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January 31, 2024 67 mins

In this episode, Kim Rhodenbaugh Lewallen’s life revolved around swimming, and she loved it.

Kim made the US Olympic Swim Team and was thrilled to represent her country. Like many young athletes, her world revolved around the sport she loved and felt safe being surrounded by other like minded athletes. However, that sense of safety was soon shattered by some of the very same people she trusted. While napping in her room, she was awakened by a fellow athlete fondling her. When she was 16, another athlete, who she had a crush on, kissed her. But then, he overpowered her, ignoring her demands for him to stop, and he raped her.

On the outside, she looked confident, happy, and capable. But inside she was broken, fearful, and deeply depressed. Despair replaced her joy. 

The seeds of self-loathing, shame and fear became deeply rooted. She had thoughts of suicide, many times wanting to run her car off the road. Soon after, Kim developed an eating disorder thinking that this was something that she could control in her out-of-control world. 

I Don’t Want Another Young Olympian Athlete to Experience the Horror That I and Hundreds of Others Have Endured-Kim Rhodenbaugh Lewallen’s: Athlete-on-Athlete Rape.

Listeners, Please Note:

Shari Karney, the host of Roar with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women and Survivors is a survivor and a practicing attorney in California representing victims of child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.
 Even though Shari Karney is a licensed practicing attorney in the State of California practicing in the areas of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, this podcast is intended for informational purposes only, there is no expectation of confidentiality and is not intended nor should it be construed as legal advice.  For legal advice, you should seek competent legal counsel. If you’re interested in speaking to Karney’s law practice they can be reached at

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