthat stirs the drinkings. We always say,
I mean, Jordan's the big bopperaand when he's hot. Yeah,
man, it's there's nobody. There'snobody better. But I mean he had

he had a really rough go therefor a while. It was tough.
What he had two home runs inthe whole month of May. Damn,
I don't remember that it was youknow, nobody remembers that. Goudon what
we do. I mean, hewas not very productive. He drove in
he had four RBIs in the entiremonth of May. It wasn't hurt and
played played the entire months. Itwas dicey at points. So let me
pose it this way, and Iknow we're gonna get through some other things

in the game. If al Tuovewent down, and we are praying that
he doesn't, just say if hedid, We've seen Mauricio Dubon going there
and they were fine. If lastyear you want to test fait and do
that again for the sake of conversation, I'm gonna give gold glove of Mauricio
Dubon my undura homeboy. I'm gonnagive misrespect. If Jordan Alvarez is out

of his lineup, there's nobody toreplace what he does, So I'm going
to classify that from a lineup standpoint. Jord an't good to see you back.
We don't have anybody that can dowhat you do, especially with Kyle
Tuckan not in the lineup for you, Gordon, what else stood out for
you yesterday? How to astroswab toget this? He was interested how the
game played out. I mean,you know, Spencer Righetty looked really good

early on and and and was cruisingand you know again they kept believing men
on base. You're like, God, let's extend this lead. And it's
like one nothing, one nothing,one nothing, and you're like, you
know, come off, fellows,like you need to add here. And
then something happened in the in thein the fifth with Arragetty again four clean
innings, and then that fifth Maldonadohits the ball off of him that Altuve

is running for running for running four. He lets up a little and then
he oh, the wind grabbed itand it falls right off al Twove's glove.
It goes down the books as aMarketeam Melton not a single, but
it's like that, right there shouldhave been an out, it wasn't.
What happens next he walks Tommy famhe gets sheets to fly out, but
then Luise Robert with an RBI doubleand then Valling with an RBI single.
I mean it feels like that,you know, that little thing opened the

door for them to score some runs. And it almost feel like if l
two A grabs that ball, evenif he walks like I feel like they
score no run, you know whatI mean, Like it feels like that
started the momentum for them. Andagain he made some mistakes with some pitches
and but kudos to Joe Spota.You know we we had to call her
a few weeks ago, who waslike, oh hey, leave these pictures
in too long, see me.Maya cladation would have been, you know

what, I know, he justgave up an RBI double an RBI single.
But Arrogetty's been really good the lastfew weeks. I'm gonna let him
battle out of this. Instead,Joe Spotty goes and gets him. He
goes to Taylor Scott. Scott givesup a sack fly to Ben Attende,
but then pitches an inning and aninning and two thirds scoreless, and the
rest of the way they asked hisbullpen Chuck, stew comes Presley, here
comes hater haye get. That wasan interesting turning point because it was like,

look, Spencer, I know youwere having a good game. This
inning got away from you. We'regonna pull you out to limit the damage.
Here you'll be you'll bunce back,You'll be fine next time. But
you know, it just kind ofwas contrary to those people, Oh,
he'll leave these pictures in too long. He could have stuck with him.
It was the fifth inning and hehad had four effective innings prior to that.
He could have stuck with him.But he said, let me go
get him, and let's go tothe pen, and let's let's try to
see if we can limit this thing. And that's exactly what they did.

So that was a turning point.And then of course, the top of
the seventh from the Astra send tenbatters to the plate and they regaining the
lead in the seventh is where soit's three to one Chicago in the seventh,
top seven, and I'm going,all right, here's where the Astros
have gotten in trouble before the seventhinn and then beyond, regardless if they're

winning or not, it has beentrouble typically. You just mentioned the number
of batters that had a chance toget to the plate. The Astros would
tack on. Let me count themgoing it four runs in the top of
the seventh inning and that was enoughto bring things home. You mentioned the
bullpen. I'm gonna make sure thatwe give some kudos and shout out to

those gentlemen. I become more andmore comfortable with Josh Hater. I know
he has been somewhat inconsistent to startthe season. He has settled in nicely.
Presley goes an inning, he allowedjust one hit, struck out one
Pressley, sixteen pitches and he's gone. He gets a hold, as did
Brian Bray. You ahead of himto strikeout for a Bray you Hay.

It would add two strikeouts in theninth no hits, no walks ball game.
So they were able to put itaway and they did what they needed
to do. This should have beena sweep, but we said they needed
to win at a two to oneclip. They take care of that business
and now they have their site onthe Baltimore Orioles who come into Mini May
Park tonight. You'll have Astros ondeck here. That'll be at the conclusion

of the A team at six.That'll get us into the Astros radio network.
And then of course first pitch shortlyafter seven. Well, let me
just add too, Prior to thatseventh inning they were zero for seven with
runners in scoring position. It wasnot going well. And so again it
was my buddy texted me, hegoes, yeah, great show and asked
so it was loose to that threatshold on, this is the game over
yet? So it's like the deadguy in the in the horror movie the

dead body's laying at ah, he'sdead. Did you check the pulse?
Do you look again? The body'sgone that you thought they were dead,
but they weren't. They came back. All right, What can we expect
from the series coming up at minuMay Park tomorrow? We'll take your phone
Oh excuse me, tonight we'll takeyour phone calls as well. Seven one
three, two, one two fiveseven ninety gentlemen's gonna make his debut.

What does that mean? Homer strollskbm me next Selth continues, it was
not having next Okay, here's Statonnorth Fleet ten, Chris Cordy, it's
not having next okay on sports suckMan, it's a Friday. Astros back
in town, take care of businessin Chicago. Man in May Park would
be the sight of some action tonightshortly after seven o'clock Baltimore Orioles in town.

Young team built up their farm system, surprised many a couple of seasons
ago, and it looks like theOrios are for real. We'll get into
that here in just a little bit, as young Jake Bloss will make his
debut in the bigs. Astros havenow won Gordy four of their last five
series after coming from behind the winfive to three. Some afternoon getaway baseball

and guaranteed Rate Park stadium field whateverit is on the south side. They
should have wanted to damn Minnesota series. I mean, yep, that one
was there. They blew it.Yep. So that's for the last five
for the Astros. Stand how theycurrently track him, well, let's take
a look. Astros currently resideing insecond place, a half game ahead of
the Rangers. Astros two game winstreak, eight games behind the seta a

Mariners who are on a two gamelosing streak, a top of the Al
West, Astros five games under fivehundred, and I believe Gordon, that
means they closed the wildcard gap justthe moment while the computer does its thing.
Astros six games back from the finalwildcard spot one two, three,
still four teams ahead of them.So Gordon, there is still a chance

that this team could get some winsstacked some series and data on the South.
That's why I mean again, likethat's what he said. It's it's
one sixty two. It is.It is a long season. And again
it happens every year. A teamfeels like we're riding high in May,
in April, Maine, June,and you fall apart. A contrary,
you know, on the other side, there are teams that sucked the first

half of the zeaon and they saythis team is terrible, and then you
know, you get hot. Andagain, we've got more than enough sample
size of teams that have done.Teams that have not only got hot in
the second half and made the playoffs, teams that have gotten hot in the
second half and won the World Serieswith the Braves in the Nationals most recently,
so it you know again yesterday,So the Twins have lost to in
a row. The Blue Jays havelost there in a row. So you're

now six games back of that waldcard spot. Yes, you're you know
you're gonna be playing the Blue Jayscoming up soon. You're gonna be playing
the race. You're gonna be playingsome of these teams that are headed you
in the walk cart. Suddenly youstart to win some of those series.
Close the gap, Close the gap, close the gap. It's gonna be
very interesting. The Orioles beat thecrap out of the Yankees yesterday. They're
now half a game back in theAL in the Al East. That thing's
gonna get interesting. I mean,I can foresee these next couple of weeks

because this happens every year. TheYankees have a little stretch where they just
stumble, stumble, stumble. I'mon the butt. The Oriols are gonna
jump them and never look back.And the Yankees are gonna be fighting for
a Waldcart spot the rest of theway. Now they've they've got, you
know, a nice lead, dangerous, dangerous line up. Judge returned.
He looked good. But we seeteams that do this state they come out
of against red hot the first coupleof months, and then somewhere around the

All Star break, you start tostumble and you go, you know,
you lose seven to ten, andthen suddenly that gap closest with everybody yesterday,
anybody else you would like to bragon. I have one other person
in mind I think about I mentioned, and I made the statement. It
might seem hyperbolic, but I stillmaintain the case. Jose L two vay.

