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July 27, 2021 60 mins
Interview with Shane Kenny, Irish broadcaster, journalist and creator of the 2016 acclaimed documentary, “BENZODIAZEPINES: THE MEDICAL DISASTER,” which skillfully exposes the harmful effects of long-term benzodiazepine prescriptions. Mr. Kenny describes his own agonizing 13 year struggle to recover from benzodiazepine-induced injury to his Central Nervous System, including a failed taper in 2009 and a successful taper in 2010. He recounts his in-person interviews with Dr. Malcolm Lader and Dr. Heather Ashton, two famous psychiatrists who devoted most of their medical careers to speaking out against the doctor-induced problem of benzodiazepine overprescribing. Mr. Kenny expresses his outrage that their concerns and repeated requests for judicious prescribing and research proposals into the long term effects of benzodiazepines have been ignored by the medical community and the FDA for decades. Both believed in discontinuation of benzos after only 2-4 weeks of use. Mr. Kenny shares his thoughts and feelings surrounding the FDA’s most recent change in their Black Box Warning for Benzodiazepines and offers his own suggestions for future changes. He is fierce and passionate as he advocates for millions of people world-wide whose lives have been ruined by taking long term benzodiazepines as prescribed.
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