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March 7, 2024 52 mins

On this episode of Wholesaling Syndicate Podcast your host Ky Logue interviews Jon Lallande, a former Marine turned real estate wholesaler. Jon shares his transition from military service to real estate, detailing his journey from starting in wholesaling with minimal knowledge to building a successful business. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, sales training, and focusing on high-quality leads. The discussion also covers the challenges of the real estate market, strategies for overcoming obstacles, and the significance of continuous learning and adaptation in sales techniques.

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Jon Lallande is a former Recon Marine and Scout Sniper who transitioned into the real estate industry, where he has built a highly successful career. As a real estate investor, Jon owns an impressive portfolio of 86 properties. Beyond his investing success, he is also a skilled NEPQ sales trainer, specifically focusing on real estate investors. His unique background in the military has equipped him with a strong discipline and strategic mindset, which he applies to both his investment strategies and his training programs. Jon is committed to leveraging his experience and insights to help other real estate professionals excel in their careers.

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