What was he yesterday? One forfour, riby for him? He
also walked our two v's bat intwo ninety six ops three forty eight,
so ol two ve. Let's see. Oh there's Bregmant. How about Alex
Bregmant. He had the hit streetgoing, it got interrupted over the weekend.
He's right back on pace. Threefor five for Bregmant. He scores

a run, did not walk,did not strike out, he didn't get
to get a hit. He's aboutto get over two fifty. Yeah,
he's at two forty seven right now. He has been one go back.
He has not been at two fiftysince I mean basically the opening weekend game,
game three of the season. Hewas back in two seventy three and
it dipped from there. So prettypretty impressive stuff from Bregnant. The last

couple of weeks, you uh,we mentioned the bullpen. Josh Hater gets
his eleven say Brian and Bray youNord presleyt Nord Hater allowed to run.
You had a comment about the bullpen. Yeah, they just they They've been
so much better man and Taylor Scotthas been a godsend. That dude has
a one sixty nine era. Hegets the win that dude needs when when

you need out's till Scott's got you. And it's so weird because he's this
journeyman from South Africa, like SouthAfrica, Like what what in the world?
Where did you come from? Iwas telling Ross yesterday. I remember
standing spring training stand next to hislocker. We were waiting on the Kansas
City the dude they traded four fromKansas City to talk to him because they
traded for him in the offseason.We thought, all this guy is going
to be that middle relief guy.And we're standing next to Tail Scott's locker.

Noboy's talking to tell of Scott becausewe think you nobody, Oh,
we knew he's a journeyman, butnobody thought he was gonna make the team.
So it's just always funny how thatworks out, and he turns out
to be your best mental reliever.And now Brian Abray's VRA is below three
two sixty five. He's looking great. Ryan Presley gets he's ERA below five,
he's down to four to sixty six. And Josh Hater's THERA sub four

now three seventy four. These numbersare all going down, down, down.
What does that mean. It meansyou're pitching well. And really as
a pitching staff. If we takestarting pitching and bullpen, you take out
that one outing from uh Arraghetti theother day where he got blown up by
the Tigers, really outside of thatgame. But look what the pitching's done
the last three weeks. It hasbeen lights out, giving you a chance

to I mean like every night givingup two to three runs. They're giving
you a chance to win every nightif the bats show up. Josh Hatered,
the ninety five million dollar man,was asked about the back end of
at bullpen. Let me hear JoshHater two after the victory in Chicago yesterday,
I say, just attack on thezone, trying to uh, you
know just what we can do,and obviously we've been able to you know,

kind of a hold their offense toyou know, numb into mo run.
So all right, Josh not aman of many words, but I
liked what he had to say inprinciple. Think about this though, he
picks up his eleventh save of theseason. Had I told you back in
the way he was pitching in April, if I said Stan relaxed, Hayter's
gonna get to twenty twenty five savesthis year, you want what? No,

he didn't even get what it was, Bumpy, It was every he
was blown every night. Yeah,and so for him to settle down lready
be at the eleven saves here,Yeah, he's got a chance to get
you know, he won't get tothirty. What do you have last year
thirty three? He won't get tothat, but you know, can get
into twenty five territory if keeps pitchingthis way. Let me have Josh Hate
on the importance of y Andon Alvarezbeing back in the line up. Josh
Hated three. It's amazing, justyou know, the power he has,

just he has such a great abilityto find the barrel and you know,
just obviously just for us as earlyand just continue to build off of that
was huge. All right, Sothat's the bullpen. Anybody else we need
to brag on here. We're notgonna yell at you a spot of today
before we take Tom in Downtown's phonecall going to anything else from you.
We've done bullpen, We've done bragmanTove, Uh, you're it on.

I think we're good here. Whatelse you got? Yeah, I'm just
curious and hopefully we'll find out somedetails. I'm I'm just curious for curious
sake on what held going on outfor two games. They had a family
deal. Because you brought up yesterday, I don't know we put it on
air. The MLB has a specialbereavement designation. Yeah, they did not
trigger that. If your wife's havinga baby, you go on paternity leave,

if you're if you're if a momor a parent dies, you go
on bereavement leave. So like there'sthere's things set up like that, so
when you just are away for aquote unquote family matter. The only time
recently we saw that was JP Frantzwhen his wife was, you know,
having issue, so she was pregnant. That you know that was certainly excuse
absence and not saying he's got togive us all his personal details. But
man, it's like you're in ayou're in a tough spot here where you'd

like to you know, you're gonnamiss one of your best hitters for two
games. I'm not saying he oh, this is an explanation, but I
think people are curious. Let's goto the phone lines. We will see
the debut tonight, Gordie on themound for the Astros tonight, young Jake
bloss out of Georgetown. Uh,many of you headed over to the rail
yard. Go see a little bitof history. Don't know how the young

man is gonna perform. I dohave some comments and how I perceive that
will go on the other side ofthis thing. However, let's go to
the phones. Seven one, three, two, two, five seven ninety
Tom in Downtown, Friend of station, Friend of the show. Good morning
on a Friday. Good morning,Hey Stan, I'm glad you're still with
us after that win yesterday. Man, we can't have you jumping down on

a fleet for something. Stay withus, man, we got to get
to that All Star break. Ithink they're gonna turn the corner. This
is an exciting day for Astro fans, and I'll tell you why. For
me, I'll tell you why it'sexciting. I'll come from New York City.
I was a Mets fan. I'llmake no I don't hide that at
all. And the last fans hatedwhat the Mets did to them in eighty
six. But I'm want to tellyou as a Mets fan, we did

not want to face Mike Scott inGame seven. Well we know what happened
with that. But more importantly,in my memory, the only picture that
I can remember going from Double Ato the major leagues and having an effect
was Dwight Gooden. Now, innineteen eighty three, Davy Johnson, his
first year as Met manager, wantedto bring Dwight North with the team because

he said he had the best armin camp. Frank Cashen didn't think it
was a good thing to do.They left them in Double A. He
won nineteen games, struck out overthree hundred batters. Now, I'm not
saying this guy's the second coming ofDwight Gooden. Pressure off it. Well,
what I will say is this,it's going to be exciting because I

want to see one thing from thiskid. No matter what I want to
see, boys, here's what Isay that Hunter brown the other nine in
the first inning through twenty seven pitchesand got out of it. Now,
in the past, I would havebeen watching Hunter in that game and I
would have said, oh, ishe going to get to the fourth inning?
But I said no, every firstinning. I said, Okay,

Hunter, you've been down this road. Now it babies. He's showing poise.
Now. Confidence is something he has. But when you have success,
you've got to develop poise because guysare still gonna take your deep. It's
still gonna hit guys. You're gonnahave off days, but you gotta keep
your poise. I love what Tomand Downtown is saying right there. It

is something. As we get intothe next segment, Gordy, let's talk
about young Jake bloss and what weexpect to see from him. For people
moved around the city this week.Here many headed over to Minute May Park.
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and Chris Gordy on Sports Talk sevenninety, Houston's home of Wahort Football.
Oh my goodness, we're half annow we're into a Friday edition and next
up here on Sports Talk seven ninetyYahome of Houston Sports Appreciate everybody hanging out
with us. Maybe an automobile movingaround the city a little bit. Maybe
you new to the city. Appreciateyou doing that. Preset us number one
on the audio down, won't youseven ninety am? That's what we do.

You can also find a Sports sevenninety dot com as well as the
free iHeartRadio app talking some Stros baseball. Stros in action tonight over at Mini
MA Park and young Jake blos Gordyis going to get his first thought.
This young man has been on meteoricrise, accomplished a few things in high

A ball in Ashville that got himthe corpus. I don't you might have
the exact numbers they I think he'sgot a total of what like a dozen
starts sixty two minor league innings he'spitched this year. I thought I heard
twelve, No more than fifteen startsor something like that. This season he
is bypassing Sugarland forty four to twothirty innings in Double A. So yeah,

hand fall starts all right, oneof those part of a no hitter.
So again he's he's the tenth bestprospect on the Astros, you know,
speckless. So this isn't This isn'ta Blair Henley who doesn't even rank
in their top thirty. This isn'tlike a spot starter from the minersure bringing
up this is a really good prospectwho's earned it. And it's not the
craziest thing. It's not. It'snot typical. You don't normally bring a

guy up from two A and skiptriple A altogether, but some really good
guys have done that over the years. Al Tuve is the most famous.
Can we go pitcher for pitcher?Will you give me apples for apples?
Give me some guys that pitch wellthat have skip triple Most recently for the
Astros, it was Luis Garcia.And I've saw a lot of people making
a big deal out of that lastnight. But let me bring up that
was by circumstance. Louis Garcia finishedthe twenty nineteen season. I think he

was high A. There were twentytwenty the pandemic hit, there was there
was no minor league baseball, sohe got brought up in the middle of
that short and twenty twenty season.But it was by like he couldn't go
to triple In other words, solike Louis Garcia, wasn't that he was
so good he made the jump.It's that there was no minor league ball
being played. Point so. Butby the letter of the law, yes,

Luis Carci has skipped double A andtriple A and jumped to the big
leagues and was very good. It'sbeen very good when healthy. So we'll
see. But uh, but yeah, I mean there's been some guys over
the years, and usually it's it'sa lot of guys who were just studs.
I mean, you know, Ihave to go back and look.
I think maybe like the Mike Troutsguys like that, Like it's just you

know, when you're that good,you're that good. I mean, those
are phenoms. I mean, you'retalking about Mike Trout. You're talking about
Uh oh, I can't see myman with the Phillies guys. Why can't
I say his name? Rice Harper? Thank you. You're talking about dudes
like that. That's not Jake Bossis a third round pick out of Georgetown.
It's not like he's a number oneoverall out of a great program.

