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April 26, 2024 9 mins

If your spouse has had multiple affairs, it can be hard to believe they have truly repented. When is enough enough? This was the question from a listener named Greg:

Dana, I am so thankful you are doing the series on affairs. As a man, it’s really hard to admit that my wife does not find me desirable. She has found love in the arms of another. The problem is she keeps saying that she’s sorry. I found out a few months ago that she is involved in yet another of these situations. I’m sure you can understand what that must do to a man. I love her. She’s a great mother. But I’m wondering how many times I should take her back?

My heart goes out to Greg and others who find themselves locked in a revolving door marriage with other people. Infidelity is hard enough the first time; multiple affairs are devastating. Listen in as I share some challenging words of advice about how to know when enough is enough after repeated infidelity. 

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