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March 24, 2024 42 mins

In the latest episode, I share a personal experience of losing my aunt after her two-week stay in the ICU. 

Despite being familiar with medical procedures from my volunteer work, seeing a loved one in that setting was different. I remember walking into the ICU and hardly recognizing her.

During her last days, the hospital ensured her comfort, although it was tough seeing her struggle. I had discussions with the palliative care team and understood the gravity of her condition. 

Reflecting on this experience, I realize how knowledge and preparation eased the process for both my aunt and me. Being informed empowered me to navigate difficult decisions, even though they weren't mine to make, I was able to advocate to have her wishes followed.

As her condition deteriorated, we allowed nature to take its course. It's a reminder of the importance of palliative care and having these conversations at any stage of illness.

Ultimately, we liberated her from the medical interventions that sustained her life. It's a term I learned from my mentor, Ali, which reframes the act of letting go as setting the person free.

This experience has taught me the significance of being present during the end of life, embracing the discomfort, and finding solace in the knowledge that we did our best for our loved ones.

Next week I will finish up the story about my experience.

The episode of Seeing Death Clearly with my mentor Alison Kepple 

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