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February 5, 2024 33 mins

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What does it take to reimagine metabolic health by harnessing the power of sport and technology?

According to our next guest, Phil Southerland, Founder and CEO of Supersapiens, it starts with audaciously believing that real-time biometric data can revolutionize wellbeing for all.

Drawing from his lifelong journey managing type 1 diabetes through exercise, Phil shares Supersapiens' mission to make continuous glucose monitoring accessible worldwide. Their cutting-edge ecosystem inspires better nutritional choices by visualizing individualized glucose responses whether you're a pro-athlete or everyday parent.

While together, Phil reveals how Supersapiens is tackling insurance obstacles to customize care, why helping youth build healthy habits is imperative, and the pivotal role entrepreneurs play in shaping preventative healthcare policy.

Join us to hear Phil's vision of using sports and technology to unlock the power of glucose that can fuel our amazing human potential! Let's go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Harnessing sport and activity as a platform to inspire better metabolic health
  • Bringing real-time glucose insights to people with and without diabetes
  • Overcoming early startup mistakes by listening to customer feedback
  • The need for payers to cover CGM technology for preventative care
  • Inspiring all people to believe in themselves to invest in their wellbeing


About our Guest: 

Phil Southerland, Founder and CEO of Supersapiens, is a visionary leader whose expertise in health technology and personal experience with diabetes fuel the company's innovative approach. Living with type 1 diabetes since he was just 7 months old, his leadership and strategic vision are instrumental in steering Supersapiens towards groundbreaking achievements in diabetes management, reflecting a deep commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through technology.

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