Like the University of Virginia or somewherein the SEC. But there's but point.
Virginia has a strong baseball. He'stheir tenth best prospecting. So now
the challenge is big here. Likesome people are saying, I really wish
this had been a game prior andhe was going to make his debut against
the White Soize. This is whatI would prefer it was on the table.

Should we have gotten Aaron Gatty toget pushed down and then slot this
kid or somebody else up to goagainst Game three against the White Socks.
I'm not sure why. Maybe alittle bit, you know, maybe a
little bit more comfort pitching with thehome crowd behind you in Houston as opposed
to one hostile environment on the roadfor the White Sox stoppy crowd. There

was fifteen hundred people out there lastnight. Oh yes, but I just
I think this. I think,you know, he's confident, they're confident
in him, but like, let'sbe realistic. If he gives you four
innings of two run ball, youtake that, oh from him? Yes,
what Wax said to me yesterday,He goes, I mean the odds
are very high. He's going togive up a first inning home run.
This Orioles team is leading the majorsin home bay. The absolutely Rake do

the Oreos. I looked at theGohrdy their run differential in Baltimore. They're
run differential is one twelve. It'sthe second best in the American League behind
the Yankees at won twenty six.They've not lost the series in a month.
I mean the Sile Cardinals series amonth ago is when the last series

they lost. And it's young dudeseverywhere, and go look at the series
they just won. They just beatthe Yankees, they beat the Phillies,
they beat the Braves like they're beatingthe big dogs. And so it was
funny. I think Ben Dubostree whenthey scored seventeen runs against the Yankees yesterday,
bend bo said, all right,well, maybe they're tapped out.
Maybe they they blew all their runsyesterday and they're gonna come in a minute
made but up two tonight. I'dcertainly take that. But look, in

all honesty, the expectation is thisis your toughest series in weeks. If
you can steal one, it's it'snot great, but at least I'll take
it. No, I won't Wow. No, they don't have that luxury
anymore. When you're asking them todo something. They have to go win
this series. But that's something thathasn't been done in the Orioles in a
month. I wouldn't give a damnif they were playing Top com I need
you to go win a series.If we're going to be relentless, if

we're gonna have any aspirations of winningthe damn penning around you. Again,
they have to go beat good teams. The only thing I'll add is Monday's
an off day, so you dohave the luxury to like Monday and Thursday.
If he gets If Boss gets beatup, you can go Seth Martinez
for multiplelletings, you know what Imean? Like you can you can extend
the bullpen a little bit today ifit if it goes sideways, but again,

they have confidence cinema security, throwstrikes and opponent batting average agains him.
I get it was in double A, but like very low. So
they're hoping he can get some swingingmiss stuff astros GM Dana Brown on calling
up Jake Bloss We're deep into ourdepth, so ultimately I wanted to get
somebody in here that had some powerto their fastball, someone who throws strikes,

and I think that's a good combinationthat young Jake Bloss is bringing to
the lineup. Here's, by theway, how you feeling about Jake Bloss,
Houston, you want to get anyof Let's talk some shows baseball,
young man making his debut into Magesseven five seven ninety. Let me ask
you real quick on Dana that thatquote Dana we've been critical of about make
king moves and all that kind oflike trades and all this kind of stuff.

What's say, what's he known for? I'm get it scouting. It's
supposed to be this. So ifhe thinks, since it's the right time,
we got to at least gifteen ofthe battles of Doug he knows.
Here's why I call bs because ifDana had the proper arm insurance start the
year, we wouldn't be having thisconversation. But I digress. They rushed
Arraghatty. They put out Blair Henleyout of desperation. They rolled out Fort

Whitley and tried to sell us thathe was ready. Here's why I'm concerned
about young Jake Bloss to Night BlairHenley debut this year five earned runs.
Now, it took an historic effortat to play from the Astros to win
that game, something that hadn't beendone since the nineteen seventy four season comes
to mind. Forrest Whitley has hisdebut, he comes out there, he's

yanked after two thirds of an inning. The Astros lose two to six.
Spencer Arragatty's first game in the AstrosUni in the Majors, he gives up
seven earned run. He gets yankedin three innings. Astros lose two to
eleven. So there are three instancesthis season dudes came out there to make
their debut and it didn't go well. Outside of a historic all time performance,

they might be in trouble tonight.I hope that's not the case,
but that is where I'm leaning now. So if you ask me to really
qualify what Dana Brown is saying rightthere, to me, that's a bit
of spin. He knows he doesn'thave any other options outside of a bullpen
game where Irriganny having pitched yesterday,we'll fund out. The goodness is George
Spotter's brother in law, Samara jerOriols. Maybe he'll co Easiella. Yeah,

Jake Blosse, what did he do? He threw Jake bloss through six
and a third no hit innings onSaturday. As you mentioned, owns a
one point six to one erra ineight games at double A Corpus. He's
four and two overall with a oneseven four in twelve starts. HAYI ball
in Ashville. Okay, I don'tbelieve if they had some other options going,

I think they go down that roadA spots out options. This is
all they have right here with JVon the I l well, but but
okay, flip it. Would yourather than just go bullpen game? Then?
How Seth Martinez gonna start? Yes, I think this is a chance
to catch lightning in a bottle.You mess around and break this kid psyche.
We may not get. Nobody losesit on one star. You don't

break their psyche. So you've neverseen that in baseball? I have.
I just I mean, one gameis not gonna make it. We will
never hear from Blair Henley again.Well, Blair Henley wasn't. That was
a circumstances of prospect. He wasn'teven in their top thirties. A probably
that was like you up to gomake a start. They had to put
somebody out there because fromperk got howmuch they pay, I'd leave your ass
in the studio to go pit someathnue baseball get a league minimum. That's

I'll take that, all right,Let's come back. Not in the weekend.
Whoa stay up my damn pocket.Speaking of the weekend, Conma's got
a haircut. It's getting Conna's business. On the other side, no real
talk, uh, Speaking of theAstros and the brain trust, the brass
over there, Reggie Jackson was Birminghamand he had some very poignant things to
share about his experiences as we celebrateon the heels of Juneteenth and the passing

of Willie Mays. Alright, ReggieJackson, you know he's got Jim Crane's
here. Let's let's visit the past. Shall we tell us a lot about
our future? Wrapping up our oneon a Friday, Sports Talk seven ninety,
Who's got next, what's coming next? What do we do next?
And who's gotta take it to thenext level? Next step back in two

Stanton Northfleets and Chris Gordy. Thisis next up on Sports Talk seven ninety
Welcome back. In the next up. We're wrapping up the first hour here
on a Friday, talking to Mastrosback in action tonight over at Minute May
Park. Stay with us throughout thecourse of the afternoon. Matt Thomas show
into the A team into Astros ondeck first pitch shortly after seven. I

plan to be over at min andMay Park on Saturday. I get on
Saturday? Is that? Oh Blanco, I'll get me some Ron Hill on
Saturday. See what's going on?How did you get him? Corbyn Burns
On the other side, it's twoof the best pictures in the American League
this year. Yeah, Saturday shouldbe pretty good. Weather's supposed to be
good as well. It's gonna bea two hour game. Excited about that?
Oh yeah, they they're gonna getthrough that. A couple notes before

a note before we get to amember of the Astros Brass spoke tuk on
heartstrings for me last night, likelyfor you as well. Brian mctagger twenty
three minutes ago reminds us with JakeBloss being added to the twenty six man
roster tonight, as well as Jopi, Joey Joey Loperfido on his way to

