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June 29, 2023 58 mins

In this episode, Dr. Elaine Stageberg, a psychiatrist and mother of four, shares her inspiring journey to financial independence through real estate investing. From converting her primary home into a rental property to establishing Black Swan Real Estate, she now manages a third of a billion in assets. Driven by an investor-focused approach and a commitment to transparency, she emphasizes continuous learning, leadership development, and maintaining grace and humor. Join us as we delve into her remarkable story, highlighting the power of determination and the vast potential of real estate investment. Tune in to gain insights and inspiration for your own financial journey.

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Dr. Elaine Stageberg’s Bio:

Elaine Stageberg, MD, MHA is a psychiatrist, mother of 4, & Owner of Black Swan Real Estate. She owns & manages a portfolio of over $300M in assets under management. Through real estate investing, she reached financial freedom in her 30s and now helps others to do the same; Black Swan has delivered exceptional returns to hundreds of passive investors through their unique investor-focused private equity funds which enjoy no sponsor fees whatsoever, 100% return of capital to investors before any splits, and long-term returns and tax advantages, all coupled with socially conscious investing and at least 5% of profits donated to charity. Connect with her at


“How can I learn from this pain and how can I structure my life such that I don't feel this pain anymore?” [00:08:48]

“So if you’re feeling pain, like ask yourself, what is this pain trying to teach me?” [00:10:39]

“You just show up and say, how can I get a foot closer to my, my ideal future vision every single day?” [00:14:50]

“Live today like no one will so that later you can live like no one can.” [00:20:04]

“But it’s really not that far if you just choose to have a little bit of short-term pain in exchange for the long-term pain.” [00:20;57]

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