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In this episode, I’m talking to Dr. Tragil Wade-Johnson, Founder of America's Big Sister Foundation, and Sister of NBA’s Miami Heat #3, Dwyane Wade

Tragil Wade grew up on the South Side of Chicago with her younger brother Dwyane Wade and tells her heroic story of protecting her younger brother, Dwyane from hunger, gangs, and crime.  Saving Dwayne's life took a turn for the better when, at 8 years old, he was tricked by Tragil who told him they were going to the movies, but they instead went to a different South Side neighborhood. Tragil then returned home and left Wade to stay with his father, who had re-married. The move changed the course of Wade's life, leading him away from the crime-ridden surroundings of his early years. But Tragil's life, took a turn for the worse as she endured child sexual abuse and was sex trafficked by someone she trusted, without the protection and help she needed.  

Their family story from tragedy to triumph sparked her desire to provoke change. In her words, “helping the little Dwyane and Tragil,” which inspired her to start America’s Big Sisters Foundation in 2017 where she desires to change the narrative of youth that have similar challenges. Tragil continues to pursue her mission of impacting lives by sharing her story with the world.

Tragil proudly shares her story in the hopes of motivating others, especially at-risk teen girls, to live their best dreams despite all odds and how to overcome insurmountable obstacles like she had to do. She is an infectious guest who brings excitement, wisdom, and hope to others at risk for child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and violence. Tragil is a hero and America's Big Sister. 

She believes in empowerment; her mission is to help at-risk teens and girls become goal-oriented and self-sufficient. Her message is one of hope and encouragement for girls and teens to become positive and productive members of society through reading and education to be successful in a global economy. 

One of the ways Tragil believes teens can be empowered is through education and specifically, reading raising funds for the Tragil Wade-Johnson Summer Reading Program at Marquette University.  With that goal in mind, Dwayne Wade gifted $3 Mil to Marquette's literary program in his sister's name.

Her highest honor was being a recipient of President Biden’s 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

You're going to want to hear this episode of tragedy and redemption, horror and hope, escape and salvation. 

Listeners, Please Note:

Shari Karney, the host of Roar with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women and Survivors is a survivor and a practicing attorney in California representing victims of child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.
 Even though Shari Karney is a licensed practicing attorney in the State of California practicing in the areas of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, this podcast is intended for informational purposes only, there is no expectation of confidentiality and is not intended nor should it be construed as legal advice.  For legal advice, you should seek competent legal counsel. If you’re interested in speaking to Karney’s law practice they can be reached at
Please also note that Karney Law is owned by Shari Karney. Karney is the founder of Roar as One. Roar as One is a nonprofit, Karney Law is a law firm and they are otherwise unaffiliated.


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