Houston getting called up to join theAstros. The Stros will have to create
a couple of roster spots. Anyidea Gordy who's about to get sent packing?
I mean, if I guess oneof Cooper Hummel Homes or Trey Cavage,
I mean, those are the Savage, those are the But I mean,
I'm not you're not gonna say,you know, you're gonna have to

to add a pitcher. I don'tthink they would send two position players down.
Now, they did bring up thatguy what Luis Contreras Hernandez just got
called up. Nick Hernandez got calledup right and they but they I think
they already sent him that after theyused him, and then Louis Contrasts they
brought up and I don't think they'veused him. So one of those guys

is an option. So I don'tthink it's gonna be anything really notable.
I did see though, that theAstros have a prospect named Tommy Tommy Sacho
Junior who's doing some things that doublea. I just think you don't know
who that is. I don't,but can you imagine in a couple of
years we're gonna be sitting around talkingabout the Astros, and you can almost
sound like you're with the sopranos,going, hey, you see what Tommy

Sacho threw the ball to little Pafitowhatever again he got the out, all
right. You know, it's likewe're going full Italian here. Know that
as long as they can pitch,I don't give a damn if they from
Jupiter get in there pitch win games, and then I'm happy on it to
pivot here. We know that ReggieJackson, Miss October himself has ingratiated himself

with Jim Crane, Jeff Bagwell,Bizio and the rest of the decision makers
over there. And yesterday with thecelebration, you know, on the heels
of Juneteenth, and with the festivitiesin Birmingham, a place that I know
very well, the MLB went onthe road to rick Wood Field in Birmingham,

where a young Willie Mays took theplate against Satchel Page and other Negro
League greats. The Cardinals and Giantsfaced off six to five. The Cardinals
beat the Giants and there were severalWillie chants that emerged. After Michael Mays
paid tribute to his father King GriffithJr. Was there, Barry Bonds was

there. Fox had their crew there, Big Poppy, Jeter, A Rod
and Kevin Burkhard as well. Soon the desk they invite Willie Mays,
excuse me, forgive me. Theyinvite Reggie Jackson to the desk to give
some reflection on what life was likeas a young ball player coming up in
his day. Reggie Jackson coming backhere is not easy. The racism that

I played here when I played here, the difficulty of going through different places
where we traveled. Fortunately I hada manager and I had players on the
team that helped me get through it. But I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
People said to me today I spokeand they said, you think you're

a better person. You think youwon when you played here and conquered.
I said, you know, Iwould never wanted to do it. Want
to do it again, Reggie JacksonAgain, that's courtesy of the Fox Baseball
crew on the desk there as theyget ready for San fran versus Saint Louis

from rick Woodfield and Birmingham. Veryhistoric, Gordon. I don't know if
you notice or not. My mother'sside of The family is from Alabama,
just outside of Birmingham. I spenttwo years of high school playing some high
school football in Birmingham. That's whyI got most of my sec office from
They followed me to the Carolinas whenI went back for the last time.
So I'm very familiar with my motheris My mother grew up in the civil

rights during the Civil Rights movement,and a lot of times, I'm not
gonna do a deep dive, butI would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge
what Reggie Jackson is talking about.Can you imagine Gordon in the forties,
fifties, sixties, even what someof these athletes endured, some of them

even serving their country abroad and thencoming back home trying to play sport.
We even today. Sometimes I thinkpeople get caught up in the millions that
pro athletes make, and as anAfrican American man, I can tell you
he doesn't mask everything. And itis unfortunate the circumstances that many of our

greats on the field have faced.Hank Aaron, you know, obviously,
Jackie Robinson, so many others.I thought it was a cool moment for
baseball. I hate that Willie Mayswasn't able to be there, obviously,
his passing just a few days before. But I do appreciate Major League Baseball

for doing their part in opening upthe platform, and thank you to Fox
for allowing Willie May Oh, goodLord forgive me allowing Reggie Jackson the platform
to speak in colorful detail about theconditions that this country was once in.
Certainly it is much better, Iwill profess we still have a ways to

go. But I thought it wasa good moment for baseball and for those
that choose to be inclusive, forthose that choose to honor the true and
I company with this, Gordon,if you have some words, there's a
true, detailed history about what sportsin this country was at different thresholds and

different points of time. It andall Bentley's and Rose Royce's and you know,
bone in f Lay's and Automwa Piquetwatches before we got to all that.
All these men now stand on theshoulders of men that had to endure
things that I can't even fathom forthe sake of the teams that we cheer
for. It touched my heart lastnight. Good I really mean that.

Don't know if you have something butI want at least open the floor.
Yeah, it say it's a reminderthat you know, this wasn't all that
long ago, that there's a lotof people still living that were part of
that stuff. But it's a reminderalso the progress we've made and how far
we've come. It's interesting. I'venever seen a documentary on Reggie Jackson.
I didn't know this about it.He was born in Pittsburgh. He was
recruited for football coming out of highschool. He had offers from Alabama,

Georgia, and Oklahoma, now allSEC teams. It says all those schools
were willing to break the color barrierjust for him. He declined Alabama and
Georgia because he was fearful of theSouth at the time, and then he
declined Oklahoma because they told him hehad to stop dating white girls. Again.
This was in the sixties. Sofor baseball, he ends up going

to Arizona State, but on afootball scholarship. He ends up having to
go to the baseball coach and askif he can join the baseball team.
They were like, oh, you'rea football player. He had to go,
Hey, I want to play baseball, he said, even like some
pro teams were interested in him comingto high school. He said the Phillies
gave him a tryout but declined himbecause of his hitting skills. Again,
this guy went on to be oneof the greatest hitters of all time.
It's just kind of interesting just thatI didn't know that story about him.

He goes to Arizona State, eventuallyhe gets on the baseball team. Sure
crushes it and all that kind ofstuff. But yeah, just crazy to
think this is the guy was seeat the ballpark all the time Mini made
and this is a guy who nottoo long ago, when he was a
kid, you know, was decliningschools because he was fearful of what he
would face going to school. Theresure a couple other nuggets last night or
yesterday afternoon's game. I know wewere watching the Astros here locally, but

nationally people at their TVs on whatwas going on at rick Wood Field in
Birmingham. For the first time thatin al NL history, the MLB put
out an all black umpiring crew forthe Giants Cardinals game yesterday. Also,
I thought to add a little humorto this segment. On the way out,
Barry Bonds was asked by I thinkhe was asked by Derek Jeter would

he have been able to hit SatchelPage the great Negro League baseball pitcher.
Barry Bond said he would have takenSatchel Page yard had they faced each other.
Barry Bonds needs to stop. Doyou think going to like, let's
put some of the our greats andI'm putting Bonds in King Griffith Jr.

King Griffvirginia was dare in Birmingham aswell with Keid Griffith, and Bonds been
able to go up against the likesof a. Josh Gibson, Satchel Page
and others from back then Big Rube. Yeah. I mean if those guys
said steroids too, they could have. Okay, let's here, I was
trying to be serious for two seconds. I'm serious you. Barry buds Is
became a mountain of a man afterbeing a little skinny guy. All right,

gord It people hit it over theminim tonight. You encourage him to
see sipping on wet. Yeah,well, we'll all be over at minime
tonight getting some Crawford box from ourfriends at Carbock Brewing. We were out
there yesterday. Ross and I dida live edition of the Crawford Box casts.
It's good to see a lot ofour listeners in the house and good
to talk a lot of folks whowere enjoined all the different delights they have
over there at Carbock Brewing. It'snot just the Crawford Box, but that's

what we enjoy when we're at theballpark. Watching the Astros. Pairs perfectly
with astrois baseball. Whether it's peanuts, hot dogs, whatever you're taking in,
make sure you're doing with a CrawfordBock and then give you the big
tall can, not one of theselittle dicky cups of beer. It's a
full on beer at you're having whenyou're at Minimate Park and join at Crawford
Bach and when you taste that watchingthe Astros games, that's a home run

every time with the Crawford Box fromCarbock Burring. Now what's next? Next
ups? Man up, next stop, the next step, Take the next
step, next up, next stop, next, next up, next,
See what's to be next? Thisis next up with Tad Northfleeten Chris Gordy.

