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February 7, 2024 65 mins

In this episode, I’m talking with Jennifer Carole, the daughter of a successful attorney, on his way to becoming a judge, who was murdered and his wife raped and bludgeoned to death, while the killer remained free to rape and kill some more,  and the victims and their families were deprived of justice for 40 years! 

 Today Jennifer Carole is here with us to share her horrifying experience learning of her father Lynman Smith and stepmother’s (Carlene Smith) murdered & RAPE when Jennifer was just 18 years old.  Finding justice was long and arduous for her. It took 38 years of dead ends, heartache, and personal struggles to learn that her father and stepmother were murdered by Joseph DeAngelo, aka "The  Golden State Killer."  

IT  confounds her as to why and how her parents were targeted to be the only murders in Ventura by the GSK. For years she thought it was something her parents had done that caused him to murder them but now accepts this was a senseless random attack.  Sadly, Joseph DeAngelo is not talking, and it is not expected that the Smith family will ever get the answers they need to have.

Throughout the search for her father’s killer, Jennifer lived with her father’s legal perspective in her head and as a result, she looked at this case through the eyes of a lawyer and the heart of a victim. We, at Roar as One, understand, that if you don’t take rape victims seriously, like the crime victims they are, you could be the next victim on the rapists, now turned murderers target list.

Listeners,  Please Note:

Shari Karney, the host of Roar with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women and Survivors is a survivor and a practicing attorney in California representing victims of child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.
Even though Shari Karney is a licensed practicing attorney in the State of California practicing in the areas of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, this podcast is intended for informational purposes only, there is no expectation of confidentiality and is not intended nor should it be construed as legal advice.  For legal advice, you should seek competent legal counsel. If you’re interested in speaking to Karney’s law practice they can be reached at

Please also note that Karney Law is owned by Shari Karney. Karney is the founder of Roar as One. Roar as One is a nonprofit, Karney Law is a law firm and they are otherwise unaffiliated.

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