Sell Smarter. Sell Faster.

Sell Smarter. Sell Faster.

How can you help your salespeople sell smarter and faster? Every week, Dani Buckley (VP/GM at LeadG2) joins fellow business leaders and experts from across industries where they explore how to achieve that very goal. Through discussing proven sales enablement tactics, smarter and faster selling – and, therefore, meaningful sales growth – are right around the corner.


August 2, 2023 21 mins

In this episode, we're breaking down the many ways in which thought leadership can play an important role in maximizing your B2B sales efforts. 

Here we tackle questions like: What exactly is thought leadership and why does it matter in B2B sales? Who is it for? How can sellers be incorporating thought leadership into their own strategy, as well as into different parts of the sales process? How do you go about measuri...

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In this episode, we’re discussing partnerships. Specifically, why fostering and maintaining them are so critical when it comes to growing your business. 

We ask questions like: What makes an effective partnership? For those exploring  potential partnerships, how do you know you’re making the right decision? And, how do you measure the success of a partnership?

Joining me to answer those questions and more, is the awesome Ba...

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In this episode, we’re exploring how to go about creating valid business reason’s (AKA, VBR’s) that are truly compelling, that clearly convey the reason why people should want to meet with YOU!

We ask questions like: what are some top tips to think about when crafting a VBR? What are some common mistakes to avoid? And how should sales leaders go about coaching their sellers in the process of developing VBR’s?


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In this episode, we’re discussing how to ensure that your salespeople are using the sales content that is provided to them.

Here, we ask questions like: Why is content important to prospects and customers? Does it make a difference? Why does sales content often remain unutilized by salespeople? What elements should be in place in order for sales to make the best use of marking content? 

Joining Dani to answer thos...

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In this episode, we’re once again diving into the ripple effects we’re all feeling from the current AI boom. This time though, we’re homing in on it’s effects on SEO.  

How is AI impacting traditional SEO practices? What AI tools are already altering the way that SEO is done? What do those in SEO need to be thinking as new AI innovations continue to be unveiled?

Helping Dani explore this topic is Ross Raffin, content strate...

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In this episode, we’re talking about how to create a sales enablement strategy that is actually helpful for your sellers and the prospect they’re interacting with on a daily basis.  

You’ll hear us ask questions like, what kind of companies need sales enablement the most? How do you go about building a solid sales enablement strategy? And how do you measure the effectiveness of sales enablement content? 

Joining Dani to bre...

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In this episode, we’re diving into the world of B2B2C, discussing how to attract both businesses and consumers to your solutions while maintaining your core message and identity as an organization.  

We ask questions like: how do you define B2B2C exactly? What are some of the top challenges to expect when implementing a B2B2C marketing strategy? And what are some effective approaches for building strong partnerships with other busin...

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In this episode, we’re exploring the crucial role content plays in truly serving your audience, asking questions like: What makes a piece of content truly valuable? What are the pros and cons of utilizing AI in content creation? And how can business leaders, sellers, and marketers stay current on the latest content creations trends?  

Joining Dani to answer those questions and more is the awesome Chelsea Castle from Lavender. 


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In this episode, we’re discussing how to best utilize LinkedIn to boost your thought leadership efforts. Why is it important for sales leaders to develop their professional reputation on LinkedIn? What are some best practices and common mistakes leaders are making? What types of posts work well and how often should you post them? 

Joining me to answer those questions and so many more is Matt Sunshine, CEO at The Center for Sales Str...

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In this episode, we’re diving into Account-Based Marketing (or ABM), asking questions like: Why is ABM a strategy worth the consideration of sales leaders? What are the hurdles that leaders can anticipate when acclimating to an ABM strategy? And how do you determine what accounts to target in the first place? 

Joining Dani to help break it all down is Elissa Nauful, Director of Sales at The Center for Sales Strategy.

Elissa gets into...

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In this episode, we’re digging into the world of authentic selling. What is it and how can you hone this in a salesperson? How do you know when you’re selling authentically? How do you know when you’re not? 

Helping Dani explore what authentic selling is all about is Kendrick Shope, CEO at Authentic Selling 

Kendrick has so many awesome insights, such as: 

  • If any part of your sales process feels “icky” or “gross,” then you’re prob...
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In this episode, we’re exploring the ever-changing role of AI in content creation. Are the current capabilities of AI tools all that they are cracked up to be? Is AI a boon to the content creation industry or a disruptor? Will ChatGPT replace us all?!  

Joining Dani to break it all down is Megan Skalbeck, Head of AI Projects at Verblio. 

Megan brings so many amazing points to the table, like: 

  • How AI tools, while far from per...
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Episode 26: Just as we all have had to adjust to hybrid and remote work environments over the past few years, so too have sales organizations had to adjust their strategies for virtual spaces. In this episode, we’re discussing the ever-increasing shift to virtual sales and how sales managers and salespeople should alter their approach accordingly.  

Joining Dani is Lori Richardson. Lori is an author, speaker, and podcast host as wel...

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November 9, 2022 14 mins

Episode 25: In this episode, we are breaking down how a Content Velocity strategy can be a boon to your inbound marketing and sales enablement efforts. Developing a solid content strategy is one thing, implementing it is another. How can you ensure that you’re producing enough content to be relevant in the eyes of your ideal customer, much less the likes of Google?  

Joining Dani, is Chris Tweten. Chris is the CMO at Space...

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Episode 24: While many may have been forced to adapt to remote and hybrid work a couple of years ago, it’s clearer now than ever that digital workplaces are here to stay. In this episode, we are talking about the hybrid work environment and how so many companies are continuing to adjust to workspaces in the digital sphere.  

Joining Dani, is Beth Sunshine. Beth is the SVP/Partner at Up Your Culture, an Employee Engagement and Compan...

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Episode 23: In this episode, we are discussing all things Account Based Marketing (AKA? ABM). Often, sales and marketing are each toiling away in their own departments, siloed off from one another while performing their day-to-day duties. Well, with today’s topic those two departments will be working together that much more. Because ABM sees marketing and sales collaborating in order to target specific, high value accounts.  

And wh...

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Episode 22: It’s well known that marketers and salespeople often have a hard time understanding each other’s world. So today, we’ll be discussing the ways in which CRM’s have the ability to bring both teams together so that everyone is operating on the same page.  

Joining Dani, is Ali Schwanke. Ali is the founder and CEO of Simple Strat, a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner that helps companies accelerate their growth through techno...

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Episode 21: We all know that providing salespeople with the right resources to use at the right times can transform an average sales organization into a stellar one. However, there are too many sales teams that are grinding away without a solid sales enablement strategy.  

In this episode, our guest has experienced sales enablement (and a lack thereof) from “both sides,” as a salesperson and as senior inbound marketing and sales con...

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Episode 20: The topic of virtual selling is HOT right now – thanks to this little pandemic we’ve been in. How we sell has evolved and changed at a rapid pace in the last two years. Even prior to COVID rocking our world, more and more selling is happening online in industries where it was previously happening primarily in person. In this episode, we’ll discuss frequent pain points for those adjusting to virtual selling as well as be...

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Episode 19: This topic is near and dear to our hearts because we really see thought leadership work here at LeadG2 and with our clients. In this episode, you will find that it’s not just about being seen as a thought leader – which is great! - but about how it can actually grow your business, drive revenue, increase leads, and so much more. 

In this episode, Dani is joined by Marti Sanchez. Marti is the founder and CEO of Influence ...

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