Let's see what's next next next.There we go live from the Sports
Sox seven ninety studios. Here inthe gallery area West Loops South to be
precise, feeling good, feeling greaton a Friday final hour of the show.
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Northfleet me at stan Sportsman on social. That's Chris Gordy over there. He
is at Chris Gordy at Connade McGovernmy brother, holding us down with a
fresh haircut, rocking the Astros orangepolo there getting ready for the game tonight
over at minute May Park. Astrosin action, game one of a series
versus a very good Baltimore team.We'll get back into the Astros game tonight

coming up in about twenty seven minutes. For now, Gordy on the screen.
Here in the studio, people areall out in the streets wearing green
and drinking beer and doing what Irishfolks do up in the Boston area,
and they're celebrating the parade. TheCeltics are doing their eighteen championship things,
so they're parading around the city andgood for them. I must admit that

we brought this up earlier in theweek. I'll do it again now Boston
is one of the cities that I'msports jealous of. It must be damn
cool to celebrate championships in football,baseball, basketball and hockey. In the
last one and I put it inthe DMS, Gordon, what was it?

It was a gentleman holding up asign and he says, oh,
here it is. It says,happy parade day in Boston, gentlemen taking
a picture of a sign. I'mtwenty two years old and I've witnessed thirteen
championship parades. That's up, surdyep, thirteen since two thousand and one.
I believe that's crazy. Mostly fromthe Patriots, but seven six from

the Patriots, excuse me, fourfrom Boston to from the Celtics, one
from the Bros. See the RedSide. I remember the growing up,
the it was always the you know, they were cursed because you know,
the curse of the of the Bambinoand they can never get over it.
And then Mariano Rivera they blowed thewhat the three to one lead in the
Alcs and it's like they've never lookedback every But what's weird about the Red

Sox Now they go through these cyclesof like they win a World Series and
then they fall out. The facesthere for like two or three years,
and then they come back and theircontender again, they win a World Series,
and then they fall off again.Well I wish it man, uh
not cash me? What am Ithinking about? Who left? The Cubbies
went over there, couldn't get ittogether. He's my guy Gian You know

what I'm talking about? Oh yeah, yeah, I can't say his name,
but y'all know what I'm talking about. AnyWho, it's a different guy.
Yeah, he's not there anymore.It is my point. Well,
I can't say his name. Idon't y'all know who'm talking about. Put
it in my put it at standsports man, if y'all can remember who
the hell I'm trying to say?AnyWho? MS, thank you so NBA
wise all right, Celtics doing theirthing. I'm sports jealous. Is there

another market I'm sports jealous of?Not really, l A, not Chicago,
not New York, not Miami.If it were another one, and
y'all ain't gonna like this, itwould probably be Dallas. Get out of
here, Mavericks have won titles.We know what Dallas has been in my

lifetime. Dallas, the Dallas Starshave two titles. Texans have more playoff
wins than the Cowboys. Yes,their inceptions. Yes, the Texans don't
have anything in the trophy case.They're closer. They're closer than they they
both lost after round one. Letme see, Dallas won a playoff game.
Texas won a playoff game. Dallasplayoff game, the Corpse of Tom

Brady. They beat Tampia before they'relike, where are here, It's like,
no, you beat bad Tom Brady. The Green Bay Packers came in
and beat him up this past year. Jordan. All Right, So if
it were a team other than Bostonor other city other than Boston, it
would probably be Dallas. But that'sneither heart. But that's come on,
Dallas. No, I'm just tellingyou. They've won. They have one
Rangers championship last year. They haveone Dallas championship. They fourteen years ago.

So they got two. Jay Kiddhas one and then has one.
Who absolutely one. They lose toThey just lost now and then they lost
to Shaquille O'Neil and Dwayne Wade inthe finals. So we're giving credit to
losing championships. Well, you gotto make up your mind. You need
sometimes you say what the Astros wereone game away from the Word Series.

Well that's second place, so sometimesyou celebrate second place, but that's combined
with two titles in that nex.Well, what I'm saying is, look,
they have a title is needed.You know that I'm sports jealous.
That's not jealous. I'm not.Yeah, we're jealous of Boston winning.
I'm jealous of people being in championshipgames and winning rings. So when I
go across the country, I'm notjealous of Chicago going around other sports,

I'm not jealous of Atlanta, notMiami, not DC. Philly would be
an interesting one because the Penguins havewon. The Eagles obviously have won and
played in another. The Phillies werein the World Series. I can't sixes
and they can't get into the finals. I can't think has been largely avoid

You take out that COVID year inLA and done jack since Kobe, since
Kobe left, the Clippers ain't beennothing. The Dodgers underachieve every year.
The Angels are Dodgers on the title. Yeah, I said, outside of
the COVID, Lakers and Dodgers,you know, and then the Rams have

the one Rams have a Super Bowl. So La would probably be third on
that list, but I'm not reallyjealous of them, all right, So
let's move a conversation to speaking ofthe Lakers. Basketball was at the top
of people's mind yesterday as JJ Reddickhas reached an agreement but to be the
head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. I like JJ Reddick. I remember

being at UVA playing with some guysfrom JJ Reddick's hometown. He's from Roanoke,
Virginia, southwest side of the state, and they kept saying, there's
this dude going to Duke and he'sgonna be amazing. And of course we
all see JJ and what he didwith coaching Chefski ad Duke, and then
he gets into the league and therewas about with alcohol, and then he
had awful back problems, and youknow, he gets out of Orlando,

becomes a bit of a journeyman andended up carving out a damn nice career
for him. He's always been ableto shoot the rock, known for being
quite cerebral, can be a littlebit of a d he certainly has a
punishable face for a lot of people. And he's going to be the Lakers
head coach. Now he's probably theLakers third or fourth choice. The Lakers

are not what the Lakers are likeNotre Dame Football song would say, or
the Dallas Cowboys. They're not whatthey think they've been right, and so
they land with JJ Reddick, noprevious head coaching experience. We've now seen
more and more of this former playershere in Houston, Emo Udoka former player.

We look at Jason Kidd took theDallas Mavericks to the NBA Finals,
former player. You go around theleague and you see more guys that have
played Tylu Doc Rivers, more guyswho do we think made the decision though
on Reddick. Lebron definitely had asame They didn't hire JJ because Lebron told
them to. I'm sure they askedLebron, what do you think? And

clearly Lebron and JJ hem it's broughthim to the table and said, oh
I want him. Well, itwould have been Polinka Poalnka would have been
the one saying, all right,I like the guy, Bron, What
do you think. They're not sittingaround having glasses of cabinet with Lebron going
would you please play for JJ?But would you doubt it? If they
were yes, that's not going.That's not they want to keep him.

That's not he's Look, they're notwinning titles, but he's a cash cow.
They're selling on every game. It'sstar power. I mean, as
long as Lebron is in a Lakersuniform. And there was some rumblinks that
maybe he could leave, Oh he'sgoing to opt out, but I don't
think and by the way he hassoftened his stance on I'm going to play
with Bronnie. It doesn't look likethey're gonna be able to put that out.
But look at this history since he'sgotten there. I mean, it's

been was it Luke Walton first?Or was Byron? It was right after
Byron Scott I lose track Day fight, but it was Luke Walton, Frank
Vogel, Darvin Ham. I mean, this thing is it's JJ Reddick.
Enjoy your two three years. That'sall you're getting. You'll be you'll be
in LA for two three years.You know, you'll make the playoffs one

or two years, and you haveto take this job. Reddick turned out
about that, but I mean,like, what what put it this way?
How many people? How many otherteams gave him an offer don't know.
That tells you right there, ifnobody else is after this is a
gample. How many other teams weregoing to hire Mike Tomlin to be their
head coach, I'd say that's worthout. Oh, I don't know that.

I'm just making the case of justbecause somebody doesn't offer, doesn't mean
you don't land on the right guyto Miko Ryans had. Most the Denver
Broncos were beating down the door tryingto get sure people wanted. Everybody wanted
them, Sure everybody wanted them.That tells you you don't think everybody wants
There were multiple teams interested, butnot everybody just But but that's mainly because
of what I'm just the fact I'mjust saying as a basketball coach, everybody

would take him, hands down,that's a coach. But there's more into
it that guy. There's more toit than that. But I understand your
point. If you're JJ Riddick,you tap to take this job. Do
I think he can do a nicejob. I think JJ Reddick has enough
pelts on the wall that he cango into a locker room and guys are
going to respect his opinion. Ithink he's also got the right amount of
bleep you attitude. That's that acoach should have. He's got the backing

of Lebron. Should Lebron opt outand re sign with the Lakers, Okay,
cool, let's see what happens.They're the Lakers, They're always going
to get free agents. They're gonnabe fine. But that's the problem.
They they've got a good one twopartch of Lebron and Anthony Davis. In
the NBA, you're only as goodas your supporting cast, and the supporting

cast has not been good enough there. There are rumors that Anthony Davis may
seek a trade if Lebron opts out. So there's a lot going on there.
Let's step aside. Let's come back. We'll grab your phone, call
Bobby and spring you'll be next up. Speaking of basketball here in the city,
on the college front especially, therewas a shakeup, and we need
to do a bit of a dive. And what's going on over there on

the campus U of H also somepotential rockets, free agent targets now off
the market. We'll come back.We'll do that pivotback in the Astros as
well. May squeeze and some Texansnever know sports Talk seven ninety legendary kbmme.
Next up continues on your computer.Listen to Sports Talk seven ninety on

any device with our free iHeartRadio appSports Talks ninety. Stand fleet here,
Gordy over there. Next up isthe show. Let's go to the phone
lines here. In just a littlebit, we were perusing the NBA landscape.
I want to get into this thingat U of H. But just
a couple of other NBA things poppedup. Guys, did you see this

number one? Malik Monk formerly ofUniversity of Kentucky. He was also a
draft choice by the Charlotte Hornets.Covered Malik Monk a couple of seasons there
in Charlotte. He goes over toSacramento. He's a part of their rise
to acclaim, if you will,and he's going back. He had been

