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March 25, 2024 65 mins
Dr Helen takes us on her mission to better understand the female form and women’s health. We discuss why there is such a huge misunderstanding when it comes to the female productive system and how she aims to make her knowledge accessible and translatable. Understanding menstrual cycles: We journey through the rhythmic and cyclical expressions of our hormones and how they can cause many intense psychological, anatomical and physical changes within our body. Dr Helen helps us to understand each phase of the menstrual cycle and what it means for us and our mood. The Male Hormonal System: We discover how profound the hormonal impact is on men by exploring their natural 24 hour cycle of hormones in comparison to a female lunar cycle. Dr Helen also draws parallels between other natural cycles and how, as humans, they all impact our capabilities to complete certain tasks. Fear of the Female Form: We unpick fears surrounding female anatomy and form. Dr Helen explains how we have mirrored feelings passed on through our parents and the impact this has on society's understanding of it.  Infertility: It’s a conversation that I feel so many people are having. I ask Dr Helen about the increasing rate of infertility and why those statistics have changed over the years. We look beyond the statistics by looking into our own health and genetics to get a more honest analysis of our reproductive health. We also dispel some myths surrounding fertility such as drinking, contraception and age. We also touch on freezing eggs and why she isn’t afraid to say she got pregnant by accident. The Choice: Often women can feel the need to make a choice between success and motherhood. We discuss the powerful and profound skillset that females naturally have and why we choose to ignore our maternal instincts. Dr Helen also gives a personal account of what motherhood means to her and how it transformed her perspective This Episode was made possible by our friends at Healf. You can find Organifi's range and the Red Juice energy-boost at - the UK's leading destination for healthy living, looking to create a world where prevention beats treatment through offering only the highest quality health products. - go check them out and discover the world's best health brands, and use the code CAGGIE for 15% off! --- Subscribe to "Saturn Returns" for future episodes, where we explore the transformative impact of Saturn's return with inspiring guests and thought-provoking discussions. Follow Caggie Dunlop on Instagram to stay updated on her personal journey and receive more empowering insights and you can find Saturn Returns on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.  Order the Saturn Returns Book. Join our community newsletter here.  Find all things Saturn Returns, offerings and more here.
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