Gordy a target. He's an offthe bench combo guard, really a shooting
guard. Can play some small forwardtoo. He's going back to Sacramento on
a four year, seventy eight milliondollar deal. So Malik Monk will not
be joining dis Young's the Young RocketsCorps. Also, what'd you say white
guy for white guy named white guyfor a white guy tread straight. The

Bulls tray Alex carus literally, thinkyou're worth what that guy's worth. Caruso
for Giddy, Uh, both solidplayers, they do some different things.
Bulls sending Alex Caruso to Oklahoma City, Josh Giddy leaves Oka See headed to
Chicago. Yeah, Kevin O'Connor choge. He said, Caruso will be a

perfect fifth for what okay See does. He said Giddy's youth makes way more
sense to the Bulls. You know, you get younger and kind of build
around him. But yeah, forokay See, I mean they've been that
team keeps getting more and more dangerous, and they keep adding. Man,
okay See is a model of whatI think okay See to some degree,

Sacramento output Orlando in there, likeyoung teams that just stuck together and now
they're vying for We're seeing more ofthis trend. We're seeing the Phillies and
the Lakers and those teams going throughthe retreads and making the big moves of
the big let's go get the bigname him. I like what the Sacramentos,
the Okacs, the Rockets are going. We're building this from the draft

and building our guys in house andwe'll see if it works. I just
like dudes that can ball, soright now, give me somebody. I'm
making up somebody if who's a youngballer, give me if Anthony ed was
a melow ball. If Anthony Edwardswas unhappy in Minnesota, can I get
you to be serious for too?He's a young baller, he's not a

young baller. He's about to beat the league. LaMelo, LaMelo.
He's got to get his act together. I don't want any part of a
Memelo ball. If Anthony Edwit wasdecided he was unhappy in Minnesota, I
would pay whatever it costs to getAnthony Edwards to Houston. Yeah, he's
a young turn into a stud,no question. Mike and Pasadena get in
here on a Friday. Just curiously, you said the Lakers are the Lakers
and they're always going to get freeagents. Yes, why don't they have

any? Why why don't they getthem? They do have them, They
they do got them. His nameis Lebron James, Lebron James, and
Anthony Davis. So they're just abad team. Then, Yes, one
championship since Lebron's been there, andthat was in the COVID year. What
does that mean with bubble in abubble? Mike, Mike, Mike,
I don't know how many NBA guysyou talked to. I talked to a

lot of them on a very regularbasis. They all tell me, well,
let me get it out they are. They all tell me the bubble
was the hardest championship in the historyof this league. Now that's what NBA
dudes say. Okay, I don'tknow. Look, they're all pretty soft,
so okay, have a good one. Why, Mike, I find

that so interesting, Mike. Idon't know what you do for a living,
but I'm pretty sure what you dofor a living is not as challenging
as trying to become an NBA player. The percentages on doing that when you're
competing with I don't know, everykid in the world. As it's a
global game, I probably want togive these men a little more respect than

that. I just in sports,what do we always want on home court?
Why? Because it makes the differencewhen the home crowd is backing you
and hostile and loud and the onlything. Again, I recognized the Lakers
won the title. I just Idon't as much credence as like they played
with cardboard cutouts in the stands.There was nobody there, and I get

what you're saying. It was hardto be some of these guys. It
was hard to be away from theirfamilies all this. They literally had votes
if teams were going to leave theBubble. The Clippers wanted no pond.
There were also other guys who said, I'm more focused on basket. All
I have to focus on is basketballnow as dudes. As NBA guy,
I don't know how often you talkto the NBA dudes. I do on
a very regular basis as guys directly. Have you community talks Churrissa and Josh

Kitty call how many dudes you needto call? Ask them their respect for
the Bubble Championship. I'll leave itthere. I was with Steven Jackson three
weeks ago. This came up asjack told me that Bubble most difficult,
so it must be easier now.But the Lakers continue to fail. So
all I know is the Lakers.After Mark Cuban sales his shields are the

Mavericks the most valuable sports value NBAteam in the sport Golden State seven point
seven billion, number two to Knickssix point six billion. The Los Angeles
Lakers are worth six point four billions, no doubt. They have a title
and they have lebron They are theCowboys. The bottom line is they're doing
both like the Cowboys. They're gettingmoney and they have trophies and they're getting

free agents. The Lakers since Kobeleft, have one title and it was
in a bubble. The Cowboys inthe last twenty five years have nothing.
The bottom line is what would yourather be? Would you rather be the
that's argument? I mean you wantto be relevant or do you want time?
Let me get it out. Ifyou add up everything LSU has ever
won in their life, plus everythingthe Saints has ever won in their life,
plus everything the New Orleans Pelic hasever won in their life, it

would not equal anything that the CowboysLakers. But if your team had done
anything, Hush. You can't talkabout teams and organizations that have stuff in
the closet. But you're just sayingthe relative they're talked about all The Cowboys
are the third most valuable franchise inthe sport. They're iconic, have not

won a title? What since Kobelo? God Man, how much time
we got here? We do havetime to get to this. I want
to pivot into this thing over hityou of age because it impacts the basketball
program as well. Bobby and Sprayingget in here on a Friday. Yes,
Uh, who do you think Ibe the next act aletic director at

your rate? You know, ChrisPassman, Let let go. I have
no clue. We're gonna get intothat now, Gordon, if you have
some suggestions, I have no clue. I did see a statement from the
president. I'm gonna see can Ifind that here in just a little bit.
There was a statement that they're goingto do a nationwide search and they're

gonna do da da da da andget somebody in there. It's weird how
it all laid out. So yeah, So if courting Juseph Duarte the Chronicle,
he said the Pessiman was called caughtoff guard by Thursday's decision to fire
him. Here his originally schedule forthat to get a review with Rena Catore,
the school president. It was asurprise to him. Duarte went on
to say, a source tells methat a top levels of uh administration had

become frustrated with Pessmans' inability to makesignificant progress to increase revenue through sponsorships and
fundraising, and it was a consensusdecision to make a change. What's so
interesting is he was very beloved.I mean, all the moves he's made,
he's a U of H guy.Everybody was like one of our own
coming back. He's going to getthis thing back on track. And he
had them. He the coaching hires, relevancy, getting you know, taking

care of the basketball program, makingthem all that stuff he's he's been great
at. But ultimately, on thebackside, you do have to sell sell
things. And I think that's what'sinteresting is you want you went to the
big leagues this year, you wentto the Big twelve, and I think
they're looking to the bottom line,going we didn't. Where's the money.
We're supposed we're in the Big twelvenow, we're supposed to be selling more,

making more money, selling this,this and this. I think some
people will kind of mistranslated to nil. I don't think it's necessarily an IL.
I think it's more, you know, those big billboards around the stadium
should be going for you know,two times what they were going for in
the AAC than what they're on thebig twelve and we had Texas coming in
here last year. We got we'replaying a Big twelve schedule. Now like

this, there should be more moneymaking around the building. That's how I
translated it. Joseph Dwarte had aHouston Chronicle before a pat crowd Wednesday night.
Now, former athletic director Chris Pasmanmapped out the immediate future for the
University at Houston Athletic Department. Wherewas it? He was in Webster talking

about what's going on with the Koogsand the next day, less than twenty
four hours later, he's out ofa job. To me, that's not
about money. Something happened now wemay never know, confidentiality agreements, the
billible hours by the attorneys. Iunderstand your point guard it, and you
could be right that it could beabout money. Uf Ah has been in

the Big twelve for five minutes.Can you get a man some time.
What's very interesting too is Garrett classk la ss Y, the Deputy a
D at Houston, was just announcedthis morning. He will be the next
DAD at Fresno State. They saidhe worked previously as the interramediat Nebraska and
the athletic director at UI C He'salso had stops at Alabama in Oregon.
I don't know what that means,Like, what's the timing of that?

You oust Peesman and then the deputyad jump ship for Presno State. Interesting.
Pezman, a former football letterman atU of Age from nineteen ninety to
ninety two, hired as AD andvice president of intercollegiate Athletics in twenty seventeen.
I don't want to jump here,but do you think I mean,

like my nime was a surprise tohim. A person familiar with the meetings
said, on the condition of anonymity, My initial thought, do you go,
I mean, do we think scandalhere? Do we think something happened?
This is what I'm doing in twentyfour something happened somewhere. Yeah,
Now what Pasman did? Do?I mean? Look how healthy Man's basketball
is? Look where I mean?I look. There was a list of

all the coaches he has locked upmen and women's basketball lock Willie Fritz.
One of the biggest things I thinkI saw baseball locked up softball, Like
the coaches aren't placed through like twentysix, twenty seven, so it's not
like they got to do anything immediateright now. Interesting there's probably a story

behind the scenes. It's got tobe come out, but it's got to
be so it sounds like, uh, did I see this? Who's going
to run this thing temporarily? Isit Cautore himself herself herself? Excuse me?
Now? They named it inter Room, and I was trying to get
down to see who it was,and I can't find it right now in
the article. Raymond Bartlett, what'she doing? I don't know. You'll

serve as the interim they do,I know what was he doing? I
don't know. They're all it's likedepartment. We gotta get Matt Thomas on
the phone, Jet beauty ad ofthe you know they have some of those
people. Matt Thomas, get inhere, tell us what's going on with
your Alma monitor? All right onthis? So I want to do it.
No, I'm good. Let's comeback and I want to peek into
the NFL. We're pivot into theStrokes and we'll get out here on a
Friday about half an hour from now. Matt Thomas and Rossfield realm the Mighty

KB and Me Sports Talk seven ninetywith yourn. Next up, Pictures Tremble
with Fear You run all the resto the comfree right over with North Fleeton
Gordion. Next up, Bellies tremblewith hunger. Lunchtime is so close until
then show down on more. Nextup, I see where we still riding

Flangers and with Dallas and a Nicklas. What's going on? Man? Just
had a conversation off here with MattThomas. He and Rossburry Real are be
coming your way in about twenty sixminutes. Matt Thomas will give you the
scuttle butt what's going on at theUniversity of Houston as they've moved on from
athletic director Perez Pessman. Excuse me, I said, Perez Pesman. Just

odd. Astros back in action afterthey take the series versus the White Sox
in Chicago yesterday five to three.Come back fashion. Astros have now won
quietly four of the last five series. They find themselves up against a legitimate
opponent, the Baltimore Orioles coming here, going back and forth with the New

York Yankees for the number one spotin the Al East. Baltimore's got a
whole bunch of young dudes. Theycrushed baseballs. We'll get to more of
that here in just second you gotsomething you want to get in on the
show seven one three two one twofive seven ninety Just a couple NFL things,
Gordyre, if we could before weget back to Astros and wrap it
up. I saw who is this? Oh? By the way, did

you see Tank Dale was in Rosenberggot a Chick fil A him and his
trainer that was yesterday decked out inthe full Chick fil A. I used
to wear that red at Polo.First job ever a young stand Northfleet with
a workers permit in Jasper, Alabama, outside of Birmingham, working at Chick
fil A. Gordon, your firsthigh school job, and I mean legally

because you are from New Orleans Pacho'sMexican buffet they called mc Gringo. Is
that how you amassed at? Amazingphysique you got going on there? Hey,
I was in shape a couple ofyears years back. Connor first high
school job. Loved to go toPachos though they were still open. I
was a hockey referee. How thehell are you a hockey referee in high

school? The rules you could justcoach anybody that was younger than you.
You were a youth hockey referee.Oh yeah, oh all right. I
was like, what the hell?Okay, high school jobs. I moved
up Gordon. I went from Chickfil A to foot locker back in the
day. That was the thing youngpeople before you go on an app and
get your sneak, because you hadto actually go in the store and see

you work at Oh. I wasworking it too. You should have seen
me. Those stripes have never lookedso damn good. I would have thought
I was an official. Did youask people if they needed any help?
Yes? I unloaded the truck andI was also involved in customer service.
Gods, Now, this kid's justlean behind the desk and talk to you.
What was your store? You wentin a shoe store here recently.
We're gonna leave them out. Youwent a shoe store recently and what was

there? Seven people working and they'reall just hanging around the counter chatting.
I'm like, guys, it's abouttwenty five people in the store. You
might want to walk around and say, hey, can I help you or
something? Because these shoes on thewall, it's one shoe, right,
If I want to buy it,I've got a truck. You gotta go
get the box from the back,and I gotta try him on, But
how do you know I want ofthem unless you come up and ask.
What's worse? Walk into a storeand nobody asked do you need something?

Or you walk in the store andwe get the well because of my statue
of the way I carry you know, of course I smelled grade. What
am I wearing today? I gotthe Jimmy chow on, So I'm a
little different. But you know,sometime who just had this, was it
the like vice president or something forthe seventy six ers was in a store
and they were harass him, likeI think he was in Birdberry or something,

and they were like, sir,you're aware where you are. He
was like, yeah, I makeone point five million dollars a year.
I can be in here. Isit worse that you want to get help
or be like uh brated? Yeah, or like Julia Robertson pretty well exactly
the scene I'm laying out, Sowhich one is worse? I'm gonna say
the condescending gratitude. Do you needyou to hound me? Because there's some

places that will hound you, likeI just need I just need, I
need to know you're there if Ihave a question, that you're right near
here and I can go. Excuseme, y'all have this in my sides,
like not just completely ignore me,go to You're gonna have to go
get on it. And for yourLSUF force one, they probably don't have
those in the gallery. As someonewho used to work in retail, though
they used to, I remember changing. It used to be you were supposed

to approach everybody and say can Ihelp you find anything? Or then they
changed it to how are you findingeverything? Because they wanted to make it
an open ended question, a yesor no question. Yeah you should know
that. Hold on, who isor somebody want to talk about the first
high school job. I'll take thiscall from Ed add An A sound what

up? Okay? My first highschool job I was a clown on roller
skates at Astro World. Damn edWow. I mean I'm all for I
support a man with an honest living, but damn the clown out an roller
skates. Oh then wait, bro, First off, I mean high school.

So, like you said about thefoot locker people, we had to
Our main job was to greet theguests when the park opened. Then we
would go out every thirty minutes.We would be all thirty minutes off for
an hour. All high school kids. I'm a clown. The rest are
in animal costumes. We'd open,we'd open the park and disappear. Ed.

I would like to say you gotsome action in high school, Ed,
but given that you were dressed likea clown even though you were getting
money. So okay, did youhave a high school girlfriend? Ed?
A few of them? All right, So here's how that works. My
first inclination, your Ed didn't haveany women. There was no way he
was getting action. He's dressed asa clown. But then I thought about
the ladies will tolerate a lot ifyou're bringing home the bacon. So you

probably got out of the count clowncostume. You got the money to get
cleaned up Gordon. And then he'sgot ladies that he's entertaining with the money
that he made from Astro World beingdressed as a clown. I applaud your
effort, sir. I'll take thatback. Good for you, Ed,
And it said he had a coupleladies. Good for him, shout out
to Roland. He just sent methere was one poncho is still open up

and humble. You know what else? Bothers me and go up there.
No, I don't want to gowith you. The umble I'll buy yeah,
right, turn dollars. I'm buyinga few. It's all he can
eat. Now you turn up down. So look at that plate the enchiladas.
Oh, that's heavy with the tamales. It's almost like time. You
just always have to say when yourhand to the person the metal plate is

hot, you have to say,so, I'm glad you brought that up.
Do we have mos here? Youknow Chipotle has a rival, Moles.
We had that on the East Coast. We have that here. Yeah,
we got mos So nothing bothers memore since we on the fast food,
they like give me some enthusiasm whenI walk through the door. Connor,
you've ever eaten that mos? Youso you don't know what I'm talking

about. So it's a burrito joint, just like Chick fil A, except
it's a little bit more casual,if you can imagine, Like they do
some different things, but essentially it'sthe same thing as a chipole. Right,
so they have this whole thing.I can't believe we're doing this on
a Friday. But when you walkthrough the door, everybody in there says,
walking the moles, and so theydated them wugging the moles, bugging
the moles. Then you always gotthat lazy bastard worging the moves. Give

me some enthusiasm, Bro, you'regetting fifteen dollars with me for a burrito.
You can at least recognize and giveme some walking the mole. He's
only doing it because he has to. But don't bring everybody else down.
Well, it's like Chick fil Aevery time. My pleasure, my pleasure.
That's what we're taught to say.It's not your pleasure, is not

your it is my pleasure. Iwant to make sure it's a Chick fil
A in Port you know what.Shout out to Chick fil A owners,
operators, to the good people listeningto this program. Rock and foot locker
stripes. I see you, andI know the hustle. We'll get the
astros. J money. I'm comingto you for Astros. Next segment,
Ryan in Montgomery High School job.Let's rock Ryan going once, going twice?

Ryan? All right, Yeah,I got you. Now what's up?
Ryan? Let's talk man. Sowhen I was in high school,
I had a job working the likethe confession. Stand hold on, I'm
gonna put you. I'm gonna putyou on whole Ryan, because I can't
hear you Connor on the other sideof the break. You'll get with Ryan

because I want to hear with Hehad to say, I thought that was
good. Oh Ron, you cangive us a call back seven one,
three, two two five, sevenninety. J Money, I got you
on the other side. Astros backin action. What can we expect from
some young man that's not too farremoved from high school? Jake Bloss is
getting his first thought in the majorstonight over at MMP Sports Talk seven ninety,
Home of the Strokes. When Fleetstreets Houston listens, Yes, I

have a great shot, already ahuge brand. I'm liking her stuff.
Stanton or Fleet and Chris Gordy arenext up on Sports Talk seven ninety.
There's still no response with Drake afterKendrick whooped his ass the other night on
Wednesday Night for Junie Team. Drakejust needs to go silent for like six
months and just come out with awith a project and just don't even address

the Kendrick thing. Kendrick told Drakegive me back the Tupac chacor Crown Ring
that you got off the Southby's auctionfor a million bucks, the most valuable
hip hop article ever auctioned. Giveme that back, and I think about
giving you some credit, Drake Man, I don't know how you're gonna respond

for this Houston resident Trake all right, before we went to break, we
were talking about high school jobs.We just got off on a tangent.
It's a Friday. I'm tired.I'm ready to enjoy my weekend. We
got Ryan got cut off, hesays, stand sportsman. Sorry, my
service is terrible. Excuse me.I worked at a select league volleyball court
in the snack shack. Not abad gig for a guy who's got a

car. Lol, that's a coolgig. I'm in high school. The
ladies are playing volleyball. I gotaccess to the snacks. They got to
pull up on me, and Iget money to go, get me a
whill and entertain other ladies. Youknow what. Salute to you, yo,
Ryan, good call, give mea number. I'll slide you an
extra airhead. I'm not touching that. Tom and Monroe, Louisiana shout out

to the boot. What's up withthe high school gig? Yeah? My
first high school job, I wasa JJ radio station. DJ had a
local radio station. All right,what genre? Oh? That was bad?
I worked sixty ten in the eveningsand I played everything from Doris Day

to big band to classical Morris Day. Gordy has no idea who they say
he said Morris Day. I thinkhe said Doris Doris? Yeah, who
the hell is Doris Band? Likeold in the in the mood, Glenn
Miller? Is this the bleep theywere playing when the Titanic was going down?
Yeah? Like yeah, around thatera? How old are you?

Tom? Oh? Tom's still relativelyyoung. And don't tell me. I
don't know more. Stay at thetime. You have no idea who stay
in the time? Times have changed? What's my last name? Your last
name is Gordy? Yeah, howthe hell does that translation? USA?
In Detroit? You have no idea. My great uncle stop. You wouldn't

recognize Mary Gordy if it's if youwere behind him at Chick fil A on
West Hence my brother. You wouldn'tknow who to help my brethren. We're
family, Gordon. You at discount. When I go to Detroit, they
go, mister Gordy right this way. No, they see you and go
Gordy, you're on Barry Gordy Street. No, you're from those side of
the tracks on Detroit. On thisside your you wouldn't get your ass caught

six miles from nine miles in Detroit. Uh. And I'm not even gonna
waste my time with Connor. Hehas no idea who Barry Gordy is.
I mean, not Barry Gordon.Who Mars Day is? Jay Money?
You remember Mars Day. Tell thepeople about Mars Day. March Day had
it going on back there in theday. So people that don't know,
if don't know, he is goingon with them though, get your YouTube

this out. My first job,My first job was in the summer when
I was just finished the seventh grade. You're gonna go to the eighth grade,
and I worked as a bus boyat a private club in real Bo.
Oh you get some bread, Ohyou got paid. So from the
eighth grade all the way up untila senior high school, everything was need

to be done. I paid forit myself. I had my own money,
always had money during the school year, so I was always buying extra
food and always going to the movieswith dates and everything. So that was
an enjoyable time. The money waswasn't that good. But I made the
best of what I had, andI've always lived by that. I never

had the big time jaw six figurejar, but what I had, I
did the best of it, andI've done fairly well with it. Let's
before you go, J Money,let's mark this down now, Connor,
next time J Money calls here wantsto get on our show, give him
the cash out. The man said, he walk around with money bags.

J Money, you should be buyinglunch or something. Friend of the station,
Friend of the show, get thecash. I'm retired. I'm gonna
fix in. I'm gonna hit mewith that. BSNY just got through bread.
I retired. You know, I'mretired two years ago. So I'm
gonna fix the incme. So youknow that was in and this is now.
Oh no, you're talking about theyknow you drop something off in the

let Okay, okay, now mysecond point. My second point is I've
got a chance to watch the gamelast night at uh was that Rick wood
Field? You know, the Giantsand the Cardinals, And how do you
think now that the record books willbe rewrote and re established with the current

situation of bringing in those players thatwill played in the yester years in the
Negro lead. So how is thatgonna change the dynamics of baseball out now?
And what is gonna be the repercussionsbehind it? So I enjoyed the
game. I enjoyed all the memorabiliastuff that they brought out and the records,

which w was really fascinating. AndI'll know that Josh Gibson once hit
the ball so far that they couldn'tmeasure it. That was something. But
he was always a fantastic kid.So with that in mind, I just
want to get your take on that. And you know, I always want
to throw my little two pits inwhenever I get a chance to call,
So y'all have a good day,Trailers, and I want to get your
take on what I just talked about. I got you j Money. Hey,

even that his name is Jay Money. You better hit that cash app
next time you calling the show.Gordy. We brought this up when the
announcement came, I think it waslast week or the week before that.
The MLB announced that the Negro Leaguestatistics would be merged into the MLB statistics
and it would alter some of therecords. The name that's at the top

of that, you're gonna see JoshGibson, You'll see Satchel Page and others.
I think it's good for the game. I think real baseball people will
recognize the difference in terms of thosenames will be recognizable from the two leagues.
But I hope some of the casualfans take a look to go really
take a peek. You know.I was on trading social media barbs with

really just messages, not barbs.The I not been to the Negro League
Museum in Kansas City. It's somethingI want to do. I've actually never
been to Kansas City. I gotto get some of the homies to get
me out there. I know somefolks heavily connected to that area. But
I think it's good for the game. I just hope the real baseball people
are gonna know, but the casualsgo take a look at how really good
some of these players were back inthe day. Yeah, I just I

wentn't back and forth on it atfirst though, because it was it was
a different league. They could theyweren't allowed to play, so that's that's
a different part too. But Idon't know It's tough for me because it
was a different league, so it'sjust to put them all together. It's
like then being a b you knowwhat I mean, Like they've combined them
or the al AFL in the NFLwhen they merge. Yeah, I think

it's good for the game certainly,you know the respect and the attention that
deserves that. But like historically speaking, I would have a discussion about it.
Let's have a discussion about one.Jake Bloss, he is gonna take
the mound today. I presume MattThomas and Ross will give you more on
that. Astros have to win thisseries versus Baltimore. I know they're good.

Astros are at home. You musttake care of business two of three
at a baseline minimum. Jake Bloss, I wish you the well brother,
in my concern Astro fans. Yes, Blair Henley gave up five runs in
his debut forres. Whitley got hisass yanked up to two thirds of an
inning. They lost two to sixthat game. Spence Eric Gaddyt's first game
for the Majors. He gave upseven earned runs. This one might be

a little bit bumpy tonight. Goodnews you get Blanc on Saturday from Born
Sunday. That'll do it for usthis week, for Connedy McGovern, Chris
Gordon staying north Fleet, and therest of you, Houston, Yes,
you, that allow us to maintainour status as your home Houston Sports.
We appreciate it. Enjoy your weekendas well as your lunch. God willing
will do it again on Monday.Y'all be well.
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